8 Of The Best Low-Impact Workouts

HIIT and running may feel good, but they aren’t necessarily the most effective at getting results. From Pilates to barre, here are the PT-approved workouts for a low-impact burn – no burpees in sight…

Best For Getting Results: Oona Series

If you’re someone who thrives on the buzz of a studio class but aren’t quite ready to head back into an IRL workout, Oona Series has you covered. Its slick platform – headed up by Catie Miller and osteopath and holistic coach Boniface Verney-Carron – is one of the best we’ve come across and classes combine a killer workout with a great soundtrack to keep you motivated. Catie’s 45-minute barre classes are fast-paced – they’ll keep your heart rate raised and in the optimum zone for fat burning and toning – while Liz’s restorative yoga class on a Sunday evening is the perfect way to finish the week. Membership also gives you access to workshops and podcasts designed to help you build long-lasting habits.

THE DETAILS: Your first 14 days are free, from £33 per month thereafter. Unlike other platforms, access to Oona Series gives you access to all livestream and on-demand content, as well as podcasts, interviews and other exclusive content. 

Visit OonaSeries.com

Best For Fixing Broken Bodies: P.volve

Taking a ‘pre-hab’ approach to fitness, P.volve uses resistance-based, low-impact movements to strengthen, sculpt and energise your muscles. It’s not about breaking a sweat or endless reps; instead, it’s about good form and making precise movements that sculpt those hard-to-tone muscles. The result? A strong core and reduced joint and muscle pain. Plus, by stretching out and opening the body, P.volve’s method will increase flexibility and range of motion, which is helpful if you’re sat at a desk all day. P.volve’s impressive on-demand platform also makes sticking to a routine fool-proof – you’ll find structured programmes, daily recommended workouts and more on there.

THE DETAILS: A P.volve membership, which includes a collection of over 200 workout videos, costs £14.88 per month, but your first two weeks are free.

Visit PVolve.com

Best For Variety: Louisa Drake Method

Former professional dancer Louisa Drake’s cult method is the go-to for those looking to sculpt and build lean lines. Using resistance bands, light hand weights, ankle weights and stability balls, Louisa and her team believe mixing things up is the key to keeping the body challenged. Whether you visit Louisa’s Fitzrovia studio, join a livestream workout or catch up on-demand, you’ll be encouraged to keep the body guessing – Sculpt is a low-impact, total-body workout with a focus on strength; Shape Changer features bursts of cardio; while Sculpt and Stretch fuses signature LDM moves with mobility work to aid muscle recovery. 

THE DETAILS: If you’re going into central, a session at the LDM studio (tucked underneath The Detox Kitchen in Fitzrovia) is worth the £24 price tag as classes are capped at five people. Livestream classes are priced at £10 each but cheaper if you buy a bundle, while access to the online platform starts from £25 per month.

Visit LouisaDrake.com

Best For Pre- and Post-Natal: Kind by KG

After years of experiencing the damaging effects of HIIT, Katie Gray launched Kind by KG to prove that lower impact doesn’t mean less effective results. A unique fusion of Pilates and barre, this strengthening and conditioning workout is perfect for those prone to high stress levels but still keen to see results. Having recently given birth to her first baby, Katie is only offering postnatal sessions, but her on-demand platform is packed with hundreds of workouts in the meantime. Cardio junkies will love her low-impact cardio workouts, which will make you sweat without over-stressing the body, while her Signature Workout uses Pilates balls and rings and bands, meaning no two classes are ever the same. 

THE DETAILS: A single online workout will set you back £8, but if you’re looking to commit, a bundle of 100 classes costs £20. For more information on Katie’s post-natal courses, head to her website or message her on Instagram.

Visit KindByKG.com

Best For An Endorphin Boost: Paola’s Body Barre

London’s original ballet workout, Paola di Lanzo is the name behind the eponymous Paola’s Body Barre (PBB), which now offers classes from its Fulham studio as well as online and on-demand. Fitness has always been part of Paola’s DNA (she did a degree in PE in Australia back in 1991, where she was a PT for years) but it wasn’t until she discovered the sculpting benefits of Pilates after the birth of her third child that PBB was born. Fast-forward several years and she’s amassed a loyal following who come back time and again for her challenging, results-driven classes, all of which are low-impact. Start with PBB Signature, which has a strong focus on the core, or mix things up with PBB Burn and Sculpt, designed to improve balance, technique and posture.  

THE DETAILS: If you’re based near Fulham, you can get unlimited studio classes for £60 for 30 days. Your first seven days of PBB Online, meanwhile, are free, and £20 per month thereafter for unlimited access.

Visit PaolasBodyBarre.com

Best For Calming The Mind: The Yoga Class

While working as a model, Laura Dodd discovered the benefits of yoga went further than just the physical, and it fast became her go-to method for unwinding. The Yoga Class, Laura’s online platform, is our top choice for nourishing, low-impact movement for those looking to improve strength, tone, mobility and posture. Classes, all of which are on-demand and can be done at a time to suit you, range between ten to 60 minutes and include yoga flows, Pilates, barre, pre- and post-natal, breathwork and guided meditations. 

THE DETAILS: Membership provides unlimited access to Laura’s full library of 180+ online classes with new content added every week – subscribe for either £19.99 per month or £139 for the year. Whichever option you choose, your first 14 days are free. 

Visit TheYogaClass.co

Best For Toning: Melissa Wood

Low impact is the name of the game for Melissa Wood. Having struggled with an eating disorder and her own self-confidence, she’s now trained in Pilates and barre and champions that less is more when it comes to a stronger, healthier body. The Melissa Wood Health Method is a series of slow, controlled movements using minimal equipment – either your bodyweight or resistance bands and light hand weights – and her slick platform makes staying in shape a breeze. Either follow one of her weekly plans (you’ll never workout for more than 40 minutes at a time) or see where your mood takes you – from a 15-minute ab series to a 30-minute incline walk on the treadmill. 

THE DETAILS: Sign up for £8.62 per month, or just over £85 for the year. Your first seven days are free.

Visit MelissaWoodHealth.com

Best For Pilates With A Twist: Heartcore

Whether you sign up for a Heartcore online class or drop by one of its seven studios, rest assured you’ll be getting a serious workout. Known for its reformer Pilates classes carried out on Heartcore’s signature Coreformers, studio classes are effective and designed to build lasting, full-body strength, while its new online platform offers a workout for every mood. Choose from live or on-demand sessions – as well as a plethora of Pilates-inspired content led by Heartcore’s top-of-their-game instructors, you’ll also find strength, stretch and mobility classes designed to soothe mind and body, alike. If you try one workout (your first seven days online are free) sign up for The Heartcore Class, 60 minutes of low-impact yet heart-raising moves.

THE DETAILS: You have several options – either sign up for Heartcore’s online platform (your first seven days are free, from £52/month thereafter), sign up for a combo membership (£156 per month for five studios and unlimited online access) or pay as you go.

Visit WeAreHeartcore.com

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