7 Of The Best Eco-Friendly Sanitary Brands To Know Now

7 Of The Best Eco-Friendly Sanitary Brands To Know Now

A recent report has revealed that 27,938 plastic tampons and applicators are found on the world’s beaches daily. Shocking, right? To add to that, sanitary pads produce around 100 billion pieces of waste yearly, so it’s little wonder we’re seeing a significant rise in eco-friendly solutions. To help you find the ones that remain hygienic and secure, we’ve rounded-up six of the best worth switching to now…

1. Natracare

Founder and owner, Susie, created the world’s first organic tampon in the 80s, so it's safe to say you’re in capable hands with this organic and natural brand. From tampons through to pads and liners, the products are made with certified organic cotton, are chlorine and plastic-free and use only biodegradable materials. While the sanitary pads can feel a little on the thin side, they’re surprisingly protective, but if you’re worried, overlay two for extra certainty and to prevent any accidents. 

Visit Natracare.com


Who says eco-friendly period products can’t look pretty? Certainly not TOTM who pride themselves on their aesthetically-pleasing packaging. Better still, their eco-credentials are up there with the best, while the brand’s website provides information pages and posts on how you can be more sustainable. Their tampons, pads and liners are all made with Global Organic Textile Standard, certified organic cotton and they all exclude the likes of perfume, gel, chlorine and bleach. Plus, everything (where possible) is biodegradable with the pads housed in compostable biofilm.

Visit Totm.com


This bespoke subscription service offers toxin-free tampons that exclude synthetic fabrics linked to Toxic Shock Syndrome – think chlorine, bleach and chemical additives. Made from 100% organic cotton, the tampons themselves are biodegradable while the packaging is created from materials and wrapping that’s completely recyclable. If that wasn’t enough, OHNE provide schoolgirls in Zambia with health and menstrual education so that they’re prepared for when they get their first period and know how to improve their menstrual health. 

Visit Ohne.co


Meet the world’s first reusable tampon applicator, created in response to the fact that for every kilometre of UK beach, there are nine plastic applicators. Safe and hygienic, it uses natural antimicrobial technology that sterilises and keeps the applicator clean at all times and has been designed to work with all absorbencies of tampons. If you were to make the switch, the company say you could save another 12,000 disposable applicators from entering our oceans.

Visit WeAreDame.co

5. Callaly

Bringing you the best of both worlds, Callaly merges the benefits of both a tampon and liner, hence why it’s often referred to as a ‘tampliner.’ The idea behind it was innovation, bringing you two needs in one so you’re fully protected at all times. As for the eco side of things, the products are 95% biodegradable and come with a 100% cotton shed-free surfaced that’s also sterilised – despite there being no law in place that requires tampons to be sterilised.

Visit Calla.ly

6. Freda

As the UK’s first organic and eco-friendly period product subscription service, Freda has been designed like pick and mix so as you create a box completely tailored to you. No period is created equal so their aim is to allow you to mix and match before pre-ordering your subscription online. You’ll find they’re completely chemical-free, are biodegradable, hypoallergenic and free from synthetic fibres, while their pads contain 100% eco-friendly and renewable materials. Freda also works with a Scandinavian factory that produces zero landfill waste and avoids the use of fossil fuels, too.

Visit MyFreda.com

7. Thinx

Thinx are the pants that have been causing a bit of a stir for their claims that you can quit tampons and pads for good – depending on your flow. And if the reviews are anything to go by, it certainly seems they’re living up to their hype. Anti-microbial, moisture-wicking and leak-resistant, they have the ability to absorb up to four tampons worth of blood thanks to their signature technology that’s not only leak-resistant, but also super-absorbent. You can reuse them too, just pop them in the wash like you would regular underwear. It takes some time to get use to these, but well worth a try if you’re fed up of traditional methods.

Visit SheThinx.com

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