My Top-To-Toe Prep For Summer
My Top-To-Toe Prep For Summer

My Top-To-Toe Prep For Summer

With warmer days around the corner, Georgia Day’s starting her summer beauty prep. Here’s what she does, buys and tries as things heat up.
By Georgia Day

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Given that my hair will be subjected to stress over the summer – whether it’s colour-stripping UV or drying salt water – it feels sensible to be pre-emptive about the damage. To that end, I’m committed to getting my hair looking its very best in the weeks before I go away, in the hope that a little extra TLC will improve its strength and resilience.

Top of the agenda are nourishing oils that can be worked into damage-prone areas. Briogeo’s Don’t Despair, Repair! contains ceramides and fatty acids to strengthen fragile strands. I’m also a fan of Sam McKnight’s Love Me Do Nourishing Hair Oil, which works just as well and has his signature (gorgeous) scent.

Hair glosses are having a big moment right now and I’m sold; anything that protects my colour and locks in shine is a winner. Redken’s Acidic Color Gloss Shampoo and Conditioner duo are excellent, while L'Oréal Paris Elvive’s Glycolic Gloss Glossing Routine for Dull Hair is a little more affordable, and uses skincare ingredients to banish dullness and seal in a glaze.

Talking of glaze, I don’t plan on letting all my hard work go to waste the minute I set foot in the sun. I’ll be packing Glaze Hair’s Mirror Glaze shine spray with inbuilt heat defence and frizz-fighting protection, while Oribe’s Hair Alchemy Heatless Styling Balm will be my styler of choice. Fermented yerba mate extract keeps things soft, shiny and under control without the need for heated tools. 


There’s something so fun about choosing my summer nail designs, and this year I’m looking forward to some good plotting and planning with my beloved nail tech, Becky Wood. While the jury’s out on whether we’ll repeat last summer’s smiley tie-dye talons, one thing I do know is that I shall be religiously applying my favourite The GelBottle Cuticle Essence between appointments, so that my nails stay strong enough and long enough for all manner of summer manis.

I ramp up the regularity of pedicures as soon as the weather turns. Lately, I’ve been block-booking ELIM pedicures, which are some the best I’ve tried. A bit like a professional-grade facial for your feet, they manage to be both relaxing and effective. As well as a hydrating mask, the pedi involves a heel peel using a special callus-removal tonic, which makes light work of hard, dead skin. A final flourish of your chosen polish and you’re all set for sandal weather. 


While I’m not going to obsess over getting beach-body ready for summer, I am fully supportive of anyone who does want to tighten or tone. If that’s you, you might be interested in BTL’s new EXION body treatment. The 4-in-1 device uses radiofrequency and targeted ultrasound to address skin laxity and localised fat deposits. Although it uses heat, it’s essentially painless as inbuilt cooling technology negates any discomfort and even allows for higher, more effective temperatures to be reached. Results can be visible after a couple of sessions, although a course of six is recommended, and often the best results are seen around three months after you finish. I tried it on my inner thighs and around my knees, and have been impressed with improved tautness so far. 


I like wearing less make-up when it’s warm, so it’s around this time that I start to streamline my make-up bag. A good concealer that can double up as an all-over base is essential; I like Tula’s Radiant Serum Concealer because it brightens things up as it covers. I like anything that I can use in a few different ways, so am loving ILIA’s new Lip Stretch Hydrating Crayon. Purpose-built as a creamy liner and lip colour in one, I have also been pressing any excess into my cheeks for a pretty flush. A couple of years ago, I visited Camilla Lashes for a set of some of the best extensions I’ve ever had. They were so good I’ve decided to plump for a new set this summer. This time, I’m booked in to see Edy London, who tends to Ellie Goulding and Rita Ora among others, and is famed for her intricate handiwork and natural yet glam results.


I keep my make-up minimal, but this year I’m feeling extra confident about baring a little more of my natural skin (under my SPF of course) thanks to a winter of committed care. I know they’re a luxury, but regular facials have made a big difference. All the ones I tend to have use a mixture of high-performance tech, proven active ingredients and robust massage. I’ve always rated Skinwork treatments and am chuffed that its partnership with Fenwick stores nationwide means I don’t have to head into London every time I want a City Cleanse. Joanne Evans, whose stylish Skin Matters clinic in West London is worth a visit, is another expert to see for her holistic approach to skin health. I’m also booked in to see my favourite aesthetic doctor, Dr Sarah Tonks, for some pre-summer polynucleotides, which will improve collagen and enhance skin tone and texture. Sarah has the best touch, and really considers the structure of the face when administering any kind of injectable. 


Regular readers will know I consider self-tan to be my superpower because it instantly makes me feel better, no matter how tired, grumpy or under the weather I feel. Although I am a huge fan of doing it myself, sometimes it’s a real treat to step inside a pop-up tent, don a pair of flimsy paper knickers and leave it to the pros.tint. is a new brand offering nationwide at-home spray tans. It has excellent formulas that are streak-free, scent-free and hassle-free. I plan on booking one every couple of weeks from here on out.

On the self-tan front, I’m excited to welcome tanning pioneer James Read’s latest brand into the fold. Self Glow is billed as a skincare-led sunless tanning range that uses seamless skin tints with quality ingredients to hydrate skin and leave it with a natural glow. 

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