11 Health & Fitness Podcasts To Keep You On Track This Year

11 Health & Fitness Podcasts To Keep You On Track This Year

Bored of your gym playlist or feeling completely unmotivated? A podcast could be the fitness pep talk you’re looking for. Whether you just want to top up on healthy tips or unleash your inner yogi, we guarantee there’s a podcast out there to suit your needs…

Ben Coomber Radio 

Ben Coomber went from being an overweight, IBS sufferer to a top nutritionist, fitness coach, speaker and writer. So it’s safe to say he knows a thing or two about getting into a healthy mindset and maintaining your motivation. His podcast delivers a no BS approach, which eliminates the everyday fitness waffle, and instead focuses on facts, helpful tips and taking things back-to-basics. 

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Strength & Flex 

The NHS’ cult Couch to 5K series was a huge success, so it was only a matter of time before they launched a follow up. Strength & Flex has been created for people wanting to get fit, but who feel intimidated by the gym. The guided sessions aim to get you stronger and more flexible in just five weeks. By the end of the programme, expect to be doing press-ups, squats and stretches with ease. 

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The Food Medic

If you’re after a podcast that cuts through the healthy eating noise, tune in to doctor, personal trainer and author Hazel Wallace as she explains how to fuel your body and reset your system. You’ll find interviews with sports nutritionists, dieticians and gut specialists, all of whom are ready to teach you how to rethink your diet. 

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Get-Fit Guy

Covering nearly every fitness topic out there, health expert Brock Armstrong breaks down all your different goals into manageable, easy steps - whether it be preparing for a full triathlon or just running your first 5k. Other episodes look into more niche subjects, such as improving your workout posture and the benefits of barefoot running. 

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20-Minute Fitness

This one brings you all the need-to-know advice on weight loss in bite-size form, allowing those with a short commute or less than half an hour to spare the chance to tune in. Explore topics such as how sleep affects your fitness mojo, improving your mental resilience and different nutrition hacks for vegans. There’s even a host of different exercise ideas to give you a leaner figure.  

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Nike Trained 

Only 6% of women describe themselves as body confident, which is why Nike has set out to change the depressing statistic. Dedicated to all aspects of fitness and training, the podcast includes everything from conversations with athletes and fitness pros, to trainers explaining how to best set goals suited your individual needs. Ideal for anyone who needs a push in the right direction.  

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Power Hour 

Fitness blogger Adrienne Herbert launched her podcast last year on the premise that waking up one hour earlier could help you get more out of your day. Adrienne describes it as a ‘power hour’ – use it to exercise, read or get some of that life admin done. Expect some high profile guests, too, including athletes, coaches and activists - all of whom are on hand to share their healthy lifestyle rules. Time to set the alarm.

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Marathon Training Academy 

Coach Angie Spencer is on hand to share what she’s learnt from her own experience as a runner, and a nurse. Get ready to feel more positive and go the extra mile each time you train. You’ll also pick up some easy-to-adopt tips, including how to cure heel pain and ways to adjust your training as you age. Trust us when we say this podcast will push you to be the very best you can.

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Yoga Download 

Whether you’re a pro or a total beginner, this podcast aims to make the benefits of yoga accessible to everyone. The 20-minute sessions not only help you relax, the instructors provide different options for all levels of ability. Squeeze in a variety of poses (you can always reference the printable PDF guides on their site) before work for a more mindful start to your day. 

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Fit & Fearless 

Hosted by personal trainers and fitness bloggers Tally Rye, Vicky Spence and Zanna van Dijk, this podcast focuses on the importance of movement. Forget impossible targets or extreme goals, the aim is simply to get moving and enjoy yourself at the same time. Expect everything from practical, easy exercises you can try at home, to fat-busting myths and wellness tricks straight from the experts.

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The Dumbells 

Combining comedy and fitness, The Dumbells is one guaranteed to get you laughing out loud. Above all, it teaches you how to perfect your weight lifting form, as well as providing you with more general tips on what to eat. The witty banter between the hosts (Eugene Cordero and Ryan Stanger are both comedians) is also bound to help you push through.

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