Why It's So Good To Give At Christmas

Why It's So Good To Give At Christmas

Luxe lifestyle brand lululemon is championed by runners, boxers, yogis and athletes alike for their technical, comfortable and impossibly stylish sportswear. Not just about the product, the brand’s latest campaign celebrates feel good giving and encourages customers to give to themselves, indulge in self-care and of course give to others.

We all know that giving to others can feel pretty satisfying – and research has now proven that it’s a powerful tool for creating more personal joy and improving overall health.

Put plainly, when you give, oxytocin is released; giving you that feeling known as the ‘warm glow’, activating the striatum and other reward-related areas of the brain. Giving causes the brain to not only release oxytocin, but what scientists refer to as ‘the happiness trifecta’: oxytocin, dopamine and serotonin – all major mood-boosters. Serotonin boosts sleep and digestion, dopamine is connected to motivation and oxytocin, ‘the cuddle hormone’, increases bonding, trust and empathy and counteracts the effects of stress.

With all that in mind, here are lululemon's top tips for feeling good this festive season...

You give to you…

Between festive parties, family dos and the end of the working year, it can be hard to fit in self-care. That’s why lululemon has released a series of free online meditations, created by brand ambassadors and yoga teachers Chris Magee and Helen Russell-Clark, designed to be listened to anywhere.  Visit the lululemon 'meditation' playlist to listen, and take some time out for yourself with a spot of mindfulness. There are also free online yoga classes for all levels.

lululemon gives to you…

To further help combat the stress and anxiety of the Christmas season, lululemon will be hosting free talks and classes in all stores throughout December and January, including 19 in 19 goal-setting sessions guaranteed to get your 2019 off to a productive and positive start. Visit eventbrite.co.uk and search ‘lululemon’ to see the full list of events in your local area.

You give to others…

We know that gift-giving is scientifically proven to make you happier, but that’s not the only benefit – it also helps you to strengthen the bonds between yourself and your loved ones. In the spirit of feeling better all-round, shop SL’s edit of the best lululemon gifts available online and in-store this Christmas.

Stylish Running Gear

Whether you’re gifting a bona fide marathon runner or looking to boost someone’s New Year’s motivation, lululemon’s hardworking selection covers everything from chafe-free, quick-drying leggings to cold-weather gloves.

To & From Clothing & Accessories 

Shop accessories like minimal white, waterproof gym bags, to cold-weather layers like the cosy, water-resistant Cloudscape puffer, for getting to and from the gym or out in the elements.

Yoga Bunny Gifts

You’d be hard pushed to find chicer gifts for yoga fans. From larger gifts such as the softest yoga leggings to the Crackled Starlight reversible yoga mat, to stocking fillers like the Lift & Lengthen Block and No Limits Stretching Strap - lululemon has got you covered.

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