7 Unexpected Multi-Tasking Beauty Buys We Love
7 Unexpected Multi-Tasking Beauty Buys We Love

7 Unexpected Multi-Tasking Beauty Buys We Love

If you’re the kind of person who likes a simple make-up routine, you’ll know that multi-tasking products can be a godsend. But not all products that can be used multiple ways are marketed as such. Here are seven unexpected ways to use your make-up bag staples – along with our favourite beauty products that do more than what they say on the tin.
By Georgia Day

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Be Bold With Your Blusher

We like: Cream Luxe Blush, £16 | Sculpted By Aimee Connolly

If you’ve only ever used cream blushers on your cheeks, you’re missing a trick. While they are of course brilliant at livening up a complexion, a good blush also works as a ready-made eyeshadow and lip colour that will flatter your skin tone quickly and effortlessly. Buffed on to cheeks, lips and eyelids, blusher can transform your look in the most subtle way, helping you look imperceptibly polished but still totally natural. When it comes to shades, the best for an all-over look is one with slightly earthy undertones that mimic the natural shade spectrum in your skin tone.

Available at SculptedByAimee.co.uk

Harness The Power Of Powder

We like: Translucent Loose Setting Powder, £28.90 (was £34) | Laura Mercier

Translucent powder isn’t just great for setting your make-up into place and banishing shine, it also transforms any satin lipstick formula into a matte one, allowing you to switch up your look while still wearing the same shade you love. Just dip your middle finger into the powder and press gently over the top of your lip colour. If you’ve been overzealous with the application, just dust off any excess afterwards with a small fluffy brush, being careful not to smudge it. The same powder can also be used as dry shampoo in a pinch. Dust a little along your hairline and use your fingertips to work it in until there’s no residue left.

Available at Boots.com

Use An Easy, Breezy Balm

We like: Lip Balm, £15 | Soho Skin

Glossy lids don’t usually make the transition from runway to real life thanks to the fact that sticky gloss and hair aren’t usually a good combination. If you’re a fan of the look, try it out with a clear lip balm instead, which requires far less maintenance but still has that air of high fashion. Just press a little onto bare lids and add mascara or use as a wash over coloured shadow as an iridescent topcoat. The same balm can also be pressed onto the high points of your face and used in lieu of a highlighter if you want that dewy skin finish without the shimmer.

Available at SpaceNK.com

Opt For An Everything Pen

We like: Brow Pen, £19.55 (was £23) | Anastasia Beverly Hills

A brown brow pen is a great product to keep in your make-up bag – and not just for filling in brows. Because the pigments need to be natural enough to mimic real hairs, a brow pen also works well as a flattering eyeliner, especially if you want something a bit softer than black. Add to that the long-lasting, smudge-proof formula and it’s a bit of a no brainer. The same pen can also be used for creating a sprinkling of faux freckles across the bridge of your nose and cheeks to keep that sun-kissed look alive into autumn. Ink versions work best as the feathered tip is good for precision and they tend to have a little more staying power than pencils, but a fine nibbed pencil will also work, provided you use a light touch.

Available at Boots.com

Look Again At Your Lipstick

We like: Blue Jeans Lipstick, £24 | HIGHR Collective

If you struggle with what cheek colour to pair with your lipstick, the answer lies in the bullet. Using a little of the same lip shade as a blusher will help create a tonal harmony that will anchor your lip colour and liven up your complexion simultaneously. It works with most shades, although less is more if you’re using a pillar box red or a very deep shade like a plum. Satin formulas work best as they’re easier to blend into the skin. Just press your fingers gently into your lips once applied, then tap into cheeks until the colour is diffused. If you’re using a very matte formula, mix it with a bit of clear lip balm on the back of your hand to loosen it up before patting onto cheeks.

Available at HIGHRCollective.co.uk

Buff On Some Bronze

We like: Laguna Bronzing Cream, £31 | NARS

Using your bronzer as an eyeshadow is a tried and tested make-up artist’s trick. As well as adding warmth to your cheeks, it also adds depth and definition to your eyes and makes every eye colour pop. To keep it looking modern, make sure your chosen bronzer is matte not sparkly, and look for shades that have a slightly orange undertone for a more natural effect. Powder formulas work well and can be easily swept over lids and under the bottom lash line, but for an easy and effortless, lived-in kind of vibe, opt for a cream formula that can be buffed in with fingers or a brush.

Available at Boots.com

Be Clever With Your Concealer

We like: Modern Radiance Concealer, £22 | Vieve

Eyeshadow primers are a great idea but can sometimes feel like an unnecessary purchase, particularly if space is at a premium in your make-up bag. Instead, make your concealer work harder by taking some of the formula over your eyelids and underneath your eyes. As well as neutralising any red or purple tones that can show through your eyeshadow or ruin the look of your liner, the concealer also helps whatever you apply afterwards go on more evenly and stay put for longer.

Available at CultBeauty.co.uk

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