9 Of The Best Stateside Beauty Brands To Have On Your Radar

9 Of The Best Stateside Beauty Brands To Have On Your Radar

These US-born beauty brands focus on natural products that seriously deliver. The result is beauty buys with stripped back formulas, ingredients that avoid flowery talk and overblown claims, plus modern packaging that is always stateside cool. Here, we break down nine of the best buzz brands to look out for from across the Atlantic – from natural skincare to luxe make-up, there’s something for everyone to try…

1. Beauty Bakerie

New to the market, this affordable brand offers an impressive variety of brushes with densely-packed, cruelty-free synthetic bristles. Whether you’re looking to contour, buff or conceal, they’ve got you covered, and all without breaking the bank. Plus, the pretty, sleek aesthetic of all their tools is a real bonus, too.  

Available at: Boots.co.uk  

2. Ilia Cosmetics

As well as sleek, recycled packaging, Ilia products are low in chemicals and high in bioactive ingredients – 85% of their ingredients are entirely organic and the products contain no sulphates, petrochemicals, silicones or parabens. We love their pigment-packed lipsticks and gentle foundation formulas which are suitable for sensitive and problem-prone skin types – they also double-up as hard-working skincare.  

Available at: SpaceNK.com  

3. January Labs 

This all-natural range was created by brand founder January Olds, who wanted to deliver a comprehensive edit of restorative, protective and sustainable skincare. Each product in the range has been designed to work together synergistically to re-establish and maintain skin’s pH balance and smoothness, while using lactic acid (a gentle exfoliant) in most products to rid dead skin cells for a healthy glow. The brand is now beloved by industry insiders, but also by A-listers – it has amassed a real, cult following over the years.  

Available at: CultBeauty.co.uk   

4. Jillian Dempsey  

As a make-up artist to some of Hollywood’s biggest celebs (think Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Winslet and Emilia Clarke), Jillian Dempsey launched her own brand recently so beauty junkies worldwide can benefit from her expertise. From creamy lid tints to sheer blushers and tools, her range is minimal, but effective nonetheless with no parabens, sulphates or other chemical nasties. Our personal favourite? The Lid Tint in Dew – not only does it work as a highlighter; it makes for a great glossy eye base and blends seamlessly with glitter for an effect that’s impactful but never too theatrical.  

Available at: ThisIsBeautyMart.com 

6. Kosas Beauty  

Newly launched in the UK, this slick brand was founded by LA artist, Sheena Yaitanes. Designed with a zero-waste philosophy, the whole collection aims to act like a capsule wardrobe, only giving you the necessary products you really need in your routine with nutrient-dense ingredients to nourish the skin simultaneously. From beautifully pigmented lipsticks to sheer, tinted face oils, we defy you not to fall in love with the silky formulas that leave you looking glossy and fresh with a weightless, breathable finish.  

Available at: CultBeauty.co.uk  

7. May Lindstrom 

Each and every product in this range is packed with sustainable, luxury ingredients which are sourced direct from Founder, May’s Californian apothecary kitchen. The idea was to create products specifically targeted to overly sensitive skin types using only local plant-based ingredients to soothe and nourish. Since it’s launch in 2012, the brand has grown rapidly thanks to its rich, fragrant formulas that encourage a ritual of self-love and care. A must try for anyone with overactive skin. 

Available at: SpaceNK.com 

8. Pinch Of Colour 

​Pioneering the ‘waterless beauty’ movement, Pinch of Colour was designed to conserve the world’s most natural resources by instead using botanicals and nourishing oils. Their compact lip oil is our favourite from the range. You can build it up as much as you want to intensify the colour and not worry about it piling or flaking like a liquid lipstick. As for the rest of the products in the range, expect non-toxic, hydrating formulas that blend seamlessly with self-adjusting pigments.  

Available at: CultBeauty.co.uk  

9. Rituel De Fille

For something a little fun and quirky, look to Rituel de Fille, a brand created by three sisters who wanted to empower with bold pigments and all-natural ingredients. While the punchy shades and shimmery textures aren’t for everyone, they’re surprisingly sheer and flattering, with pure seed oils giving their products a satin finish we can’t get enough of. Want to amp it up? You can layer their colours at will to make a real beauty statement, and you’ll be impressed by the longevity too – these products really go the distance and last for hours on the skin.  

Available at: CultBeauty.co.uk  

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