The Best Beauty Tips Of The Year
The Best Beauty Tips Of The Year

The Best Beauty Tips Of The Year

There’s nothing quite like an insider tip to take your beauty routine to the next level – and luckily, we picked up plenty this year. Want fuller hair? Or to master an at-home manicure? Thanks to some of the top names in the business, we’ve got all the tricks worth knowing…
By Georgia Day

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For The Best Brows

“Brushing the hair up creates the illusion of more eyelid space, so everything looks wider. Keep the beginning of your brow as free from product as possible – you want it to look clean and effortless.” Alex Reader, celebrity make-up artist

To Create The Illusion Of Thicker Lashes

“Tightlining on the top waterline gives the appearance of thicker eyelashes, while the lower waterline adds a sultrier effect. I often use the Victoria Beckham Beauty Satin Kajal Eyeliner in ‘Black’ or ‘Cocoa’, applying it to my lower and upper waterlines.” Kendal Fedail, celebrity make-up artist

To Perfect Your Foundation Finish

“Brushes are best for achieving a smooth and long-lasting finish. Always use them in a dabbing motion – never sweep, as this can cause pilling.” Adeola Gboyega, make-up artist & SL contributor

For Brighter, More Wide-Awake Eyes

“Using a highlighter on the centre of your eyelid and at the inner corners of your eyes will make you look more awake – you can try applying a little under your brow bone, too. I also recommend only applying products to your eyelid – avoid your bottom lash line. Harsh or dark lines can make your eyes look smaller and tired. Switch out dark shades for lighter, more tonal ones.” – Alex

To Create A Seamless Base

“I’ll use the rounded side of my Beautyblender to bounce over my foundation to pick up any excess product, as well as blend out any cream blushes, bronzer, contour or highlight.” – Kendal

For A Flawless Glow

“I’ve always applied highlighter onto bare skin before foundation, bronzer or blusher. It gives the most natural, lit-from-within glow that’s almost ethereal. The highlight sits underneath make-up instead of on top of it, where it can slide around or look too OTT. It doesn’t matter what you use – either a powder, liquid or cream – but it works every time.” –  Zara Findlay, senior pro make-up artist at Bobbi Brown

For A Sculpted Skin Finish

“Placement is key for enhancing your features – especially on your cheekbones. Don’t go too low when you apply your products as this will make your face look sad. The higher you go, the more lifted you look. Look in the mirror and assess where your pupil is. Work downward from that point until you hit the bone, then ensure your blush, highlighter or bronzer sweeps upwards from here towards your temples. This opens your face up and gives you a youthful look.” Harold James, celebrity make-up artist


To Nail The Perfect Skincare Routine

“Your routine should look different in the morning and at night. In the morning, you should focus on protection, as you’ll be exposed to UV rays and pollution, both of which can break down collagen and speed up ageing. At night, your skin enters ‘repair mode’, so you need to offset any damage caused during the day. Our cells regeneration speeds up at night, so your skin becomes more receptive to active products like retinol and AHAs.” Shani Darden, celebrity aesthetician & brand founder

For Improved Skin Health

“Take a gentler approach – especially when you’re younger. We’re prone to acne in our teens – when I was younger, I struggled with it myself – so I’d urge everyone to keep it simple. Putting harsh acids and exfoliants on your skin may help in the short term, but long term you’re really hurting the protective skin barrier.” Hailey Bieber, model & founder of Rhode

For A Naturally Dewy Skin Finish

“My favourite hack is to mix two drops of oil into your facial mask – or moisturiser – for an extra dose of hydration. I often add a couple of drops to my foundation for a dewier finish. On the nights I apply facial oil before bed, I really take the time to work it into my skin, always using deep pressure massage movements. Doing so relieves tension from your face, as well as boosting blood flow and aiding lymphatic drainage.” Michaella Bolder, facialist & SL contributor

For Locking In Hydration

“A hydrating mist can be so beneficial. I love to spritz one over my complexion as the final step in my skin routine – both morning and night. It just seals in an extra layer of moisture and alleviates any discomfort.” Sophie Perry, skincare influencer

For Happy, Healthy Skin

“Stagger any introduction of new skincare products – always one at a time. By separating each addition by a month or more, you’ll find it much easier to pinpoint and remove the culprit if your skin suddenly starts to react.” Dr Justine Kluk, dermatologist

For Minimising Dark Circles

“Use a serum-style concealer formula. They give a little hydration at the same time as covering any darkness, so you get a healthy sheen that brightens the overall area.” – Georgie Cleeve, founder of Oskia


For The Best Shape

“The key to a really good nail look is to create a shape that’s neat. File your nail flat across the free edge – the top bit of your nail – then bring the file down to each side, filing just a soft corner. Don’t go over anything too much and always work in the same direction.” Harriet Westmoreland, nail technician & The Gel Bottle ambassador

For Healthy Cuticles

“You want to look for cuticle oils that include vitamins (E in particular for nourishment) and ones that hydrate, using fruit and nut oils like almond, jojoba and apricot. These ingredients specifically address nail concerns and work quite quickly.” Faye Louise Dennis, Bio Sculpture manicurist

For Optimal Nail Hygiene

“Spend time running a brush over your fingertips and underneath them – I would recommend doing this daily given the number of bacteria and germs that build up. We are constantly touching things, so it pays to keep your nails and hands free of dirt.” – Harriet 


For Your Healthiest Ever Hair

“I recommend patting your hair dry rather than vigorously drying it with a towel. This will create less frizz and prevent breakage. You should always be gentle with your hair when it’s wet as it’s more fragile.” Victoria Ralph, hairstylist & Kérastase expert

For Bouncy Volume

“My biggest tip is to apply your styling products directly to your scalp and roots. Really get to work massaging them in – this is the best way to create optimum volume.” – Fabian Lliguin, Rahua celebrity hair stylist & brand co-founder

To Keep Your Colour Fresher For Longer

“I recommend washing your hair in warm – not piping hot – water. The hotter the water, the quicker the colour leaves the cuticle.” – Francesca Dixon, creative colour director at Hari’s

To Get Sparkling Colour Every Time

“You should always use a clarifying shampoo before your colour appointment to remove any product build-up at the root, so it doesn’t act as a barrier for the colour or dye. Doing this will make a huge difference to how long it lasts after your appointment.” – Francesca

To Save Your Strands

“Wet your hair with fresh water before you swim. Apply a primer or conditioner all over the hair too so it has a layer of protection. Where you can, however, always try to protect the hair with a swimming hat.” Adam Reed, founder of Arkive & Adam Reed Salon & Haircare

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