Can CBD Improve Your Sex Life?

Can CBD Improve Your Sex Life?

In the wellness world, CBD suddenly seems to be just as ubiquitous as green juice. As we tap into its healing properties to decrease inflammation, pain and anxiety, this buzzed-about plant extract could be the secret to enhanced intimacy, too. Here’s why CBD could be worth a try in the bedroom…

It Supercharges Blood Flow

As the non-psychoactive ingredient in cannabis, CBD can help to enhance intimacy on a number of levels. As a natural vasodilator, CBD promotes blood flow, which in turn leads to heightened sensation. As Marisa Schwab, co-founder of The Chillery explains, “CBD supercharges blood flow, especially when applied directly to an area of the body, such as erectile tissue. As a natural anti-inflammatory, it also relaxes muscle tissue and therefore enables greater arousal. CBD achieves its miraculous effect by interacting with your body’s endocannabinoid system, and when it’s applied topically – with a lube, for example – it activates the local receptors in that system much faster.”

It Boosts Libido

Burning the candle at both ends? If your stress levels are soaring, CBD can help to rebalance flagging energy levels and improve libido. As Kim Smith, founder of KLORIS CBD explains, “The brain has two connected systems that regulate sexual desire: the sexual inhibition system (SIS) and the sexual excitation system (SES). These systems interact with each other and are responsible for generating desire and feelings of intimacy or shutting down your libido. They work as a counterbalance, and so when one is offset, the other takes over. But, when you pile stress into the equation, things get complicated. As the SIS inhibits desire, stress and anxiety can make it even more difficult for the SES to take over. CBD can help to reduce tension and regulate breathing and heart rate patterns, in turn boosting your sex drive.” 

It Helps With Pain

“There are so many potential discomforts associated with sex: not just anxiety over how we look, but physiological problems such as lack of sensitivity and physical pain from conditions such as PCOS or endometriosis,” says Schwab. “A recent study shows around one in 13 women experience pain during sex, so it’s no wonder 80% of us admit to faking an orgasm.” Her top tip? Use a CBD lube, which can help to promote local muscular relaxation and, as with any kind of lube, reduces friction for increased pleasure. Just be wary of adding CBD drops to your existing lube as oil can damage latex if you are using a condom. Instead, try Foria’s Intimacy Lubricant.

It Reduces Anxiety

The mind-calming powers of CBD are well documented and this translates into the bedroom too. “As well as helping to boost physical sensation, CBD can also help you to relax, connect with your partner and enjoy a sexual experience without feeling anxious,” says Schwab. If you do suffer from anxiety or feel apprehensive about sex, CBD can help. Schwab recommends lighting a cannabis-infused candle to create the right lighting, scent and ambience. A few drops of CBD oil can also help to calm the mind, while a CBD-concentrated massage oil is a great way to get both of you involved. The bottom line? “If you are interested in incorporating CBD into your sex life, approach it in the same way you’d approach all things CBD: think about what problem you want to address and take it from there. If sex makes you anxious, you’ll want to use CBD in a different way to if you’re trying to reduce pain during sex. Just relax and enjoy it – CBD really can help set the whole scene.”

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