My Style Rules: Sofia Ruutu
My Style Rules: Sofia Ruutu

My Style Rules: Sofia Ruutu

Former model and Finland-based influencer Sofia Ruutu is known for her classic and feminine approach to style. From the pretty pieces worth investing in to the game-changing accessories she wouldn’t be without, here are the style rules she lives by…

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I’d describe my style as feminine, moody and playful. I try not to limit myself – some days I’m very minimalistic, others I can be all about frills and high heels. I love using fashion as a means to experiment and express myself; it’s all about having fun and feeling comfortable and confident.

Invest in forever jewellery – it’s the most effective way to elevate an outfit. It also makes it more personal. I  like to invest in a few forever pieces, wear them with everything, and then mix in a couple of fun pieces of fashion jewellery. To me, jewellery feels so intimate. I always wear my watch, a stack of golden rings and a bangle I inherited from my mum.

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. That’s the best thing about fashion – to be able to change your mind over and over again. Dressing shouldn’t be so serious. I try to think of it as an expression of myself in that specific moment – and I try to keep any logos or branding to a minimum.

Start with a statement piece. When I get dressed, I think first about the piece that will draw the most attention – whether that’s a pair of earrings or a blazer. Then, I build the rest of the outfit from there, mainly using basics to keep things pared back.

When I get dressed, I think first about THE PIECE THAT WILL DRAW THE MOST ATTENTION – whether that’s a pair of earrings or a blazer. Then, I BUILD THE REST of the outfit from there.

Buy what you love on repeat. I love Sandro Paris for blazers, for example, and almost all my blazers are from that brand. My favourite knitwear comes from a small Finnish brand called Almada – the quality of the cashmere is amazing. For denim, I’m a Levi’s girl. I like so many different styles and sometimes buy the same style in different sizes to get a different fit. I’ve been known to buy men’s styles as well.

Go vintage where you can. Almost all my bags are vintage Chanel. Their iconic chain straps add a nice feminine, but subtle, detail to any outfit. My favourites are the Classic Flap bags. I also have a vintage Hermès Kelly.

Be open minded with trends. I am, but I never force it. I usually stay away from the pieces that get overexposed online and if I’m buying trend-led pieces, it’s better to stick to the high street where it’s more affordable to take risks. Invest in high quality pieces you know will last and save your money when it comes to more experimental pieces.

Know that no wardrobe is complete without a white shirt. It’s probably my favorite piece of clothing every season – it works for every age, every sex and almost every occasion. I love poplin cotton as it stays crisp for longer and the subtle shine makes it look more luxurious.

Splurge on a versatile ‘fancy’ dress. A slinky and minimalistic slip dress can be worn with heels for a wedding, a knit and sneakers in the city or Havaianas and wet hair on holiday. I wear dresses a lot and I’m not afraid to wear them for more casual occasions. It’s all about the styling. I have my eye on the Rat & Boa Santi dress for my next trip.

Get a pair of comfortable but beautiful flat sandals. I bought my Hermès Oran sandals seven years ago and I’ve worn them every summer since. Perfect for holiday, they work just as well for day or night. I’ve been trying to get my hands on the Hermès Chypre sandals or Chanel Dad sandals, but they’re impossible to track down in my size.

Find sunglasses that suit you. They’re the one accessory that has the ability to dress any outfit up or down instantly. I love classic Ray-Bans, but I’ve also amassed a collection of bold Chanel sunglasses over the years.

Keep things simple in the heat. Stick to a simple outfit and let the accessories do the hard work. Gold jewellery, a pair of sunglasses and a fresh manicure are all you need to look polished and groomed. Effortless hair and make-up have always been more my style, too.

Stay true to yourself and find your own personal style. If neutrals are your thing (like it is for me) embrace it. Neutrals don’t have to be boring. I love to mix textures and again, it’s about focusing on the little details. One of my favourite looks is head-to-toe white. I mix different shades of white, cream and ivory and play with different textures like wool, denim and silk. Then I add black leather shoes or bold sunglasses for contrast.

Find fresh inspiration on Instagram and Pinterest. I like to create folders so it’s easy to return to it when I feel lost. I’d also recommend a thorough wardrobe cleanse now and again. Trust me, you will not miss or regret anything you recycle. Then, write a list of things you need or want to complete your existing wardrobe. Lastly, always return to your list or inspiration folders when you shop to avoid buying things you don’t really need.

Always finish with fragrance. It is my most precious invisible accessory. Fragrances affect my mood a lot and I love to mix different scents – always starting with the more masculine notes and adding softer ones during the day. 

ALWAYS FINISH WITH FRAGRANCE. It is my most precious INVISIBLE ACCESSORY. Fragrances affect my mood a lot and I love to mix different scents.

Spend more on accessories and outerwear. They make an instant impression, need to last and are exposed to weather and wear and tear. I tend to save money on things like tees and tank tops that get washed all the time. No matter the quality, a white or black t-shirt won’t stay fresh forever.

Hang on to the sentimental pieces. The most treasured piece in my wardrobe and the piece that has the most sentimental value to me is a biker leather jacket I bought 20 years ago. It was expensive then, but it has travelled with me all around the world, so it holds so many great memories.

Find your style icon. I love Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s style because it’s feminine but minimalistic. On Instagram @ClaireRose is so effortless, I want everything @IliridaKrasniqi wears and nothing beats @ChloeLecareux’s French accent and Paris backdrops.

Finally, the secret to great style is comfort. Confidence is always that last touch that makes any outfit work in an effortless and natural way – and comfort is the key to that.


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