The Zero-Sweat Workout That Takes Just 9 Minutes

The Zero-Sweat Workout That Takes Just 9 Minutes

The words ‘exercise bike’ tend to conjure images of an intense, sweaty, high-octane spinning class in a windowless studio. Not anymore. There’s a new workout in town and it requires no kit, no shower afterwards and takes under 10 minutes to complete.

How It Works

The bike in question is called CAR.O.L, which stands for Cardiovascular Optimization Logic. In simpler terms, it’s an AI-powered stationary bike that won’t leave you sweating. Like other HIIT exercises, the bike works by pushing your body to its maximum intensity – into what is also known as ‘fight or flight’ mode. Your body needs huge amounts of energy to cope, so it begins to burn large amounts of glycogen, or long-chain carbohydrates. Unlike in other classes, getting to this state takes just one second during a 20-second sprints. As thigh muscles lose their fuel or glycogen so fast, the body panics and uses insulin to drive sugar from elsewhere in your body as fuel to burn. The more sensitive your muscles become to insulin, the better they become at burning fat.

What To Expect

The good news is you’ll only actually do 40 seconds of hard work, all in. The ride begins with a guided three-minute warm-up, which is actually quite relaxing. Next up you’ll do a 20-second sprint, which is your first big burst of power. A three-minute recovery is followed by one more 20-second sprint, before a three-minute cool down to finish. Blink and you’ll miss it.

Will My Fitness Improve Too?

When the body burns glycogen, it produces a high concentration of the molecule PGC1a – stick with us! Once enough of this molecule builds up in muscles, your body is told to prepare for future bursts of HIIT by producing more mitochondria, which is what improves both your energy-production and fat-burning capabilities.

Where Does AI Come Into It?

Remember the bit where we said you reach your body’s maximum intensity within your first second of sprinting? That’s down to the bike’s AI algorithms, which uses your data to personalise your resistance – so you hit that intensity level every time, as fast as possible. 

Who Should Try It?

For many people, finding an hour or more before or after work for a spin class is near impossible. CAR.O.L allows riders to slot a quick workout into their day whenever they have ten minutes to spare. 

Does It Work?

Yes. It’s good, but it’s not a miracle worker: a one-off ride might not be quite enough to see results. CAR.O.L’s eight-week programme has, however, been clinically proven to give maximum health benefits in the minimum time by the American Council on Exercise. Impressive.

Prices start at £24 for Intense and Energiser rides, rising to £55 for fitness test measurement rides. Exclusively available at The Beauty and Wellness Space, Harvey Nichols.

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