A Grown-Up Guide To Wearing Colourful Make-Up
A Grown-Up Guide To Wearing Colourful Make-Up

A Grown-Up Guide To Wearing Colourful Make-Up

Fancy switching up your failsafe tonal make-up? For anyone keen to experiment with a bit of colour, we asked two make-up artists for their advice. Here’s how to get an impactful but still sophisticated look.
By Rebecca Hull

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Focus On One Key Colour

“If you want to keep colourful make-up sophisticated and elegant, stick to one colour and apply it to one area. This is chicer than doing a paint-by-numbers on your face. Choose your area and where you add it, commit to it and make it impactful.” Zoë Taylor

“I agree with Zoë. You don’t want to combine too many colours or it can become overly theatrical. I recommend working with a monochromatic palette as this will include colours that are all from the same family, so you can’t go wrong.” Levi-Jade Taylor

Experiment With Eyeliner

“A colourful slick of liner is the easiest way to go a bit bolder. I love a little bit of blue paired with warm, brown, smoked out eyes – it’s a beautiful pairing, trust me. If you normally opt for a black eyeliner, try switching it out for a deep green or a plum. Pair it with lots of mascara and avoid any glitter – this keeps it chic and less ‘teen’. I love green, lilac and white eyeliners too – all three are surprisingly flattering. Victoria Beckham’s Kajal Liners are the products to use. There’s an incredible range of flattering colours, while the creamy formula makes application fool-proof.”Zoë

“I love Charlotte Tilbury’s Dual-Ended Eyeliners which have a bold matte colour one end and a matching metallic shade the other. Use the matte to create your definition on the lash line, then go in with the metallic tone in the waterline or the inner corners of your eye. It’s easy to do and you can use your fingers to smudge and blend.” – Levi-Jade

Know Your Tones

“There are no rules, but it’s worth knowing which colours naturally enhance your undertones and eyes, so you understand which vibrant shades will work best. For instance, blue eyes work well with oranges, while green eyes look great with a hint of purple, and brown and hazel eyes pair nicely with blue.” – Levi-Jade 

“An easy way to remember it is: cooler skin tones and eyes suit cooler colour, while warmer skin tones and eyes suit warm shades – think tangerine tones and smokey colours that are deeper in pigment. If you think about nature and the tones that blend well together, you have a good starting point for what goes with what.”Zoë


Don’t Knock Coloured Mascaras

“They may sound dated, but new formulas and pigmented colours make coloured mascaras easier to use than before. They are prettier, too. Pair one with an otherwise bare face. You don’t need heaps either – just run your chosen colour through your lashes a couple of times. Failing that, apply a base mascara first – like Sisley’s So Volume – then apply the colour on top so you get just a small amount of colour. Whichever way you do it, you’ll find the colours hit the light nicely and liven up your eye area.” Zoë 

Nail Your Placement 

“If you’re adding colour to your eyelids, I recommend doing so at the very centre – or along your waterline. It’s the most flattering placement and it’s a great entry-level way of trying colour. Avoid adding a cool colour on the inner corners of your eyes. This can bring them close together, so you want to keep warmer tones for this area to open everything up. If you do want to wear colour all over your lid, try using a soft pastel. Glossier’s Lidstars are brilliant as you can wear them as a soft wash – they never overpower your eye.” Zoë

Enhance Your Colours

“Powder shadows can be a good option for colour novices as they produce a more muted finish. If you do want to enhance their pigment, apply them with a damp brush or sponge. An eye primer is key to enhancing pigment too – Urban Decay’s Eyeshadow Primer will always be the best. It locks in any eye make-up look and keeps the colour vibrant all day and night.” – Levi-Jade


Balance Your Lips & Cheeks

“If you want to focus your colour placement on your lips, balance it with your cheeks. Do this by applying a very similar colour to both areas, otherwise you’ll have clashes, and that’s when it becomes too busy. Soft, peachy blushers and peach-toned lips work well together. Similarly, berry lips and a warm-toned blush work the same way. Creating a balance and harmony with the colours on your face is how you maintain a sophisticated finish.” – Levi

“Before you apply a colourful lipstick, line your lips properly. Not only does this help preserve the life of any colour you apply, it enhances the shade and keeps it vibrant. Don’t be afraid of gloss either – some of the juiciest, most vivid shades are found in a gloss. Danessa Myricks has beautiful options for all skin tones. A gloss can be an easier way to wear colour, too – try a smattering on your cheeks and eyes to bring everything together.”Zoë

Consider Highlighters

“Don’t forget highlighters with soft colours inside them. Think Chanel’s Rosy Light Drops and Fenty’s Duo Palettes. MILK does amazing Holographic highlighter sticks, too. It doesn’t always need to be overly vibrant – highlighters are sheer and lightweight, offering a little bit of colour as your face moves with the light. I recommend applying these on your cheekbones, eyelids and at the inner corners of your eyes. It’s an elegant, subtle way to add colour to your face, without looking too bold.”Zoë

Play With Blusher

“Your colour placement can be focused solely on your cheeks – there are so many gorgeous shades available now. Think about the placement: normally I recommend keeping blush high on the apples of your cheeks for a fresher finish. That said, taking it high into the temples gives more impact and a 70s effect that’s very fun and of the moment. Take it across the bridge of your nose too for a full, sun-kissed effect. If you’re working with colour this way, make sure your eye and lip make-up is kept to a minimum so as not to overdo the whole look.”Zoë

Finally, Seek Out Inspiration

“If you’re keen to try colour, but need a bit of guidance, look to those who do it best. I always think Dua Lipa and Lucy Boynton wear colour so well – you can take inspiration from their looks and tailor it to your own preferences.” Zoë

“I love Jo Baker’s work for inspiration. Her work on clients like Olivia Wilde, Vanessa Kirby and Lucy Boynton captures how playful you can be with make-up. You can keep it classy and classic – it doesn’t need to be garish and OTT.” – Levi


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