The Best Foolproof Eye Make-Up

The Best Foolproof Eye Make-Up

You don’t have to be a pro to achieve flawless eye make-up – the latest formulations and clever tools have made feline flicks and smokey eyes easier to create than ever before. From bendable liners to swipe-and-go shadows, these are the buys which require few application skills, yet yield great results.


Lancôme Grandiôse Liner, £25.50

Designed to create exactly the right angle, Lancôme’s bendy liners mean even if you weren’t born with make-up artist precision, you can now manoeuvre them like a pro. With a super thin nib that’s ideal for delicate application and flawless flicks, the rich, glossy pigment looks and feels ultra-luxe. The formula adheres quickly, too, so it never smudges or flakes come 4pm. No wonder it’s a pro staple. 

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Maybelline Color Strike Cream-To-Powder Eyeshadow pens, £7.99

Eyeshadow novices should look no further than Maybelline’s new Cream-To-Powder Pens. Simply roll your chosen shade over your lids for an easy, foolproof smokey eye that sets quickly and lasts for hours. Before it dries, layer the creamy texture using the sponge applicator, or your ring finger if you want to sheer it out. We love the shade ‘Hustle.’ 

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MAC Small Eyeshadow in Wedge, £15

All of MAC’s Small Eyeshadows are easy to blend and are often dubbed ‘idiot-proof’, by those in the know. Applied with a finger, they can be swept on haphazardly and still look flawless. This ‘Wedge’ shade is a fan favourite for creating an easy, soft, smokey eye in 30-seconds flat. Plus, the light tone can be used on your brows, too, filling out any sparseness when time is of the essence. Layer it up for a more camel-toned hue or stick to just using a small amount for a subtle nod of ‘something’. 

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Stila Suede Shade Liquid Eyeshadow, £20.40

These award-winning liquids are designed with longevity in mind, and have a velvety-matte dry down that won’t budge. Sweep them on in sheer, even layers, or build and mix the different shades for more of a 3D-effect. They provide a great base for more dense, shimmery textures to adhere to, as well. We love ‘Bust A Mauve’ for the subtle aubergine tint it lends to lids – beautiful for both day and night. 

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Laura Mercier Caviar Eye Sticks, £25

You can’t move for eyeshadow sticks these days, but in our opinion, the Laura Mercier ones reign supreme. Not only do they have a vast shade offering, they’re easy to scribble on – no mirror required – while the texture blends seamlessly. The colour payoff is impressive, too, as are the shimmer levels if you want to update your evening look in an instant. Every beginner needs one of these. 

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Victoria Beckham Beauty Lid Lustre, £30

These Lid Lustres have become hugely popular – mainly because it’s impossible to make a mistake with them, especially the lighter tones. Use your ring finger to apply a light wash all over the lids and you’re done. They all have a finely milled shimmer to them that catch the light beautifully for a wet, glossy effect, while the silky texture is easy to blend out. The shade ‘Onyx’ will instantly add some edge and coolness, while ‘Midnight’ is a great alternative to a traditional smokey shade, thanks to its flattering, deep blue tones. For a simple, high-shine lid ideal for the day, look to ‘Blonde,’ which acts like a pearly illuminator. 

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Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter Liners, £12.75

Despite the rich pigments in the tube, these liners are surprisingly pale, with just a hint of colour – ideal for those seeking a more subtle look. The best bit is how easy they are to apply. Unlike other glitter formulas, you can roll them on without fear of looking too theatrical or brassy. Draw them all the way along your upper lash line or dab a little on the inner and outer corner of your eyes for a highlight that reflects back beautifully. 

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Chanel Ombre Longwear Liquid Eye Shadows, £26

With soft, metallic tones, Chanel’s Liquid Eye Shadows suit everyone. Shake them first, before sweeping them on in several layers. Once you’ve built them up to your desired colour, run a brush over them to press the pigment firmly into place. You don’t need to be too precise with this – the liquid formula will do most of the hard work for you. The shade ‘Quartz Rose’ is our go-to for daytime, while ‘Vastness’ is a great step up for the evening black. 

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Lottie London Stamp Liner, £5.95

Often described as ‘the perfect winged liner’ with ‘zero hassle’, this stamp-on-and-go formula is rich, opaque, flexible and easy to use. Dual-sided, one end houses a narrow, triangular stamp, while the other is a pointed felt tip for more precise application. The former can be applied at the outer edge of your eye to the tail end of your brow to create an accurate wing guaranteed to match the other side. There’s no fuss here, just a single stamp that doesn’t need cleaning up afterwards. A must-try for those who want to perfect their feline flicks – just remember, it isn’t waterproof.
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