Is Shaving Your Face The Answer To Flawless Skin?

Is Shaving Your Face The Answer To Flawless Skin?

Championed by some of the beauty world’s biggest names – from super-facialist Kate Somerville to blogger-turned-mogul Huda Beauty – shaving your face, could well be the industry’s best kept secret. Otherwise known as dermaplaning, advocates claim it can enhance your glow; rejuvenate your skin and guarantee flawless make-up. SL investigates…

What is it?

Technically speaking, as Harley Street-based aesthetic doctor David Jack explains, “Dermaplaning, aka removing facial hair, is a form of deep skin exfoliation and resurfacing using a surgical scalpel blade.” The procedure may sound scary but it’s essentially a very close shave done on the face to remove dead skin cells and microscopic hairs that can make your complexion appear dull and flaky.

Even if you haven’t heard of dermaplaning, chances are you’ve seen the results – countless A-listers are said to be fans. It can be done in a salon as part of a treatment or at home with a special blade. 

What are the benefits?

In addition to removing the fine baby hairs (aka peach fuzz) that can lead to a dull complexion, advocates say dermaplaning also helps to remove a layer of dead skin, which can help products absorb into your skin better and leave you with a luminous glow that lasts around a week. In short, it’s a deeper form of microdermabrasion.

Benefits also include an instantly dewier complexion, faster cell turnover and a smoother skin texture, the latter explaining why beauty bloggers are fans of shaving face – a clean canvas guarantees a flawless foundation application and many claim it’s their secret to an airbrushed look.

Who’s it for?

Whether you’re concerned about excess facial hair or are merely looking for a quick glow fix, dermaplaning could be worth a try. Those with more mature skin types should also consider the treatment – as we age, cell turnover decreases, explaining why our complexions’ textures and tones often change as you get older.

However, those with acne should steer clear – dermaplaning over any acne can cause irritation and spread bacteria, causing blemishes to become red and inflamed.

Is there any downtime?

No – a little redness is common immediately after the treatment but other than that, results really are instant.

Won’t hair grow back thicker?

No – this is an old wives’ tale. Shaving your legs may make hair grow back twice as fast and twice and thick, but the hair on your face is vellus hair, different from the dark, thick hair that grows elsewhere.

Where to start?

Beauty bloggers rave about the Tinkle Razors (available from Amazon), which can be used at home in a couple of minutes – just remember to always shave dry skin and be gentle, holding the blade at a 45-degree angle, shaving downwards in short strokes. Holding your skin taught can help, too.

It’s also crucial to remember dermaplaning counts as your weekly exfoliation, so avoid using any manual or chemical exfoliants, as this could irritate skin. If you’re wary of doing it at home, leave it to the pros. Dr Jack was one of the first skincare specialists to bring the treatment to London and his Egyptian Facial incorporates dermaplaning and a peel for luminous results; prices start from £150.
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