ELEMIS X SheerLuxe: Truth in Beauty Skincare Diaries, With Dominata Osei

ELEMIS X SheerLuxe: Truth in Beauty Skincare Diaries, With Dominata Osei

You’ve likely seen our ELEMIS skincare diaries running across SheerLuxe this past week. Celebrating the brand’s ‘Truth in Beauty’ ethos, three readers have trialled, tested and discovered new routines, taking an honest stance and returning feedback on their journey to better skin. Next in our series is 34-year-old reader, Dominata Osei. Prone to oiliness and pigmentation, the brand put their wellness routine forward to tackle her key concerns. Here’s how she got on…


Dominata's Primary Skin Concerns:

With combination/oily skin, Dominata’s key concerns include open pores and occasional breakouts, as well as dryness around her chin and mouth. She also finds breakouts can leave dark marks behind once they’ve faded. Crucially, Dominata looks for speed in a routine, to tie in with her busy lifestyle. 

Age: 34

The Expert ELEMIS Skin Wellness Plan:

“Everyone needs a great cleanser, but for those with oily skin, it’s essential to find one that suits your specific needs,” advises Noella Gabriel, Co-Founder & Global President of ELEMIS. “For Dominata, we wanted to focus on combating her slightly oilier skin type, but it’s one which is also plagued by dryness. Often, this is a result of make-up – as well as environmental aggressors – congesting your pores. It’s why we wanted our Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm to be the key product in her routine. Not only does it remove all pollutants and dead skin cells, it also leaves your skin perfectly clean, hydrated and ready for what comes next. A well-chosen cleanser helps – potentially more than anything else in your regime – to unclog pores and prevent skin conditions, such as breakouts. 

“We recommend using your cleanser in the shower – mild steam can soften hardened oil in your pores and the best thing about our balm is how soft and nourishing it is. Cleansing balms tend to be rich in hydrating oils – often those with oily skin think they should shy away from these sorts of products, but you still want to maintain hydration where you can. Our formula deeply cleanses without stripping the skin of its natural oil content, ensuring your complexion is left clean, plump and moisturised – it’s exactly why we chose it for Dominata. We also recommended our Pro-Collagen Tri-Acid Peel to boost cell turnover quickly and fade pigmentation – it’s one of the easiest ways to exfoliate if time is of the essence. Finally, we added our rich Pro-Collagen Overnight Matrix  and our Pro-Collagen Eye Revive Mask to soothe and de-puff. It’s a concise routine, but one that hopefully allows Dominata to focus on her skin wellness.” 

Days 1-4 

“Excited to get started, I went straight for the Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm on day one. I lead a busy lifestyle and often find skincare falls down my to-do list. I’ve not used make-up for a few days, and cleanse my face daily, so I assumed my skin was ‘clean,’ but when I used the balm and cloth, there was some foundation residue, which surprised me. The good news is, I can already tell this balm is going to force me to take some time for myself. The texture is beautiful – it goes on like an oil, then foams up as you massage it in with your fingers. The cloth it comes with also makes cleansing a breeze. 

“Next up was the Pro-Collagen Tri-Acid Peel – it tingled a little, but I was warned beforehand, and it calmed down once the product dried. I washed it off, and my face felt quite taught, so I followed up with both the Pro-Collagen Eye Revive Mask and Pro-Collagen Overnight Matrix. By day two, my face felt more moisturised in the morning – something I don’t often experience having applied cream the night before. By day four, I’d got into the swing of things and was enjoying my new routine – especially the cleanser. It’s made a visible difference already.” 

Days 5-8

“I usually have a very simple routine, so incorporating these four new products has been a new experience for me. That said, I’ve learnt to set time aside and get other things done while, for instance, I wait for the peel to kick in. On day six, I really wanted to put the cleanser through its paces. I went outside with a full face of make-up on, came home and used a small amount of the balm to remove everything. I’m happy to say it was a quick process, and one that got rid of every last little bit of make-up. The result was cleaner-feeling skin that wasn’t zapped of moisture, either. When I applied the Pro-Collagen Overnight Matrix, my complexion instantly felt calmer and more supple, and less oily. By day eight, I had continued to use all four of the products – I noticed the Pro-Collagen Tri-Acid Peel tingled a little more, but I’m getting used to the sensation and know it’s just the acids getting to work on my skin lifting away any dead skin cells. A few more days are probably needed to see results, but I’m enjoying how much smoother and more radiant my complexion looks.” 

Days 9-12 + Onward

“Cleansing has become a real joy to me! I’m beginning to see the benefits both of regular cleansing followed by a rich moisturiser. My complexion is more hydrated, less oily and feel softer, too. I want to carry on using the Pro-Collagen Tri-Acid Peel and I’ve enjoyed the Pro-Collagen Eye Revive Mask, but it’s only been 12 days, so I’m looking forward to seeing more results over the coming days. The Pro-Collagen Overnight Matrix has made the biggest change in terms of luminosity and smoothness to my skin so I’m super excited to continue to use this ongoing.”

Routine Recapped In Order Of Application:

Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm + Pro-Collagen Tri-Acid Peel +  Pro-Collagen Overnight Matrix + Pro-Collagen Eye Revive Mask

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