7 New Ways To Work Out This Month
7 New Ways To Work Out This Month

7 New Ways To Work Out This Month

From the classes to have on your radar to the retreats to know for mind and body rejuvenation, here are some new and interesting ways to work out this October…
By Tor West

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Bringing together the fitness know-how of one of the world’s leading sportswear brands and the flair and creativity of one of the country’s top fashion designers, Adidas’s iconic collaboration with Stella McCartney never disappoints. In the latest drop, discover fabric resistance bands designed to add an extra challenge to any workout (you’ll soon find they’re far superior to plastic bands in both the durability and comfort stakes) and a lightweight, high-traction grip yoga mat that’ll help you master downward dog in style. 

Visit TheSportsEdit.com 


Boxing is a smart way to build strength, develop core strength and stability, as well as supercharge cardiovascular fitness. But stepping into the ring as a beginner can feel intimidating. On a mission to make the sport more accessible to women, Bermondsey Boxing Club’s studio is the destination to know. It brings together the grit and character of a traditional boxing club with the details of a boutique studio to offer an authentic boxing experience. Open to people of all abilities – whether you’ve been boxing for a week or years – there’s a variety of classes on offer.

Visit BermondseyBoxingClub.com


Whether you’re looking to get fit, tone up or improve your overall fitness, a circuits class is a well-rounded way to achieve your goals. Taking things to the next level, swish city gym BXR’s newest class, SweatCon, combines strength and metabolic conditioning with exercises designed to put both your aerobic and anaerobic fitness through their paces. The 45-minute class – created and led by master trainer Faisal Abdalla – starts with mobility and movement prep before moving on to circuits using SkiErgs, Assault bikes and free weights. Classes alternate through the week between pull, push and legs day for full-body toning. 

Visit BXRLondon.com

THE WEEKEND RESET: Lime Wood Retreats

If you’ve been burning the candle at both ends, book in for a restorative escape at Lime Wood in the New Forest, which was recently voted the number one national park in Europe. The one-day Forest Fix retreat is the ultimate escape for those looking to restore energy levels – the day includes breakfast and lunch as well as a forest run, kettlebells class, forest combat class, mobility and strength session and a 60-minute full-body massage. If you have a little more time on your hands, book in for a three-day retreat in collaboration with Bamford. Enjoy spa treatments, guided forest walks, sound healing, mind and movement classes and seasonal food to help you slow down, rest and rejuvenate. 

Visit LimewoodHotel.co.uk


It’s no secret the female body goes through some extraordinary changes during pregnancy, and while it’s possible for the body to settle back to how it was beforehand, experts say that for a stronger body it’s worth analysing what’s changed and how you can aid recovery. Headed up by Riina Laaksonen, Finland’s top PT, Nordic Fit Mama is a six-week online programme designed to help you regain strength and confidence. Approved by gynaecologists and physiotherapists, the platform aims to bring Finland’s revolutionary thinking about motherhood to the UK. Just ten minutes a day is all you need to commit to for results, including relief from back pain, diastasis recti and building pelvic floor strength. 

Visit NordicFitMama.com

THE KIT: Pointe Studio

If you’re into barre, Pilates, vinyasa flow or hot yoga, Pointe Studio’s slip-free grippy socks are a worthy investment. The brand’s signature socks are designed with clever gripped soles to ensure you feel secure during your workout, and help you get the most out of your session. Made from combed cotton and with compression arch support and a padded ankle rest, your feet will be well protected, too. Plus, the brand’s founders include barre instructors, spin teachers, PTs and dancers, so rest assured these hard-working socks deliver on their promise.

Visit PointeStudio.com & NET-A-PORTER.com



Tucked away inside The Other House in South Kensington is The Other Space, a state-of-the-art wellbeing and fitness destination which offers results-driven fitness classes and a programme of holistic therapies designed to restore inner peace. The gym, developed in collaboration with a British track athlete, will offer guest sessions from world-class PTs as well as access to Peloton bikes, Concept rowers and more, while intimate sound healing, meditation and breathwork sessions will aid recovery. If you’re not staying in the hotel, you’ll need to become a member to gain access to the gym, although wellbeing workshops can be booked as a one-off. 

Visit OtherHouse.com

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