What You Need To Know For Enhanced Self-Pleasure
What You Need To Know For Enhanced Self-Pleasure

What You Need To Know For Enhanced Self-Pleasure

From lower levels of anxiety to better sleep quality and heightened sexual pleasure, the benefits of masturbation are endless. If you’re new to it, the experts at Womanizer say using a toy is a must for a more intense orgasm. From getting started to the sex toys to try, here’s what they want you to know…

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An Orgasm Releases Endorphins

Masturbation releases a cocktail of feel-good chemicals, such as dopamine and oxytocin. It’s a mood booster, stress reducer and sleep inducer. “Masturbation is a brilliant tool for physical and mental health,” say the team at Womanizer, one of the country’s leading self-pleasure brands. “An orgasm gets the heart rate up and releases endorphins in the same way that exercise does, boosting relaxation and improving sleep. It can be an almost meditative form of relaxation – getting into the zone and focusing on pleasure is a bold way of living in the moment.”

Using A Sex Toy Is A Great Place To Start

“You may be shy about using a sex toy, but be open to what they can provide,” the Womanizer team continue. “They can provide varied sensations that your hands can’t mimic and are often more powerful. A vibrator can also maintain a solid rhythm and intensity – you can even try adding a penetrative toy during masturbation for a blended, G-spot orgasm.”

It Can Help With Period Pain

According to research carried out by Womanizer, regular masturbation is effective at reducing many symptoms associated with period pain – cramps, mental restlessness, breast and back pain, and bloating. “The study showed that masturbation had an almost immediate effect on the intensity of period pains and there was a continuous decrease in the course of the testing months,” the experts continue. “Even after the participants returned to their usual remedies months later, the pain relief associated with masturbation was still noticeable.” Womanizer’s Pleasure Air products are the perfect time-of-the-month solution. The stimulation head encircles the clitoris and pulses of air gently tease without overstimulating sensitive areas. “It’s the ultimate mood booster and period pain relief alternative,” say the team.

There’s Something For Everyone

“There are different toys for different sensations,” they continue. “A toy that focuses on suction, like the Womanizer Classic, is great for clitoral stimulation, while others are designed to send deep vibrations throughout the vulva. G-spot stimulation toys are also great to add into the mix. Remember that everyone feels a bit silly trying something new – whatever it may be – but having the courage to try can be a good feeling in itself. Take some time where you won’t be disturbed – your pleasure is worth taking time over.”

Classic, £89

This discreet toy offers eight levels of intensity and up to three hours of play. The slim design fits comfortably in the palm of your hand – perfect for first-time sex toy users.

Premium, £139

When switched on, this toy takes the lead. The 12 intensity levels vary at random, so no two experiences are ever the same.

Premium 2, £169

The options are endless with this toy – 14 intensity levels offer the right setting for every mood, and clever silent technology means the vibrations only start once in contact with your skin.

Starlet Special, £35

Lightweight and compact, this affordable sex toy is ideal for those looking to dip their toe in.

Golden Moments, £279

The ideal combination sex toy for adventurous couples, this set contains Womanizer’s bestselling Premium and Chorus, which stimulates both of you simultaneously.  

InsideOut, £99

Delivering a blended orgasm by targeting both the clitoris and G-spot, this toy delivers gentle air pressure externally and deep, rumbly vibrations internally.

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