Are You Up To Speed With The Sex Trends Setting Bedrooms Alight?

Are You Up To Speed With The Sex Trends Setting Bedrooms Alight?

People are forever trying to spice things up between the sheets, but these flirtatious fashions really up the ante. So let your freak flag fly with sex toys shaped like your partner’s privates and this year’s hottest accessory, the sex snorkel…

With Public Health England reporting earlier this year that women aged 25 to 34 were the least satisfied in bed, and 49% complaining they lacked sexual enjoyment, it’s no wonder new research conducted by global dating app Juamo shows the emergence of some rather spicy sex trends this year. Here are the most popular searches this year – brace yourself because some of these will leave you breathless…

1. Vagina Fitness Trackers

Increasingly in this health-conscious age, people treat their bodies like a temple so the last few years has seen a surge in popularity of health trackers and Fitbits. A natural progression from this is there’s now a tracker for your nethers. The device has special ‘love balls’ attached designed to help strengthen the muscles in your pelvic floor. Simply insert the balls inside your vagina with the aim of moving them solely with the pelvic floor muscles. You can even track your progress with the corresponding app. The result? A stronger pelvic floor and enhanced sexual performance.

2. Gender-Neutral Sex Toys

With the rise of the gender-neutral movement, it was only a matter of time before sex toys got on board. Sex toy brands are keeping up to speed and combining sex toys, rolling them into one mega sex toy, so everyone can join the fun. While this innovation injects some extra excitement into the bedroom, it also indicates a more open, accepting attitude towards sex in general. And what could be more seductive than that?

3. A DIY Sex Toy Of Your Partner’s Privates

Who said romance is dead? For those couples in long-distance relationships, people are making sex toys modelled on their partner’s penis. How exactly? Good question: you can buy DIY dildo kits for the home - the most cost-effective method - or invest in an actual 3D printer to provide the perfect replica of your partner’s penis. Juamo’s study has proved this to be a trending weekend activity for couples all over the globe.

4. Sex Snorkels

This summer was a scorcher so the thought of getting even sweatier between the sheets was not tempting to many Brits. So it unsurprising there’s been a surge in having sex in water. And what accessory more necessary for this than a snorkel, specifically designed to help you give your partner oral pleasure under the waves? Yes, strangely this sex snorkel has seen a spike in sales, making it the sex aid of the summer.

5. The Brazilian Is Out – The Prosecco Is In

Yes, you read it correctly– women are shunning that classic wax for a more, err, bespoke look. Professional waxers reported clients taking things up a notch this year and getting their favourite tipple etched into their pubic region. Popular designs included the champagne flute and cocktail glass. Alternatives included the beer or pint glass.

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