16 Beauty Swaps To Make For Summer

Just as you swap your knitwear for your beachwear, the same seasonal change should apply to your make-up bag too. A few savvy beauty changes will make your look brighter, lighter and avoid melting makeup disasters in the summer heat. Here are 16 products to get you on your way…

Stash Away: Lip Gloss
Swap For: Tinted Lip Balms

Shiny glosses reflect sunlight and increase your risk of a lip burn. Instead, choose a waxy balm with a hint of colour, like By Terry’s Baume De Rose-Tinted Lip Care. It gives lips subtle colour with a pretty sheen that looks healthy and fresh and lends a glossy sheen to lids, too.

Avaliable at Net-a-Porter.com

Stash Away: Creamy Face Washes
Swap For: A Foaming Cleanser

Foaming cleansers are better at removing sweat, oil and stubborn waterproof products than thick, heavy-duty balms. Invest in one like Erborian’s Double Mousse Gentle Cleansing Foam which harnesses the exfoliating powers of AHA to thoroughly cleanse without over-drying, thanks to the Korean herbs that calm and soothe sun-drenched skin. You’ll find that you only need one soaked cotton pad to dissolve your make-up and deposit moisture, too. 

Avalaiable at SpaceNK.com

Stash Away: Matte Bronzers & Blushers
Swap For: Creams & Stains

Make-up artists all agree that come summer, creamy textures are what really go the distance on the skin. Hot weather is not kind to powders, it causes them to crease, flake, dry and dull, which all have an effect on the skin’s radiance. Instead, go for textures that sink into the skin and provide a radiant sheen whenever the light hits the face. Charlotte Tilbury’s infamous Beach Stick is great for on-the-go touch-ups and gives a believable sun-kissed colour straight away, while Lumene’s Watercolor Blush stays put for hours on end, providing cheeks with a youthful flush that’s pretty and fresh.

Charlotte Tilbury Bronze Stick avaliable at Net-a-Porter.com
Lumene's Watercolour Blush avaliable at LookFantastic.com

Stash Away: Face Powder
Swap For: Blotting Papers

While tempting to load on the powder to counteract signs of grease and oil, it’ll only end up looking cakey and often, ageing. Instead, look to DHC’s clever Blotting Papers as a quick-fix during the summer. They lift off any unwanted oil without adding any extra product on top. 

Avaliable at DHC.co.uk

Stash Away: Heavy-Duty Primers
Swap For: Setting Spray With SPF

Setting sprays were once thought of as an unnecessary step – not anymore. Brands are now delivering do-it-all mists that set, prime and deliver a dose of SPF, so stash away your favourite primer, it’s no longer needed. We can’t get enough of Kate Somerville’s UcompliKated SPF 50 Setting Spray for the glossy finish it leaves behind and the serious staying power it gives make-up. If you’re wanting one that nourishes skin at the same time, look to COOLA’s Make-Up Setting Spray. Loaded with green tea and aloe, the featherweight formula fixes your make-up while providing invisible, broad spectrum UV protection. Clever indeed. 

Coola Makeup Setting Spray avaliable at SpaceNK.com
Kate Somerville's UncompliKated SPF 50 avaliable at SpaceNK.com

Stash Away: Sticky Hairspray
Swap For: Salty Beach Spray

While hairspray will never be redundant, come summer, a salty beach spray makes for an impressive alternative. Not only does it lend an unbeatable cool-girl texture to strands, salt sprays give hold to waves and any heat-styled looks without any crispy texture. Our go-to’s are IGK’s Beach Club Spray, Oribe’s Beach Wave & Shine Spray and finally, Ouai’s Wave Spray. Each one feels completely weightless and lock in hair’s natural moisture to keep the sun from drying out strands. 

IGK Beach Club Spray avaliable at SpaceNK.com
Oribe's Beach Wave & Shine Spray avaliable at SpaceNK.com 
Ouai Wave Spray avaliable at LookFantastic.com

Stash Away: Thick Body Creams
Swap For: Shimmer Oils

Sticky, dry skin is a given in warm weather and while it’s sometimes easier to go with it, there are a few skincare swaps you can try to feel and look fresher. Store your thick body creams and balms and use a shimmery oil, instead to get hydration and glow in one-go. Try Frank’s Magic Shimmer Oil or Tropic’s Summer Goddess Body Oil for sculpted limbs that are softly luminated and nourished with coconut oil and vitamin E. Or, look to Pixi’s Glow Body Mist which uses Argan oil to rehydrate and can also spritzed on to smooth frizz, help seal split ends and refresh make-up, too – multi-purpose indeed. 

Frank's Magic Shimmer oil avaliable at SpaceNK.com
Tropic's Summer Goddess Body Oil avaliable at TropicSkincare.com
Pixi's Glow Body Mist avaliable at CultBeauty.co.uk

Stash Away: Eyeshadow Palettes
Swap For: Cream Tints

Soft, creamy eyeshadow is not only a better, low-maintenance option, it’s also quick and easy to do. Whether you quickly blend it onto your lids with your fingers or scribble it on as a crayon, both options add the depth and drama you’d expect from a powder shadow – just without the creasing and smudging. Another bonus with creams? They’re so pliable you don’t even necessarily need a mirror to put them on. Look to Jilian Dempsey Lid Tints, Kiko’s Colour Lasting Creamy Eyeshadow and Nudestix Eye Colour Pencils for a look that’s chic and effortless.

Jilian Dempsey Lid Tints Avaliable at JillianDempsy.com
Kiko Colour Lasting Creamy Eyeshadow avaliable at KikiCosmetics.com
Nudestix Eye Colour Pencils avaliable at CultBeauty.co.uk

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