The New Treatment For Fuller-Looking Lips
The New Treatment For Fuller-Looking Lips

The New Treatment For Fuller-Looking Lips

Invasive medical procedures aren’t the only way to enhance and define your lips. Better formulas mean you can now create a fuller effect in a more natural way – for example, The Inkey List’s new Tripeptide Plumping Lip Balm, which is clinically proven to plump lips by up to 40% in four weeks without any tingling, irritation or need for an invasive procedure. Here are the key benefits, how to use it and why it’s set to be a bestseller.

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Why It’s Set To Be A Bestseller…

Lip treatments have never been more popular and we predict big things for The Inkey List’s new Tripeptide Plumping Lip Balm. Known for tried-and-tested formulas that are guaranteed to deliver results on a budget, The Inkey List has poured all its expertise into this new treatment, so you can expect a formula that is driven by science and free from irritating ‘filler’ ingredients. Formulated with a 6% tripeptide complex, which works to increase lip volume over time for a plumper, more defined appearance, you’ll also find 6% ultra-filling spheres in there, which deliver hyaluronic acid deep down into the skin on and surrounding your lips to boost volume, soften, nourish and smooth the entire area – including the creases around the contours of your mouth.

What You Need To Know About The Formula…

Other ingredients include chia seed oil, squalane and mango butter, all of which are designed to soften and smooth, immediately alleviating any feelings of dryness. Unlike traditional, topical lip plumpers, the formula has been carefully created so it doesn’t cause any tingling or irritation – just healthier, fresher-looking lips. “We want plump, healthy and juicy lips without the compromise so we formulated our Tripepetide Plumping Lip Balm to hydrate, maintain the skin barrier AND boost fullness without the infamous tingle,” say Mark and Colette, the founders of The Inkey List.

How To Get The Most From It

For best results, try to use it three times a day, though morning and night will suffice. It’s translucent, so you’ll find it absorbs fast, leaving behind a healthy-looking sheen. It can be worn solo or on top of other lip colours to enhance their glossiness and pigment. Its gentle formula means its suitable for all – even those who suffer with sensitivities and anyone prone to severely cracked skin.

The Results To Expect…

Clinical studies showed that when it’s used three times a day, the product can plump lips by up to 40% in just four weeks. That may sound unbelievable, but the results speak for themselves, with co-founder Colette sharing her four week transformation across social media. With regular application, you’ll also find it helps to maintain moisture, strengthen the barrier of the skin in this delicate area and, of course, provide a fuller overall effect.

Finally, The Reviews…

“I’ve just started using this lip balm, but my lips are instantly more hydrated, and they stay moisturised for longer than when I use other products. It really feels like skincare for my lips. I’m excited to continue to see results.”

“SO happy with how hydrated and healthy this balm makes my lips feel. It’s a game-changer for those with dryness.”

“I like this way more than my old lip plumper. There’s no burning sensation and my lips actually feel and look hydrated.”

“I am a huge fan of The Inkey List and I’m so excited they have launched a lip balm. It already feels like part of my skincare routine, and I’ve been using it every morning and night. My lips definitely feel hydrated and I’m looking forward to seeing the plumping results too.”

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