14 Make-Up Artists Share Their Best Beauty Tip Of All Time
14 Make-Up Artists Share Their Best Beauty Tip Of All Time

14 Make-Up Artists Share Their Best Beauty Tip Of All Time

From the importance of tightlining to why you should use highlighter first – plus, the easiest ways to prevent your mascara from smudging – we asked 15 make-up artists to share the beauty tips they think everyone should know.
By Rebecca Hull

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Use Highlighter First

Zara Findlay, Senior Pro Make-Up Artist At Bobbi Brown

“It’s now becoming more common, but I’ve always applied highlighter onto bare skin before foundation, bronzer or blusher. It gives the most natural, lit-from-within glow that’s almost ethereal. The highlight sits underneath make-up instead of on top of it, where it can slide around or look too OTT. It doesn’t matter what you use – either a powder, liquid or cream – but it works every time.” 

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Prevent Mascara Smudges

Tania Grier, Celebrity Make-Up Artist

“There are many reasons your mascara can run – from rain to humidity and even just watery eyes – but the solution lies in the application. Instead of weaving your mascara wand right into to root of the lash (where you feel like it’s almost touching your eyeball) start by applying it higher up the lash. Think of a ruler – if your lashes are 10mm long for example, leave the first 2mm mascara free and apply from 2mm up to the end of your lashes. This way the mascara won’t have a chance to get wet from your natural tears and the top lashes won’t touch the bottom lashes. Try to avoid applying on the bottom lashes too unless you’re going for a doll-like effect. This area is more prone to melt into concealer and eye cream. Also, think about the wand you’re using, a thick fibre wand is harder to control because the hairs go in all directions. Try a thinner more rigid wand. My favourite is the M·A·C Extended Play Gigablack.”

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Master Tightlining

Jennifer Oliver, Make-Up Artist

“The tightlining technique can make or break an eye look. It involves wiggling a black – or a colour of your choice – eyeliner in between your upper lashes to fill in any gaps  and make them look thicker and denser. In my opinion, everyone should try it, but especially those with a hooded eye shape. It enhances the width of your eyes, making them more defined with minimal skill required.”

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Don’t Neglect Your Neck

Zoë Taylor, Make-Up Artist & SL Beauty Contributor

“This is more of a general beauty tip, but I see so many people forgetting to extend their skincare routines all the way around their neck – not just the front. It’s a known fact that the skin begins to sag from behind the neck first, so it pays to apply your products here too. Don’t forget your chest either – always run your serums and SPF down this area as the skin here is so thin.” 

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Give Your Face A Workout

Sophie Tilley, Make-Up Artist 

“Ask any make-up artist and they will tell you they always spend time working on the skin and giving it a thorough massage before applying make-up. It’s easy to do yourself and makes such a difference. Work with your serums and creams, pushing the products in outwards and upwards motions, always away from the centre of your face, then down the neck to reduce puffiness. Press and circulate in areas like the temples, jaw and under the cheekbones and brows. You’ll see your skin looks fresher, rosier and smoother immediately. I always do this with the QMS Collagen Serum, Weleda Skin Food and Pai Rosehip Oil.” 

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Try Colour Correcting

Adeola Gboyega, Make-Up Artist & SL Beauty Contributor 

“It’s often a forgotten step, but colour correcting can make all the difference – especially if you do it before applying concealer. Peach colour correctors will smooth and correct brown, darker areas of skin, while purple shadows can help neutralise redness and blueness within the skin – like broken veins. Whichever you choose, they will give your entire complexion a fresher, healthier appearance. Colour correcting is one of the best ways to achieve a well-rested look.” 

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Perfect Your Mirror Placement

Jessica Kell, Make-Up Artist 

“If you struggle with eye make-up application, mirror placement is everything. I know many people find doing a great feline flick tricky, or they struggle with ensuring their kohl shadows don’t travel high onto the lids. We often think staring straight ahead into a mirror is the answer, but this won’t give you the space you need to see the right angles. Instead, place a mirror on a desk or table, tilt it up at yourself and look down into the mirror when you apply your make-up. This instantly gives you far more space to get your shaping right. Try it – you won’t look back.” 

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Hack Your Foundation

Cat Parnell, Make-Up Artist & Hair Stylist

“I am a big believer in tweaking a foundation you love, rather than constantly buying new ones, depending on the season. For instance, if you wear a matte foundation in the summer when you’re oilier, in winter, you can add in some hydrating drops – like a facial oil – and it will instantly make the formula smoother and sheerer in texture. You don’t need to always switch things out. Similarly, if you want to adjust the colour of your foundation after a holiday, do so with tanning drops or a liquid bronzer. If you’re keen to try the oil hack, I recommend Decelor for this. Its oils are so lightweight and never interfere with the finish of your foundation.” 

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Define Brows With A Little Concealer

Alex Reader, Make-Up Artist

“If you want brows that look naturally fluffy but still defined, I recommend using a little concealer to brighten and lift the arch. Start by brushing through a brow gel – my go-to is Soap Brows by West Barn Co – up and outwards, then leave the hairs to dry and set. Next, using a very thin angled or concealer brush, apply a little concealer and lightly run it underneath your brow line then buff it out. When I say a little, I mean it. You only need the tiniest amount to avoid it looking harsh. Concealer is great for removing any ashiness around the brows too, or redness. Just go lightly with the application.” 

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Always Start With Eye Make-Up

Frankie Neal, Make-Up Artist

“This is a basic tip, but people often do their entire base before any eye make-up. Ideally, you would do the latter first. This allows time for your moisturiser to absorb and creates a clean finish underneath the eyes, giving you time to remove any product fallout from eyeshadows or mascara before applying your base make-up. Though the latter can also act as a great eraser for any eye make-up mishaps. It’s a sequence worth following – trust me, it’ll save you time and ensure you get a more polished look.” 

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Adapt Your Lipsticks

Lisa Potter-Dixon, Make-Up Artist & Beauty Author

“So many of us save red lipstick for special occasions, or just for Christmas, but these brighter, warmer tones can be easily adapted for year-round wear. Re-use them by pressing them into the lip – or using a fluffy concealer brush – as opposed to swiping them on. Applying the colours this way will give you a tinted, bitten look that’s softer and more romantic-looking. You can add balm or gloss on top if you want a plumper, more hydrated finish.”

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Enhance Your Lash Curlers

Levi-Jade Taylor, Make-Up Artist

“My tip is to try heating your lash curlers up before using them – though of course do so with caution. Lashes should also be mascara-free. Put your hairdryer on a low heat setting and gently blast your tool with some warmth. The curler should be tepid, not too hot. When you’re ready, apply your lash curler right to the base of the lashes, squeeze and curve the curler upwards, holding it there for a few seconds. This acts just like a hair curler and maintains that lift all day – you’ll find mascara applies nicely afterwards, too.” 

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Layer Up Lightly

Ruby Hammer MBE, Make-Up Artist

“We all want radiant, luminous-looking skin and creating that comes down to layering your products correctly. The problem with layering on too much of anything is it can cause pilling – which is when make-up rolls off into little balls. To avoid this, be aware of which products you are using and in what sequence. Allow adequate time for products to sink in before you apply your next layer. Everything should go on in a very thin layer – never go too thick. Products containing silicones and oils shouldn’t be combined either, as they work against one another, causing everything to roll and slide.” 

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Focus On Concealer, Less Foundation

Ashley Dayes, Make-Up Artist

“Knowing how to apply your concealer correctly often means you don’t need as much foundation. Focus on applying your formula under the eyes and to spot conceal any areas of uneven tone. It’s far more youthful and fresh-looking to have a smattering of coverage over a big layer of foundation. Too much of the latter can cause dullness. Take a step back, look at your face – I mean really look at it – and focus your concealer only on the areas that need covering the most. Often, it’s around the eyes, nose and chin. Apply your formula gradually with your fingers or a brush and really buff it in for a seamless finish.” 

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