5 Reasons To Shop This Seriously Cool New Trainer

5 Reasons To Shop This Seriously Cool New Trainer

From dad designs to sporty styles, trainers come in all shapes and sizes. But the new sneaker from sportswear giant Puma means you can say goodbye to all the others – here’s why it’s the one you need.

Created in partnership with PUMA


Just The Right Amount Of Chunky

The brand new X3 style from the sportswear brand perfectly straddles the line between the oversized trainer trend and that gym-gear look. Its layered appearance gives it that directional feel without teetering too far into chunky territory – perfect if you’re not quite sold on the look.


The Comfort Is Second To None

With a mesh base, thick sole and suede finish, these trainers are built to last. The cushioned sole makes them perfect for running around all day, while their oversized design means you can slip them on and go.

From straight leather trousers to pastel suiting, floaty maxis to structured midis, the new X3s are IMPOSSIBLY VERSATILE – just show off a bit of ankle for a fashionable spin.

Extremely Versatile

We love the style’s pretty new colour palette. Injections of black tie them in nicely to a darker autumn/winter wardrobe – see Polly’s expert styling for outfit inspo – while pastels hues and a white sole make them a soft, feminine spring/summer hero.


A Reasonable Price Point

Trainers are a hot commodity these days, with many of the coolest styles requiring deep pockets. PUMA is a brand known for high performance and on-trend designs with a palatable price point – the X3s will set you back just £89.99.


...And Limited Availability

It’s always a shame when you buy a cool new piece and then you see it everywhere days later. The brand is selling the style through Office Shoes and just a few other select retailers, making it less widely available than other trainer styles, so chances are you’ll end up with something not everyone else has.

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