What’s In My Gym Bag: Laura Dodd
What’s In My Gym Bag: Laura Dodd

What’s In My Gym Bag: Laura Dodd

While working as a model, Laura Dodd discovered the benefits of yoga went far beyond the physical. Since then, she’s launched her own online studio – the Yoga Class – and hasn’t looked back. Here, we asked her to talk through the gym bag essentials she couldn’t be without today…
By Tor West
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When it comes to yoga, soft fabrics are essential. Unlike running and high-intensity workouts, there’s less of a need for sweat-wicking, compression leggings. I always opt for sustainable and consciously created brands – my go-to is Girlfriend Collective. The Ultralight Leggings are so soft and comfortable. Plus, they’re made from recycled materials – around 25 recycled water bottles are used in every pair. Its Cabana Luxe Leggings offer a little more compression and have a flattering high-rise waist. For something more colourful, Australian brand Nagnata is a recent discovery.

For stylish pieces, you can’t go wrong with Ernest Leoty. Founded by a yoga teacher and former classical ballet dancer, its pieces are stylish, practical and flattering. The bodysuits are gorgeous, and I love the Jade Tank Top – it looks great outside of the gym, too.

The best workout socks should always go unnoticed. If you are aware of them, it usually means something is wrong – perhaps they are bunching, rubbing or not providing enough support. Yoga should always be done barefoot, but when I go for a walk or jog, I like Pantherella’s Sprint Socks. Made from quality Egyptian cotton, they have built-in arch support and a cushioned sole to absorb impact. I love the classic retro style, too.

A CUSHIONED MAT that will protect your joints and has good grip IS A MUST.

Veja is a great brand for performance-led trainers. The Condor is made for running, while the recently released Impala is great for studio workouts.

I love all types of mat-based workouts. On the Yoga Class app, we also offer floor barre and Pilates, which are a great way to mix up your routine and build strength. A cushioned mat that will protect your joints and has good grip is a must – for me, it has to be a Yogi Bare Paws mat. It’s slightly longer and wider than your average yoga mat, giving you more room to move and play around. There’s also a travel version, which is supportive, foldable and machine washable. 

A small Pilates ball is a really versatile piece of kit. I always take one with me when I travel – it adds interest and challenge to your movements and can be used for stretching too – especially the upper body. Isla’s resistance bands also get my vote – they’re made with latex and fabric to provide 400% more glute activation. I also like to use the brand’s long resistance bands for a full-body workout.

An aromatherapy mist helps to set the mood. Many of us are still choosing to exercise at home, and it’s the small details that can transform your workout space. I’m currently obsessed with Essence & Alchemy’s Arcana mist – it’s a blend of seven natural essential oils and botanicals including soothing lavender, chamomile and lemongrass, a combination that’s proven to calm the mind and lift the mood. I spritz this generously into the air before starting a class. 

Hydration is essential for a clear mind. Even if your yoga session wasn’t particularly sweaty, always make sure you drink plenty before and afterwards. I am never without my Fable Yoga water bottle, especially when I’m out and about. Thanks to the insulated stainless steel wall, it keeps drinks cold for 12 hours. During the summer or after an intense workout, I’ll add a few drops of The Beauty Chef’s Hydration Inner Beauty Boost to my water. It contains aloe and coconut water to hydrate, as well as probiotics to nourish the gut.

I do what feels good for my body – working with strength and mobility mat sessions like YOGA, PiILATES OR BARRE TO KEEP ME STRONG.

A collagen smoothie is the ultimate on-the-go snack. Bulk’s Collagen Powder contains two types of collagen, as well as vitamin C. I blend a scoop with a handful of almonds and plant milk for a dose of protein and healthy fats. I also recently invested in a Hurom cold press juicer. It makes upping your fruit and vegetable intake a breeze.

I don’t believe in using technology to track my workouts. My days are full on, especially with a nine-year-old son, and exercise is my time to switch off. For me, it’s more about taking what I can, as opposed to obsessively tracking things. I do what feels good for my body – working with strength and mobility mat sessions like yoga, Pilates or barre to keep me strong and supple. The only exception is my Theragun – it works wonders to relieve tight and sore muscles. 

A Peloton bike was my biggest fitness splurge. I use it a couple of times a week when I want something higher intensity. Ally Love is my go-to trainer – she radiates energy and her playlists are the ultimate mood booster.

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