Should You Hire A Matchmaker?

Should You Hire A Matchmaker?

If you’re single and looking, you’ll likely know the downfalls of online dating all-too-well… Even if you’ve never swiped through the apps yourself, there are enough horror stories to put even the bravest among us off. But a decidedly old fashioned, and far more personal, approach to finding love is becoming more and more popular – meet the UK’s top matchmakers, who say they can set anyone up with their soulmate…

You may have spotted Lara Asprey on the SheerLuxe Show this week, but if you missed it, here’s an introduction. The west London-based matchmaker is one of the most elite connectors in the dating world of dating, and the Founder of Asprey’s Introductions – an exclusive agency for aristocracy and the international jet-set (previously known as The Sloane Arranger due to its initial selection of eligible ‘sloaney’ bachelors and bachelorettes). Today, her venture has expanded across the globe, and incorporates relationship coaching, personal styling and photography, and even has its own TV series – The Ultimate Matchmaker (which airs every Wednesday at 10pm on UKTV) – giving people a glimpse into her glitzy offices the world of her well-heeled clientele of billionaires, CEOs, supermodels and actors.

At £15,000 for six months’ membership – which includes unlimited matches and your own dedicated matchmaker –her service doesn’t come cheap. But it’s not only the rich and famous Asprey thinks can benefit from matchmaking services, in fact she believes it’s the secret to anyone finding long-lasting love in today’s modern age (scroll down to see our pick of the UK’s top matchmaking services, starting from £50 per month).

While it may seem easier to stick to online dating, Asprey says that if it’s not working for you, joining an introduction agency could help you take a fresh approach to meeting The One. Here are five reasons why she reckons you’ll find much more success this way:

1. Peace Of Mind: We personally meet all of our members and can vouch that they are who they say they are (we even require proof of identification so rest assured there won't be any unexpected surprises). Make sure the agency you choose screens members and will only match you to people you've agreed to meet by seeing a photograph of them beforehand.

2. Commonality: We believe success comes from matching members with similar interests, education and backgrounds and Asprey's Introductions prides itself on its ability to do that by only matching the super charming, attractive and eligible. A good matchmaker will have knowledge to understand what makes two people compatible and the intuition to see which common values are going to be key to form long-term and lasting relationships. 

3. Personal Service: In order to offer a personal service, agencies have to really get to know all their members. That's why meeting clients face-to-face before the matchmaking process is so important to us – this way we can really find out who you are and what you're looking for. To find you a match, we then hold in-person screening sessions, spending time interviewing prospective partners on your behalf.

4. Flexibility: Meeting quality people can be difficult, especially for those with packed schedules. Go for an agency with flexible membership – we offer packages that suit our clients and their busy lifestyles, meaning they can go away on holiday or work for a few weeks or months, and come back and we'll be ready to pick things up right away.

5. Dedication: Above all else, we truly care about our members and will go to all lengths to see that they have a successful memberships, whether that means walking down the aisle or moving in. Choose an agency with a high success rate (they'll often publish this on their website) – ours is exceptional and 80% of members go on to form meaningful, long-term relationships. 


More of SL’s favourite matchmakers…

Social Concierge

A private dating events club for 20- and 30-something Londoners (and New Yorkers, if you're the other side of the pond). Every eligible single on their books is vetted by their in-house team, overseen by Founder Nana Wereko-Brobby, and each one must have something 'charming' about them – whether it's brains, looks or wit. Get accepted and you'll be invited along to Social Concierge's exclusive cocktail parties, where you can mingle with fellow members.


Vida Consultancy

Designed to help people find their life partners, Vida Consultancy specialises in personal introductions and matches people passed on not only physical compatibility, but life goals and deepest-held values. Sign up and over a period of six to 18 months, your personally-assigned matchmaker will set you up with a selection of dates. They’ll also be your confidante and friend throughout the whole process as they hone in on people who you’re best suited to.


Mutual Attraction

Founded by matchmaker Caroline Brealey – after she found herself single and fed up with online dating – Mutual Attraction sets people up with potential soulmates. Describing themselves as “the dating agency for people who don’t use dating agencies”, they favour discreet dates over dating parties. They’ve won a number of awards and now have a team of six matchmakers who work alongside Brealey (and say they love attending clients’ weddings).


Drawing Down The Moon

With over 30 years’ experience finding soul-mates for “high calibre, thinking people”, Drawing Down The Moon Founder Gillian McCallum is so adept at matchmaking, 75% of her business’ new clients join because she’s already successfully matched their friends and relatives. Alongside four matchmakers and two dating coaches, McCallum ensures clients are not only set up with potential soulmates, but given dating tips and styling advice throughout the process.


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