Flattering Make-Up For Every Eye Colour
Flattering Make-Up For Every Eye Colour

Flattering Make-Up For Every Eye Colour

You’d be surprised to what degree the make-up you should be wearing is determined by your eye colour. Be they green, blue or brown, we asked three make-up artists to advise on the best shades, textures and products for every one.
By Rebecca Hull

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“Blue eyes look best with warm brown shadows and a slick of black liner. Because they’re light in tone, anything neutral works – as long as you keep some black in there. Be it in your liner or mascara, the two shades together will enhance and define your eyes. Opt for taupes and browns with orange undertones like coral, champagne and gold. Even a thin layer will build the intensity.” – Zoe Taylor

“Orange is such a great option for blue eyes – it sounds full on, but there are so many options worth exploring. If you’re confident with colour, try a matte, orange shadow and finish with some black liner. If subtlety is more your thing, use copper and peach – or combine the two – and make the most of their orange undertones. While I recommend a warm, orange-toned brown as a liner or an all-over base, a shimmering peach is my go-to choice for make-up novices – it will lift your entire look while instantly brightening up blue eyes.” – Jessica Kell


“Emerald and gold tones bring out the green in hazel eyes, while warm, copper browns enhance their richness. These shades highlights the eye’s lighter flecks, as do lilac and purple if you’re wanting to play with more colour. Another trick is to use shimmering or metallic formulas to enhance the upper and lower lash line, and the inner corners of the eyes – it instantly creates the look of wider, brighter eyes. It’s also worth remembering that eyes are rarely just one colour – hazel eyes often have blue or grey flecks in them, so try to choose shades that work for these colours, too.” – Sofia Schwarzkopf-Tilbury 

“Hazel eyes are always beautiful to work with, but they tend to have a unique blend of blues, greens and browns, so you want to find colours that not only complement these tones, but also contrast against them. I like to use deep coppers to really enhance hazel eyes. Burnt oranges and warm browns also look beautiful, as does a smokey, deep brown eyeliner both on the lid and in the waterline.” – Jessica 


“Because brown is a neutral, most products will complement this eye colour. One shade that really works well is orange – while it sounds daunting, it picks out the darker flecks in your eyes, plus you don’t have to wear it all over – just a hint of liquid liner will be enough to make an impact. If orange is too much, bronze-gold metallics are a failsafe option, and a smudge of blue liner always contrasts beautifully. It’s a softer juxtaposition to black mascara, too.” – Zoe


“Green eyes are complemented by so many colours, it means there are multiple options to play around with. Purples, coppers, golds and even forest greens are all good options. I also recommend layering rose golds and deep pinks with some gold shimmer. These colours contrast against the greens and the gold to make the eye the focus of your look. Burgundy eyeliner is beautiful against green eyes as well. Line the lids with one, creating a strong flick and then blend the outer edges with a warm, red-tone brown eyeshadow.” – Jessica 

“Though pretty, dark shades can sometimes make you look a bit tired. To counteract the effect, pop in some eye drops before you do your make-up – this will brighten the whites of the eyes and keep any unwanted darkness or shadows at bay. Green eyes shouldn’t be afraid of a flash of red either – after all, this complements green on the colour wheel, so reddish, rusty hues will work well. If matte textures are too much, try the shades in a more washed-out, cream version, buffed into the lids with minimal mascara.” – Zoe


“If you have grey eyes, you can play them up using the ‘colour harmony technique’ – that means choosing colours close to your natural eye shade for a more seductive look. Enhance their frostiness with silvers, minks or ice blues. Cool tones like this may not work as well on deep and olive skin tones, but there is always a way to adapt the look – even if that’s taking darker shades and blending them out for a softer finish so it doesn’t look too harsh. If you have hooded eyes (like me) but want to play with these shades, the key is to widen and elongate the look of your eye. Do this by blending shimmery shades all the way up to the brow bone, before focusing on matte shadows to create a contour effect, lifting the eye shape in the outer corners by blending upwards into a V-shape.” – Sofia

“I love to use smokey, silver shades on grey eyes, then blend them through with sooty, black eyeliners. Mix your silver tones with either a pink shimmer or blend them with a hint of blue on the lids for maximum impact. If you don’t love a steely silver, try an eyeshadow that’s silver in tone, but balance it with pewter or gold shimmer to make it warmer.” – Jessica

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