This Month’s Health & Fitness List
This Month’s Health & Fitness List

This Month’s Health & Fitness List

From new fitness studios to low-carb snacks, here’s what you need to know about in the world of health and wellbeing this March…
By Tor West
Photography: TRAIN YARD

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Luna Daily

Luna Daily’s expert-developed, natural products are designed for intimate skin and everywhere else. In particular, its washes and oils will keep skin happy and nourished. Designed to refresh without removing natural oils or essential moisture, The (No)Soap Natural Bar is 30% more moisturising than soap, has a low pH and contains anti-inflammatory chamomile and aloe vera, while the first-of-its-kind soap bar was five years in the making. We also love the Everything Oil, a proven solution for ingrown hairs, redness, bumps and scarring.


Self Space

On a mission to modernise the culture around mental health, Self Space is the first on-demand therapy service on the high street. Making mental health support more accessible than ever, the Self Space team offers therapy and coaching sessions lasting from 30 to 50 minutes which can be booked seven days a week. With no long waiting lists, you can see a therapist face to face or virtually within a few hours, and if you’re unsure where to start, Self Space offers an online service to match you and your needs to the right person. You can find Self Space in Shoreditch, Borough, Brighton and Manchester.



Bala’s ankle and wrist weights have become a cult product in recent years, and we predict its recently launched Balance Blocks will prove just as popular. They’re available in three neutral colourways – use them to go deeper into a yoga pose or get creative and incorporate them into HIIT and strength workouts. We like using one under each hand in a mountain climber to challenge our core. Like a pair of gliders, they’ll create an unstable surface, which challenges every muscle.


Keto Hana

Based on restricting carbs instead of calories, the keto diet has real science behind it. Whether you’re already a convert or are looking for ways to keep your blood sugar stable, Keto Hana’s new range of granolas and baking mixes come highly recommended. Made with almonds, coconut, sunflower seeds and coconut oil – and sweetened with stevia – the granola contains just 2g of sugar per serving, while its new cake mix will satisfy a sweet craving. All you need to add is eggs, almond milk and butter or coconut oil. 



Whether you’re looking to top up your vitamin D levels or need a dose of CBD for instant calm, Boshang’s clever liquid supplements are easily added to a glass of water or smoothie. Formulated with award-winning water technology, each of its formulas is designed to be instantly absorbed by the body in just a few drops. Choose from anti-inflammatory turmeric, an ideal choice if you’re looking for relief from aches and pains; vitamin C to support healthy skin and immunity; or its bestselling vitamin D3.



Lean With Lilly

Pilates instructor and chartered physiotherapist Lilly Sabri’s online platform, Lean with Lilly, is proof you don’t need a gym membership to get in shape. As well as tailored workout guides and meal plans, Lilly’s recently launched protein powders will support your fitness goals. With 20g of protein per serving as well as energy-boosting maca, chia seeds, flaxseed, vitamins and minerals, the Superfood Protein is the perfect post-workout add-on, while the Pre-Workout blend contains natural caffeine to support optimal energy levels, beetroot powder to supercharge endurance and B vitamins to keep you firing on all cylinders.


Train Yard

Offering a fresh take on fitness, Train Yard in Clapham North is a female-owned studio hosting a variety of classes to keep you mentally and physically fit. Sign up for the Sweat Class for a full-body cardio session that will build endurance and stamina or try Circuits for an energy-boosting workout that combines cardio and strength training. There are also mat-based Pilates classes and strength-focused workouts to keep the body challenged. Classes are held in small groups and there’s the option for one-to-one training, too.


Jenna Macciochi

As we adjust to life post-pandemic, the importance of looking after our immune system has become more important than ever. With over two decades’ experience as an immunologist studying the impact of lifestyle on the immune system, Dr Jenna Macciochi is the expert to know. Her second book – Your Blueprint for Strong Immunity – will fast become your go-to for healthier living. Packed with science-backed advice on what to do if you fall ill, how to recover from infection, immune-supporting recipes and advice for living with chronic illness, it’s a must-read. In the meantime, follow Jenna on Instagram for immune-boosting hacks. 

Visit & follow @Dr_Jenna_Macchiochi

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