9 Fatigue Fighting Tips From The Pros

9 Fatigue Fighting Tips From The Pros

If you feel constantly tired, lacking in liveliness or generally just a bit low, it could be worth giving your energy levels some TLC. We went straight to the pros to discover their top tips for fighting fatigue…

1. Don’t Fear Snacking

“My ultimate energy hack is don’t be scared to snack. We’re all as unique as our personalities, which means our diets should be too. If you feel your energy levels flagging mid-morning or afternoon don’t shy away from having a small snack – just be sure to choose a something balanced that won’t spike your blood sugar; try crudités with hummus, a handful of mixed nuts or a mini protein pot from Pret.”

Rhiannon Lambert, Harley Street Nutritionist

2. Have Caffeine-Free Days

“While I absolutely love coffee and often use it as a much-needed boost for focus and concentration, I’ve found cutting back has actually given me more energy. To reap the maximum benefits from caffeine it’s worth having a few caffeine-free days per week – this will give your body a chance to energise itself and will also mean that when you do reach for an espresso you’ll really feel its effects.”

Zanna Van Dijk fitness blogger and author of STRONG

3. Stay Hydrated

“You’ve heard it before but staying hydrated can make such a difference to your energy levels. As little as 3% or more loss of body weight due to dehydration can cause as much as a 10% drop in performance level, affecting everything from your mood and concentration to your athletic performance. For a quick energy boost, try getting into a downward facing dog or doing a headstand or handstand – anything that gets the blood flowing will stimulate mind and body and shake off any lethargy.”

Annie Clarke, Founder of Mind Body Bowl

4. Try A Ketogenic Diet

“Since following a ketogenic diet (a diet very low in carbs, high in protein and moderately high in fat), my energy levels have been incredible and I’ve noticed I no longer crave carbs or need my mid-morning coffee fix. Also try to eat dinner at least two hours before you go to bed and if you’re  particularly tired or stressed, make it even earlier. Don’t be afraid to skip dinner and go straight to bed if you aren’t hungry – fasting and sleep can work miracles to regenerate your body and boost energy. In the morning, have a large glass of water with apple cider vinegar to stimulate your digestive system and take a good multivitamin that includes B vitamins to support your adrenal glands.”

Michela Vagnini, nutritionist of natures plus

5. Harness The Power Of Coffee

“When I’m feeling lethargic, nothing wakes me up more than using a coffee body scrub in the shower and alternating blasts of hot and cold water. Afterwards, I'll make my favourite chocolate smoothie and add either an espresso shot or food-based vitamin B supplement such as The Nue Co’s Energy Food – you’ll get the boost from the caffeine without the crash, as you’re consuming it with food.”

Frances Philips, registered nutritonal therapist

6. Try Adaptogens

“There are so many reasons why we can feel our energy levels dwindling – lack of sleep, low iron levels, stress, sluggish digestion, nutritional deficiencies and low blood sugar can all be triggers. If you feel your energy is crashing, try taking one scoop of Equi London’s Original Formula – each serving is brimming with energy-supporting nutrients such as B-vitamins, iron, zinc, magnesium and probiotics, as well as ashwagandha, an amazing adaptogenic herb that works to gently support energy without making you wired. This ayurvedic herb is a fantastic solution for those feeling the strain of living a fast paced, busy lifestyle and it has the added benefit of helping to counteract anxiety and promote sleep.”

Alice Mackintoshregistered nutritional therapist, author & Founder of Equi London

 7. Eat For Energy

“I truly believe energised is something we should all aim to feel consistently, so try to make sure you ‘eat for energy’ when you can. This means that 80% of your diet should be a wholefood diet of protein, goods fats, loads of vegetables and complex carbohydrates, while avoiding sugary foods, caffeine and refined carbohydrates. However, we all live in the real world so allow yourself that 20% for when you need a pick-me-up latte or other treats.”

Angelique Panagosregistered nutritional therapist

8. Prioritise Sleep

“My ultimate energy hack is scheduling in extra sleep time. It may sound simple and obvious but making sure you have a couple of early nights per week means you’ll have the fuel ready in the tank for when you need it. The power of sleep is seriously underestimated so make an effort to get on top of any sleep issues and you’ll notice a real difference in your energy levels.”

Eve Kaliniknutritional therapist & author of Be Good To Your Gut

9. Get Meditating

“Try and take the time to meditate as and when you can, especially when you’re busy, as it’ll help you feel more grounded in potentially stressful times. Even when I’m already feeling energised, a sneaky meditation seems to top up my reserves for future rainy days. I try to practice mantra-based vedic meditation twice a day for 20 minutes – city living is one continuous buzz of unnatural stimulation, and meditation can help to restore balance and prevent burnout. So often we try to compensate for these stresses by using further depleting methods such as caffeine and cardio, when sometimes what your body is really calling for is some rest and sleep.”

Jasmine Hemsleywellbeing expert, author of East by West & Co-Founder of Hemsley + Hemsley and Sound Sebastien

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