30-Second Beauty Hacks Every Woman Should Know

If a long complicated beauty routine is something you don’t have time for, these hard-working products and clever tricks are all you need to look gorgeous – fast…

Try A Thickening Trick

Place some loose powder into fingers and pinch it into your lashes; it’s great for thickening them up. Then go in with your mascara for extra inky volume.

Play With Oils

For extra luminosity, try mixing your foundation with a few drops of facial oil. Not only does it look more natural, it’s your fastest route to glossy, sheer skin. If the result feels too greasy, blot off extra shine with a tissue.

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Line It Up

Apply a little eyeliner onto the clamping part of your lash curlers, that way, when you curl your lashes it’ll apply your eyeliner to the inner rims at the same time.

Keep Vaseline Handy

Celebrity make-up artist Karin Darnell taught us to use Vaseline to accentuate cheekbones and structure when time is at a premium. It also adds a hint of shine to your face and picks up the light exactly where you want it, creating a gorgeous, dewy finish. Plus, it only costs £1.55.

Always Curl Your Lashes

Charlotte Tilbury once compared lash curlers to a push-up bra for eyes, and it’s true. We like to heat them on the radiator or with a blast of air from our hairdryer for extra oomph. If you have really straight lashes, try following up with a waterproof mascara, it sets the curl firmly into place and takes all of two seconds.

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Throw On Some Lip Gloss

It sounds old-fashioned, but gloss makes nude lips look fresh and a red lip looks young and modern. And if you really want to amp it up, a little dabbed onto the eyes gives an effortless, cool-girl effect instantly.

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Prep Your Q Tips

Keep a pointed Q-tip close by that’s pre-soaked in moisturiser or serum, it’ll clean up any mistakes instantly and it works well to perfect lip-liners, erase any eye-shadow that has dropped, and is the secret to creating the perfect feline flick.

Experiment With New Textures

If you like eyeshadow but don’t have time for blending, try a silky eye primer a couple of shades darker than your lids instead. It will add definition but still look cool and natural as the texture doesn’t instantly say ‘make-up.’ Plus, they are speedy and seamless to apply when rushing out the door.

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Reuse Your Lipstick

A top trick we learnt backstage was to apply lipstick then pat the excess onto your cheeks. It lifts the complexion instantly and a great time-saver.

Double Up

There are very few body oils we’d recommend over a fragrance, but Herbivore’s Rose Quartz Illuminating Body Oil, moisturises, adds a flattering sheen to limbs and has a gorgeous, creamy, floral scent that lasts all day.

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Create An Easy Lived In Eye Look

As a one-off, for the ultimate ‘no-make-up make-up’ eyes, use a prodigious amount of black or brown kohl the night before, really working it in to the lashes, then wiping off the excess. It adds depth to the eyes for the next day but doesn’t look like you’re wearing any make-up.

Spray Your Brushes For Flawless Application

Try spritzing a primer water like Smashbox’s Photo Finish one onto your foundation brush pre-application. We guarantee it’ll help to set your base all day long.

Dry Shampoo Isn’t Just For Grease

Yes, it’s good for cutting through grease, but it’s also a great tool for so many reasons. Use it on freshly washed waves to add texture and volume, or spritz it into your ponytail, bun or braids for a fuller, thicker look. Always spray it throughout your lengths for weighty, gritty texture, while avoiding your scalp.

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