6 Winter Fragrances Georgia Day Loves
6 Winter Fragrances Georgia Day Loves

6 Winter Fragrances Georgia Day Loves

As we barrel towards the end of the year, SL columnist Georgia Day is on the hunt for some new fragrances that will mark the end of autumn and the start of winter. Here are some of her latest discoveries…
By Georgia Day
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Tudor Eau De Parfum, £225 | Liberty

It’s a rare thing when a fragrance collection launches, and I find myself drawn to almost every single one in the line-up. This happened to me recently when I attended a dinner at Liberty. Its iconic atrium had been transformed into a floral wonderland for the launch of its first fragrance offering, created in collaboration with a team of world-class perfumers, and by the end of the evening I was trying to figure out how I could get four of the five into my bag unseen. Before we even get into the scents themselves, a special mention must go out to the aesthetics. Each bottle is housed in a flacon with a pedestal lid so it can be displayed as it deserves, as well as being adorned with a print from Liberty’s historic textile archive that inspired its creation. Although I was genuinely conflicted when pushed for a favourite, it was the regal-sounding Tudor that emerged triumphant. And no wonder, with the spicy warmth of grated ginger and nutmeg opening things up, followed swiftly by sweet woodiness from cypress and cistus and finishing with the dry resinous tang of sandalwood, amber and iris, the overall effect is soft, earthy and totally enveloping.  

Available at LibertyLondon.com

Suite 302 Eau De Parfum, £245 | Victoria Beckham Beauty

You’d have to have been living under a rock not to notice the hype surrounding VB’s fragrance launch, the latest pillar in her world-dominating (and absolutely excellent) beauty brand. And if you’re wondering, quite sensibly, if the three fragrances actually live up to the hype, the answer is a big, fat resounding yes. Although again, I was umming and ahhing over a favourite, for me the standout is Suite 302, a soft, sexy concoction that conjures up the romance of David and Victoria’s regular rendezvous in Paris. Although the scent is undoubtedly glamourous, it’s not big and bold and in your face; instead, black cherry, rose, musk and leather combine to make it more mysterious and alluring, with a dry down that’s smoky and sweet and keeps you coming back for another sniff long after the first spritz. An absolute after dark essential.

Available at Selfridges.com

Ouranon Eau De Parfum, £140 | Aesop

If you’re looking for something that ticks all the seasonal boxes – woody, smoky, earthy and rich – then this intoxicating blend from Aesop is ideal. Although the overriding note is frankincense, a magical, majestic resin with balsamic notes, there’s also myrrh, tonka and patchouli in the base to add an underlying sweetness. And just in case you’re concerned it’s all starting to sound a bit heavy, there’s petitgrain, elemi and lavender flower in the top notes which freshen everything up and add a bit of brightness. If you like your fragrance to stay put for hours after you apply it, there’s another reason to love this; it’s formulated with 20% perfume oil, which means it’ll last all the way from morning latte to lights out. I’d also recommend this if you prefer fragrances that are a little more niche. Although Aesop is known and loved for its skincare and brilliant bath and body products, its fragrance offering still feels like an insider secret. Albeit one that you and I now share.

Available at SpaceNK.com

Vixi Eau De Parfum, £168 | Trudon

Although I’ve been a fan of this iconic French brand’s candles for many years, I’ve only recently discovered its fragrances. If you’re in the market for a new scent but fancy something a bit unique, do try Trudon. Everything I have smelt so far has been interesting, unusual and completely glorious. The newest one is VIXI, not only a name I love but, as it turns out, a fragrance I love too. It’s no wonder really, as a lover of grounding woody notes, this has the king of them all in the form of Nepalese sandalwood. Also, it’s beautifully blended with sage for a herbal edge, as well as bitter orange petitgrain for an uplifting burst of freshness that marries everything together. A final note of jasmine offers that melting, sensual quality that makes it practically irresistible. Although you could wear it whenever you like, I’d wear it on dull winter days to cut through the gloom.

Available at 24s.com

Jean-Marie Farina Eau De Cologne Spray, £41.99 | Roger & Gallet

My latest find might not be new (in fact, it’s about as old as they come) but it’s new to me, which I think is just as good. French soap and fragrance brand Roger & Gallet has been around for eons, and it may well be something your mum or grandma used to wear. It’s had a bit of a makeover recently though, and new aesthetics aside, I was seriously impressed when it landed on my desk. Although all seven fragrances are fresh, wearable and really affordable, it was the Jean Marie Farina cologne that hooked me in. Created by the brand’s founder in the 19th century and named after him, the scent is an invigorating blend of petitgrain, lime, lavender and rosemary. Although it’s citrusy and fresh, what I love most about it is how fortifying it feels, one spritz and I feel like I’m ready to take on the world. Which, when you consider that Napoleon is supposed to have kept a vial in his battle boots, it’s no wonder.

Available at Sephora.co.uk

Black Datura Eau De Parfum, £144 (was £180) | Miller Harris

I’m not usually a full-on floral girl but this fragrance from artisan perfumer Miller Harris genuinely stopped me in my tracks. Although the heady tuberose note is a key feature, the datura that lends the fragrance its name also comes through with its hypnotic honeysuckle scent. Musk, amber and incense round things off, adding a soft, skin-like quality. If, like me, you’d not heard of datura, I think it’s worth knowing that it’s actually a highly venomous plant that belongs to the nightshade family. For me, that kind of sums up the drama and danger that this mysterious, magical perfume exudes; it’s the kind of scent that demands be worn on a proper night out. The kind of night that features martinis in incredibly chic hotel bars and lips lacquered in pillar box red lipstick. In fact, I’m so desperate to have something fittingly chic to wear it to that I’m already planning nights out around it.

Available at MillerHarris.com

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