Georgia Day Shares Her Beauty Anti-Resolutions
Georgia Day Shares Her Beauty Anti-Resolutions

Georgia Day Shares Her Beauty Anti-Resolutions

If your new year’s resolutions tend to leave you feeling like a failure, take advice from SL’s beauty contributor Georgia Day and make a list of things you promise not to do instead. Here are her 2024 beauty anti-resolutions…
By Georgia Day

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I promise not to… make promises I can’t keep

When it comes to beauty tools, devices and gadgets, I’ll admit I’m a hoarder. Ever the optimist about promises of smoother, plumper, firmer skin, my eye is easily caught by the latest and greatest gadget that guarantees to make my life easier and my skin, hair and body better. However, I did a bit of a clear-out of my tech cupboard recently and hate to admit that much of it had started to gather dust. Ashamed as I am to confess, the truth is that while I start strong, life, deadlines and children inevitably get in the way and my best intentions go awry. The time has come to be more realistic about what I will know I’ll use. The rest can go to family and friends. Wondering what will make the cut? My Current Body DermaLux Flex MD is a full-body LED treatment and is not just effective at rejuvenating and healing but is so relaxing too; the Ziip Halo Facial Toning Device because the in-app treatments are fast and fool-proof; and finally my Oura ring because it requires zero effort and is easily the most insightful and useful piece of tech I’ve tried this year.

I promise not to… stop being a self-tan superfan

I recently had a facial during which the therapist tried to dissuade me from using self-tan, her argument being that she could get my skin looking naturally great without having to resort to faking a glow. I smiled and nodded politely, but it made me think about why I am such a tan devotee. I quickly realised that it has little to do with how my skin physically looks and so much more to do with how it makes me feel. Okay, so it does pep up my sallow winter skin and make me look fresher and more rested, and yes, it does a brilliant job of disguising dimpled skin and stretch marks, but genuinely, it also just makes me feel like a polished, more pulled together and confident version of myself. For something that takes about ten minutes once a week, what’s not to love? I’m always up for trying a new tan but current and long-term favourites include the Bare By Vogue Self Tan Foam (the dark shade is honestly like a two-week break in a bottle), Jimmy Coco’s ID4 Tinted Tan Souffle Medium, which is virtually impossible to apply badly, and Garnier Ambre Solaire Natural Bronzer Self-Tan Face Drops which are so good, easy to use and give more expensive brands a proper run for their money.

I promise not to… strive for perfection 

Despite writing about the pursuit of healthy-not-perfect skin, I recently realised that I was setting my own unrealistic goals that were all about striving for smoother, tighter, firmer, poreless, flawless, more even skin. The problem there is that while achieving some of those things is possible to a degree, my skin is never going to be as firm as I’d like, certainly never poreless and probably not that even. Instead of aiming for unachievable perfection, 2024 will be the year I really focus on getting healthy skin that’s right for me. That means using hydrating serums that I know my thirsty skin will drink up, continuing to be religious about SPF (the one step that can actually prevent premature ageing if done right) and thoroughly cleansing every night so my skincare has a scrupulously clean base on which to work. This will also be the year I tackle my scattered hyperpigmentation properly and I will do so using a mix of topical and in-clinic treatments. I’ll be returning to the excellent Keren Bartov for properly bespoke facials and am also excited to try L’Oréal’s feted new launch, Bright Reveal Dark Spot Serum, which uses niacinamide and amino-sulfonic acid to clinically reduce and correct hyperpigmentation.

I promise not to… stop building my lipcare collection

2023 was a big year for lip product launches – a trend I wholeheartedly embraced. At a recent event I proudly pulled a staggering 13 different lip products out of my micro bag (three of which were the same Victoria Beckham Beauty lip liner). While lip liners and lipsticks did feature, it’s largely lip balms and treatments that have me in a chokehold. Having previously been a strict devotee of Lucas Paw Paw Ointment (the love is still strong) I now have a roster of regulars that I swear by. Naturally, Hailey Bieber’s Rhode Peptide Lip Treatments are in there, thanks to their 90s-inspired gourmand scents and vinyl gloss, while Summer Fridays, whose Lip Butter Balms contain an addictive blend of nourishing extracts and delicious flavours, really should just take all my money. I’ve also fallen hard for Laneige’s Lip Sleeping Masks, which combine proper conditioning and pretty tints, and I have enjoyed the juicy aftereffects of The Inkey List’s Tripeptide Plumping Lip Balm and Gisou’s Honey Infused Lip Oil

I promise not to… say no to sleep

I’ve loved sleep for as long as I can remember and have long been the butt of many jokes about falling asleep at the dinner table, while standing up and in a club (all true). Whereas once, not getting enough sleep was like a badge of honour, now, clocking up the hours is something to be proud of. Which is just as well for me because, after battling insomnia for several years, 2024 will be the year I unashamedly prioritise sleep (again). That means being as mindful of my sleep schedule as I would my daytime schedule, factoring in time to properly rest and recover when needed, and not feeling bad about needing (and wanting) to go to bed early. It also means practising better sleep etiquette: heavily reduced screen time before bed, herbal tea over coffee in the evenings and paying attention to my Oura ring when it tells me my sleep efficiency is below par. It also means finally doing something about the light leaks in my bedroom. Aside from fitting new blinds, the best solution I have found is Sensory Retreat’s incredible Sensory Sleep Vegan Silk Sleep Mask. As well as physically blocking out all the light thanks to its snug fit, it’s weighty enough to instil instant calm and comes with self-heating pod inserts to lull you into the most restful and soothing slumber.

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