Adeola Shares Her 5 Golden Beauty Rules
Adeola Shares Her 5 Golden Beauty Rules

Adeola Shares Her 5 Golden Beauty Rules

Over the course of her career, Adeola’s picked up some invaluable skincare and make-up tips. Here, she shares the five essential pieces of beauty advice she thinks everyone should take on board.
By Adeola Gboyega

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Never skip SPF

It doesn’t matter if it’s summer or winter, it’s so important to protect your skin from the sun. You may not see the benefit now but, trust me, it will pay off in the long run. Not only will it prevent the signs of premature ageing – like fine lines and hyperpigmentation – it will also keeps your skin looking smooth and glowing for longer. The trick is to find a formula you actually enjoy using, as this will encourage you to apply it daily – so many people avoid using SPF because they don’t like how it looks or feels on their skin. But these days there are plenty of formulas out there that feel lightweight and easy to wear, like the new Byoma Moisturising Gel Cream. You can splash out on all the best skincare and fancy treatments you want, but if you’re not wearing sunscreen, you might as well pour that money down the drain.


Always double cleanse

After a long day, always give your skin a thorough cleanse. Most of us wear sunscreen and make-up, and we sweat throughout the day, too, so you need to get rid of any leftover product that could clog your pores and lead to breakouts. I always wash my face twice every night because once just isn’t enough – especially in London. First, go in with a heavy-duty cleanser to break down the dirt and oil. I like to use an oil-based cleanser or a balm cleanser like the Elemis Pro Collagen Cleansing Balm. Then, I follow up with a water-based cleanser to get down deep into the pores and remove any excess oil and impurities. Make sure you’re massaging the cleanser in for at least 60 seconds to give the product enough contact time on the skin – that way you’ll reap the full benefits. Afterwards, your skin should be left feeling balanced, clean and soft – not stripped.


Exfoliate for glowing skin

The key to glowing skin is regular exfoliation. I like to include it as a step in my skincare routine at least once or twice a week. In my experience, people either skip it completely or overuse exfoliators in their routine – they’re two extremes and rarely do you meet anyone who does it properly. Our skin naturally sheds dead skin cells every 30 days and as we get older, this process can slow down – causing our skin to look dry and dull. Good exfoliation is like having a regular workout routine; you’re training the skin to work at its optimum level and renew itself quickly. It’ll also mean your skin is able to harness the benefits of any other products you use, increasing efficacy and allowing make-up to go on more evenly. For best results, use formulas that aren’t abrasive – personally, I prefer chemical exfoliants to physical ones.


Clean your make-up brushes every week

When was the last time you gave your makeup brushes a proper clean? If it’s been more than a week, take this as your sign to give them an overhaul. Imagine if you didn’t wash your face and what effect that would have on your skin. Each day, your make-up brushes accumulate oils, dirt and bacteria that can cause you to break out. Plus, the dirtier they are, the more uneven your make-up will look. If you’re in a rush, use an antibacterial spray cleanser to refresh them now and again, then use a brush shampoo or cleanser like the By Joy Adenuga soap from my Flawless Face Edit once a week. Brushes should last you years if you look after them and regular cleaning will keep them in good condition. I usually deep clean them on a Sunday night while watching TV. You just have to get it done.


Perk up your under-eyes to look less tired

Many of us have dark circles and under- eye bags, but it is possible to cheat the look of a good night’s sleep with the right products. First, figure out the cause of the discolouration under your eyes – is it a lack of sleep, allergies or is it hereditary? Knowing this will take you one step closer to a solution. Don’t just go straight in with a lighter concealer thinking it will bring light to the area – instead, it can actually draw attention to your under-eyes, and not in the right way. I like to use a brightening eye cream first to rehydrate and smooth the area before applying make-up. Then I follow up with a colour corrector. While a concealer can make things look chalky or cakey, a corrector will neutralise the discolouration and then brighten any darkness. Only once you’ve applied a corrector should you go in with a lightweight but buildable concealer – I like the Kosas Revealer Concealer.

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