Everything This Cool Influencer Is Loving Right Now
Everything This Cool Influencer Is Loving Right Now

Everything This Cool Influencer Is Loving Right Now

Born in Norway and now based between Copenhagen and Paris, Anna Katinka von der Fehr has flawless fashion taste – and she’s just as clued up on culture, food, travel and more. That’s why we asked her to share everything she’s loving right now…
By Sapna Rao

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A designer brand I'm loving is Totême. From the minimalistic designs to the strong creative vision, I like the fact that almost everything in the collection could be a hero piece. The knitwear and outerwear are especially good – I bought a knit last year that quickly became my most worn item. Similarly, The Row and The Garment Copenhagen are masters of the minimalist, clean aesthetic.

Blanche and A Line are two under-the-radar brands worth knowing. Blanche blends timeless design with organic, sustainable materials, while still managing to stay on top of trends in an affordable way. Its denim skirts are a favourite of mine. A Line is a Portuguese brand that also focuses on sustainable fashion. Its linen trench coats and mesh skirts are already high on my summer wish list.

Another Nue in Copenhagen is filled with great brands. You can find Skall Studio, Cala Jade, Totême and more – I actually bought my latest Totême sweater there. Online, By Malene Birger and The Frankie Shop are a few more of my go-tos if I’m having a clothing crisis.

I want to play with colour this season. As someone who mainly wears neutrals, mixing colours like brown, grey and white makes it easier to dip your toe in – plus, they can be used in the same way as bolder shades to make an impact.

Denim and a knit is my go-to-look right now. Simple and comfy, it’s effortless to throw together and easy to elevate. To get more wear out of my summer dresses and skirts, I like to throw on a knit and team the look with loafers. Gathering a strong collection of basics is also valuable. My collection includes plenty of tank tops, shirts and knits.



@SylvieMus is someone I’ve loved following recently. She knows how to make every look feel fun and fresh, even when she’s rewearing her wardrobe staples and keeping things clean and chic. I’ve also followed Lisa Olsson for years and love the way she blends feminine and masculine style.

Kendall Jenner is my ‘guilty pleasure’ follow. She is just so cool, and we share a passion for horses. I also love her style – although it’s really different to mine, I often find inspiration on how to weave some cooler pieces into my minimalist approach.


I tend to prioritise skincare over make-up. Making my skin look its best is key, so I swear by the Paula's Choice Resist range which is perfect for my sensitive, thin and dry skin. I also can’t live without the Defense Moisturiser which gives my skin such a glow and, most importantly, makes me feel far more confident in going make-up free.

My favourite new beauty discovery is the Hyaluronic Acid + Peptide Lip Booster from Paula's Choice. My hack is to pair it with the Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Liner in ‘Parchment’ for the perfect natural nude combo. It works well with a simple lip balm too – Carmex is probably my all-time favourite budget beauty buy.

I never leave the house without styling my brows. The Kenny Anker Brow Pen and brow gel are my tools of choice. Start by brushing your brows hairs up to achieve that super lifted look then go in with the pen and follow up with gel to keep it all in place. I really like how it frames my face.



The next holiday I have planned isn't really a holiday. It’s my move to Paris. I lived there last year for a semester abroad and loved it, so I’ve decided to go back. Being in a little bubble and constantly feeling inspired every time I walk down a street is the best part of living there. Plus, the amazing food and wine doesn't hurt.

My childhood house in Norway is my favourite place to visit. It’s where I go to decompress. It’s in the middle of the forest – no neighbours, no traffic, just nature – so it’s super calming. It's where I go to feel like myself again. The opportunity to ride horses into the local village is so therapeutic.

Villa Copenhagen is my favourite place for a staycation. The hotel is amazing and the vibe is so calm. Since it’s located on the opposite side of the city, it’s a good opportunity to discover new restaurants and shops I don’t always get a chance to go to.


Yogurt and honey is my go-to breakfast right now – especially when I’m rushing out the door. When I have more time, I love a truffle omelette with some herbs and avocado. And I always have a glass of juice and an oat milk coffee.

A sourdough bun with butter and cheese is my favourite snack. When I only have ten minutes and need to rush out somewhere – it's perfect. As a Norwegian, I didn't really get it at first, but I quickly learned how much of a Danish staple it is and now I’m completely sold.


I love spending time in the kitchen. I have several go-to dinners but my favourite has to be pasta with a spicy pomodoro, stracciatella and basil sauce. I also make a delicious truffle pizza topped with mushrooms and burrata.

My go-to drink is an espresso martini. Creamy, sweet and bitter all in one – I fell in love with it after one sip. As for hot drinks, you can’t beat a coffee with oat milk or a matcha latte. When I want to treat myself, it has to be hot chocolate.

The Hirschsprungske Collection in Copenhagen is a museum I enjoyed recently. It’s super small and filled with 19th-century Danish art. I like that it doesn't feel overwhelming. I took my dad and brother who both loved it too.

The podcast 911 For Broken Hearts really saved me after I was harshly dumped last year. On it, people talk about their break-ups and how they moved on. It genuinely helped me a lot at a time when I needed a little hope.

Pørni is a Norwegian series I’ve been bingeing. It follows the life of a 40-year-old woman who lost her sister in a car accident as she tries to balance life as a mum of two teenage girls, while also navigating her love life as a single woman. It's so well made and makes me laugh and cry in equal measure.

When Harry Met Sally is my favourite movie. I can watch it over and over for the fashion, humour and the love story. That fantasy of living in New York and finding the love of your life in your best friend is so touching – plus, Sally’s outfits are so cool.

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