Everything A Cool Scandi Influencer Is Loving Right Now
Everything A Cool Scandi Influencer Is Loving Right Now

Everything A Cool Scandi Influencer Is Loving Right Now

Stockholm-based creative Elina Olofsson just knows how to make staple pieces cooler. As well as an exacting eye and impeccable style, she’s also got her finger on the pulse when it comes to beauty, travel and culture. Here’s everything she’s loving right now.
By Sapna Rao

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Loewe is a standout brand for me right now – because of its meticulous attention to detail. I love the elegant modern aesthetic. I recently bought a shoulder bag from a past collection on Vestiaire Collective and am so looking forward to using it this spring. As for lesser-known brands, Teurn Studios is a name to know – I’m obsessed with the leather jackets and wide-leg jeans.

Low-waisted cuts are everywhere this season. While I’ve historically been a high-waisted trouser girl, it’s a trend I’ve seen styled in a cool way, so it’s one I'd like to embrace a little more this season.

In all areas of my life, I’VE SHIFTED TO A LESS IS MORE PHILOSOPHY. This means consciously AVOIDING IMPULSE PURCHASES. I’ve had the same style for years now, and I’m not jumping on trends in the same way anymore.

A black blazer and matching trousers is my go-to look. I know it sounds a little boring, but it's what I go for when I don’t know what to wear. It always works. Other times it’s a big cosy sweater, some wide-leg trousers and trainers. When it comes to staples, my favourite pieces are from COS and ARKET – they have the best white tees. Plus, Uniqlo has some good cashmere and merino wool pieces.

My favourite shop is 10 Corso Como in Milan. I love the atmosphere and it has a great selection of pieces. I’ve also been browsing a lot on Vestiaire Collective lately – I’m enjoying searching for old collections and more under-the-radar items. 


In all areas of my life, I’ve shifted to a less is more philosophy. This means consciously avoiding impulse purchases. By opting for more timeless pieces, I’m adding to my wardrobe in a more sustainable way and making choices that are gentler on the planet. It feels like I’ve had the same style for years now, and I’m not jumping on trends in the same way anymore. 

To stop my outfits feeling too repetitive or boring, I mix materials. Especially when wearing all black. Layering different fabrics or combining textures adds more interest. I often wear a lot of jewellery, too, which is always a great finishing touch.

When I wear colour, I like to go tonal. It makes a difference when various shades work together – it just looks that much chicer. My looks tend to be quite neutral, so muted colours still align with my style – plus, different shades of a similar tone look really harmonious. 

The 90s aesthetic always gets my vote. My style icons include Christy Turlington, Winona Ryder and Gwyneth Paltrow – I’ve drawn a lot of inspiration from them and the era in general. My Pinterest board is filled with images that embody that iconic blend of comfort and chic. On Instagram, I love following Annemiek Kessels, Sophie Khanh and Sasha Mei. Their looks are always inspiring – especially when I feel like I’m in a style rut. 




My current favourites are all in aid of dry skin. I’ve used La Mer’s moisturising cream for a while now and I love it. I use it day and night to keep my skin feeling its best. Another favourite is Verso’s Super Facial Oil, which blends in on the skin without feeling sticky. When it comes to cleansing, I use Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cleanser – it’s the perfect thing for properly removing make-up after a long day, without stripping your skin. Finally, the Nuxe honey lip balm is my favourite budget find. 

One of my latest beauty discoveries is a tweak to my routine rather than a product. I’ve tried to reduce the number of steps within my routine – again, in an effort to embrace a ‘less is more’ vibe. I only use a face serum, a day cream and face oil right now. I often watch beauty and skincare videos on YouTube, but it’s hard for me to keep up with how many steps people include – so I’ve tried to simplify things where I can. 

I have a signature scent. Portrait Of A Lady from Frédéric Malle is such a classic and one I always get compliments on. I love the idea of being known for a scent, so I’ll always rebuy this one.

ONE OF MY LATEST BEAUTY DISCOVERIES is a tweak to my routine rather than a product. I’ve tried to REDUCE THE NUMBER OF STEPS WITHIN MY ROUTINE – again, in an effort to EMBRACE A ‘LESS IS MORE’ VIBE.




My next trip is going to be Italy this spring. My partner and I want to explore the northern region’s incredible landscapes. I’d also love to take the train down to Milan for a day as it’s one of my favourite cities. When I was there last year, I went to Villa Necchi and Fondazione Prada – both of which are must-visits.

The Nobis Hotel is my go-to for a staycation in Stockholm. I don’t do it often – because I genuinely love being at home on the weekends – but for a special treat, it’s a lovely place to go. I was in Copenhagen a while ago and stayed at the Nobis there and barely wanted to leave the room – which I think is a good sign of a great hotel.

When I wear colour, I LIKE TO GO TONAL. It makes a difference when various shades work together – IT JUST LOOKS THAT MUCH CHICER.

On a Saturday night you’d probably find me at a restaurant in my neighbourhood. I’ll have a glass of wine in hand and most likely will be with friends. I really enjoy going out to meet friends to break up the work week and properly switch off. I also see it as the perfect excuse to dress up in a nice suit or style up my daytime look in preparation for a dinner out. My favourite restaurant in Stockholm right now is GAZZA. I love the truffle pasta and it has a great selection of wine. 

I visited Fondation Louis Vuitton the last time I was in Paris and highly recommend it. In Paris, I also recommend visiting Musée Rodin as it has a beautiful garden which is perfect in the summer. 

A podcast I’ve been bingeing is Welcome to the OC. Melinda Clarke and Rachel Bilson properly deep dive and discuss the episodes and scenes from the show with the actors from the series. It felt so nostalgic and stirred up so many memories. It’s definitely made me want to rewatch the show. 

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