10 Ways To Stay Motivated For Winter Workouts

10 Ways To Stay Motivated For Winter Workouts

For many of us, our fitness regimes fall by the wayside once dark mornings and even darker evenings creep in. But as Sports Physiotherapist Jordane Zammit Tabona tells us, staying committed to your training during the winter months is all-important. Easier said than done? Read on for some top tips for maintaining your motivation this season...

Sometimes we hit snooze. Sometimes we blame an impending head cold. Mostly, it is enough just to blame the awful weather though. It can feel like an uphill struggle to maintain a regular fitness regime throughout the year, particularly during the coldest, darkest snaps. But the physical and mental health benefits of staying active throughout these months can’t – and shouldn’t – be ignored. Luckily, we’ve got a plan. 

“My approach to training is simple. Do some of what you ‘need’, be it postural strengthening, physical rebalancing or even body sculpting. And then do a lot of what you ‘want’ and enjoy; whether it’s long walks, sweaty classes or strength training” says Jordane.

In a straw poll of everyone’s favourite winter workout motivation hacks at SheerLuxe HQ, the resounding favourite is bulk buying classes in advance. What better way to stop yourself from going straight home to snuggle on the sofa after a long day’s work? Having already handed over the money for a block of classes definitely helps. And for the running-philes? Signing up to an organised race, no matter what distance is a brilliant way to stay focused on maintaining your fitness too. 

So, whether you’re a morning, evening, indoor or outdoor fitness fanatic, we’ve got you covered. Here, the SheerLuxe team, along with Jordane from 360Athletic, share their 10 easy and actionable ways to get up and go when the alarm goes off.

Make a plan

Always pre-plan your training week. Knowing ahead of time which days you will be working out will help to stop you falling into the ‘I’ll just do it tomorrow’ pattern. - Jordane

Have a happy alarm clock

Choose your favourite uplifting song as your alarm sound. This sets the right tone to awaken your positivity in the morning! Whatever you do, don’t snooze - snoozing is a bad idea! - Jordane

And happy feet too

Put your training socks on your bedroom radiator the night before. Warm feet help to control your body temperature when you’re out in the cold. You’ll start to really look forward to getting up and pulling those warm socks on. - Jordane

Breakfast of champions

I’m such a foodie, so I prepare my breakfast the night before so that I have something yummy to look forward to after training! - Jordane

Don’t go it alone

Schedule training with friends, so that you can’t bail last minute. Don’t have any #fitfriends? No problem. Schedule in a group training session or class instead. Our members at 360Athletic motivate each other to get their sessions in and have a great time training together! - Jordane

Try the five-minute rule

The important thing is trying. If your head really isn’t in the game, start your workout anyway with the caveat that you can stop after five minutes if you don’t feel any different. Chances are you’ll be in the flow of things by then and happy to keep going. For another five at least! – SheerLuxe

Two birds, one stone

You’ve got boring errands to run anyway, right? Why not combine them with exercise to maximise your time? Switch your train or bus home from work into a walk or run one night each week. Got regular phone catch ups with friends or family? Throw on your trainers and power walk while you chat.  – SheerLuxe

Warm up, warmer

Do your stretches and warm up indoors first, this will make going out in the cold much less painful. In fact, you’ll be so warm it might even feel like a relief! If you’re not sure how to warm up effectively, use a YouTube video to guide you. We love Body By Simone’s because her positive energy is so infectious.  – SheerLuxe

Use trackers

Whether you use them to compete against friends, or love the virtual cheers every time you reach a goal or beat your own personal best, there’s a lot to be said for finding an app or tracker you get on with. Nudges to move from your Fitbit or guided runs with top athletes like Mo Farah in the Nike Run Club app will help push you through when motivation is flagging.  – SheerLuxe

Stay inside

If space allows, swerve rainy days and take your training indoors instead. For short HIIT circuits you can’t beat Kayla Itsines’ free Instagram workouts, or if Pilates is more your vibe, we rounded up the seven of the best at-home Pilates videos right here.  – SheerLuxe

Jordane Zammit Tabona is a Sports Physiotherapist and co-founder of 360Athletic

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