5 Cool Beauty Brands To Have On Your Radar
5 Cool Beauty Brands To Have On Your Radar

5 Cool Beauty Brands To Have On Your Radar

The beauty industry tends to be dominated by a few major players, but there are plenty of up-and-coming brands that deserve airtime too. Here are five smaller names worth knowing.
By Rebecca Hull

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Who’s Behind It: Founder, Babba C. Rivera

Influencer Babba C. Rivera is known for her glossy hair. Now she’s sharing her secrets with new brand Ceremonia. Inspired by her Latinx heritage, Babba set out to create a range that nourished hair and enhanced shine, but used only the best, natural ingredients. Babba also believes that if you deeply hydrate your hair, you won’t need to heat style it as much – thus cutting down on damage and dehydration. Whether you want to tackle tangles, improve scalp health or smooth frizz, this concise range ticks all the boxes. The shampoo and conditioner duo are great for everyday maintenance, while the Pequi Curl Activator is a great way to add bounce to your hair. 

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Who’s Behind It: Founder, Chiara Cascella

Espressoh’s innovative formulas are causing serious waves in the beauty world. More than just pretty packaging, the Italian brand uses caffeine as a central ingredient in all of its make-up products to energise, brighten and boost hydration. Fun and inclusive, the shade range is vast, while the textures are one of a kind. Take, for instance, the Blush by The Glass – a translucent gel that plumps skin and immediately turns pink when you tap it onto your cheeks. The foundation and concealers are just as good – with a sheer, weightless texture, both provide just enough coverage to leave behind a dewy glow. If you’re looking for new make-up that doesn’t earth, this is one to try.

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Gitti Nails

Who’s Behind It: Founder, Jennifer Baum Minkus

The nail category might still be playing catch up when it comes to vegan, all-natural formulas – but that’s where Berlin-based brand Gitti is different. Removing questionable ingredients – 19 in total – its nail colours use only plant-based ingredients and come with a low ecological footprint. Each water-based shade is rich and glossy – just be sure to layer them up a few times for maximum intensity. Designed to last for seven days, it takes a lot to chip them, while the thick, chunky brush gives great coverage in one sweep. The brand’s recently launched make-up and skincare, too – so watch this space

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Who’s Behind It: Founder, Dr Lola Rachel

The Nubyén range has been developed by a team of physicians – including founder Dr Lola Rachel herself. Using only the best and most potent ingredients, the products act like non-invasive topical alternatives to in-demand dermatology treatments. The already-cult serum firms and lifts the skin using niacinamide and amino acids, while the new highlighter contains exfoliating enzymes and fruit extracts to brighten and add glow. Everything has been carefully curated, and most of the products come with numerous benefits to streamline your routine. Look out for the new vegan three-in-one brush, which houses three different brush heads for flawless make-up application on the go. 

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The Seated Queen

Who’s Behind It: Founders Jospehine & Libby Banks

We all know applying your most active skincare at night is best. Why? Because higher cell turnover means your products will penetrate better. This is something co-founders Josephine and Libby have capitalises on with their brand The Seated Queen. Designed to supercharge nightly routines, the Cold Cream can be used as a heavy-duty cream, a cleansing balm and an overnight mask. Full of skin-plumping ingredients – think ceramides, probiotics and jojoba oil – no wonder it was an instant hit. Now, the brand has expanded with a serum, facial oil and cream, all designed to work best at night. They’re seriously good, but if you don’t believe us, read the hundreds of five-star ratings online – you’ll be hard pushed to find anyone who’s been disappointed.

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