Lash Growth Serums: Five Things To Know

We all crave longer, thicker, fuller lashes, but do eyelash enhancers really work? From the ingredients you need to look out for to the formulas that add moisture, here are a few key things to note before you buy.

1. Look Out For Both Biotin And Peptides

Without these hero ingredients, the formula is essentially just a conditioner, which will make lashes look smoother and softer, but not necessarily longer. Peptides work to nourish, condition and strengthen frail and brittle lashes while biotin (from the B-vitamin family) helps to stimulate the growth of new hairs. Always check the ingredients list for these two, and if they’re not on there, keep up the search.  

2. You Can Expect Moisture To Be Restored

Our love for mascara often means lashes are sapped of moisture. Lash serums, however, are packed full of vitamins which not only add back nutrients to extend growth, but also repair damage done by other formulas.

3. There May Be Some Side Effects

As enticing as lash serums are, they can come with a few drawbacks. Any skin type can use them, but you should always look for dermatologist-tested formulas and ones with natural ingredients where possible. This is because some can cause irritation, skin pigmentation and even in some cases (albeit rarely) pigmentation of the iris. That’s why it’s always important to gently wipe away any excess if serum is left around the eyes, or on the lids. And if you start to suffer with redness or irritation, you should immediately stop using it.

4. Seek Collagen Where You Can

Collagen’s got great benefits for skin and hair, but it’s also a wonderful ingredient to transform wispy lashes. It won’t be in every formula, but if you manage to find one with it, you can expect added volume and length. It’s also worth keeping your eyes peeled for serums with castor oil (which prevent microbe growth and detoxes skin around the lashes) and amino acids (helps to nourish and repair damage to hair protein).

5. When Usage Stops, So Will The Effects

If you run out, or don’t apply your formula regularly, you will notice your lashes return to normal. That’s the one big downside of these serums: upkeep. An expensive habit, but given their impressive results, it’s one well worth it for those who hate having sparse, thin hairs.


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