5 Affordable Beauty Buys To Have On Your Radar

5 Affordable Beauty Buys To Have On Your Radar

From two impressive make-up dupes to a £9 concealer – a tube of which is sold every minute worldwide – here are our five of our favourite affordable beauty finds this month…


Bybi Bright Eyed Eye Cream, £14

Why It’s Cult: Recommended to us by several dermatologists, this new product is so much more than just your average eye cream. Brimming with hyaluronic acid and arnica (which soothes inflammation), it has a thin consistency that delivers immediate moisture. Plus, it has in-built light-reflecting particles to give a subtle, glossy sheen and minimise the appearance of dark circles or shadowy lids. The best bit is it leaves behind an almost matte texture, that helps any products which follow adhere properly – think concealer and eyeshadow. The 100% recyclable packaging (made from sugarcane) gives it extra points in our book, too. 


How To Use It: Experts recommend dabbing a small amount of this onto skin with your ring finger. That way, you’ll use the lightest pressure, which is essential around this delicate area. Apply it in light layers – a maximum of two – for best results. Try applying it in a c-shaped motion under the eyes, eyelids and up to your brow bone. 

Available At Bybi.com


Maybelline Eraser Eye Concealer, £4.99

Why It’s Cult: Regularly spied in make-up artist’s kits, one tube of this concealer is sold every minute worldwide, and it is a number one bestseller in 21 countries. Why? Because the clever sponge helps you blend the product flawlessly, while the formula is creamy, brightening and smoothing all at once. The addition of goji berry also means skin gets some deep hydration, too, so the texture never cakes or dries up, it just looks luminous. Great for all skin types, it can be worn over the entire face – not just the eye area – thanks to its impressive coverage. 


How To Use It: Take this concealer and draw an upside down triangle from the inner corner of the eye, down to the top of the cheekbone, finishing at the outer corner of the eye. Blend upwards, towards your lash line with either your fingers, using a damp sponge or a fluffy eyeshadow brush. Not only will this brighten the lid and the entire under eye area for a real lift, it will also conceal any imperfections. 

Available At Amazon.co.uk


W7 Bronzing Balm, £5.95

Why It’s Cult: At just £5.95, this is an impressive dupe for Chanel’s much-loved Healthy Glow Bronzing Cream. With a velvety texture, it’s been designed to melt into the skin, while the impressive pigment offers extra definition. Just a small amount will give your cheeks a believable hint of warmth and structure, both of which are easy to build upon. Plus, the fact it has no shimmer means the skin never looks caked or dull. Instead, it’s just left with a beautiful, healthy-looking glow. 


How To Use It: A hit of radiance is welcome all year round, but the key to making your bronzer work in winter is to nail your technique. Make-up artists recommend you apply it in a figure of ‘3,’ either side of your face, and also down the neck for an even, sculpted finish.

Available At W7Makeup.co.uk



Naturelab Tokyo Perfect Volume Blowout Jelly, £11

Why It's Cult: If you've never heard of this brand before, now's the time to check it out. Harnessing the benefits of botanical stem cells (which have 1,000-times higher concentration of antioxidants), each product in the range helps to hydrate, smooth and protect your hair from the day-to-day elements. A bestseller (and SL favourite) is this clever Blowout Jelly. Brimming with rice and soy proteins, the jelly delivers moisture and nourishment deep down, so hair is fully protected against any heat styling. Better still, it adds volume, shine and density without that typical dry, spiky texture that comes with other creams. Use a small amount to tame flyaways, too, and it doubles-up as a mask, treating brittle, flat strands in an instant. A multi-tasking must-have.

How To Use It: Massage a small amount of this jelly into damp hair, working through the mid lengths to the ends, using a scrunching technique. Providing you use just a little, your hair will never feel weighed down or greasy. Don't be put off by the stronger scent either, as this soon disappears once the formula melts into your strands. Once applied, use your dryer to blast your hair for extra volume and shine. 

Available at CultBeauty.co.uk



The Ordinary Supersize Niacinamide 10% Treatment, £8.90

Why It’s Cult: Niacinamide was one of Google’s most-searched ingredients in 2020 and it’s fast become a best-selling one, too, notably in this popular formula from The Ordinary. At just £8.90, this regularly flies off the shelves thanks to its soothing texture that absorbs oil and combats spots, minimises enlarged pores and smoothes out uneven skin tone. Niacinamide and zinc work in tandem to boost your skin’s immunity and improve moisture retention, too. The result? A plumper-looking complexion that has a smoother and more refined texture, too. A must-try for those battling blemishes, it’s brilliant for shrinking any scarring, too. You’ll be hard-pushed to find a bad review. 


How To Use It: As this is a serum, morning and evening post-cleanse, before applying your moisturiser. You only need a few drops to cover your entire face, so expect this to last you for months. 

Available At CultBeauty.co.uk

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