The Hair Colour Trends Set To Be Big In 2021

The Hair Colour Trends Set To Be Big In 2021

From warmer balyage to vivid reds and spiced brown tones, there’s a new wave of hair trends rolling in for 2021. Here, three experts help break them down and share the easiest ways to refresh and rethink your colour…

Warmer Balyage 

“In the past few months there’s been a surge in requests for natural, warmer tones – especially when it comes to blondes,” explains Giuseppe Stelitano, Trevor Sorbie stylist for L’Oréal Professionnel. “This is because many are starting to embrace their natural colour that’s come out over lockdown, and we predict this will continue well into 2021. Hair condition and quality has suddenly become paramount, so choosing warmer tones compliments this look well. Hand-free balyage is popular among those wanting to transition from previously having highlights to a more low-maintenance shade. The best bit? Any hair type – from afro, to coarse, fine and curly – can try this as it’s about embracing what you have.” 


Holiday Hair 

“2020 has been the year of the staycation and who knows whether 2021 will be any different, which is why we’ve created ‘Holiday High’ at Hari’s,” says HARI’s creative colourist, Francesca Dixon. “This service gives you a jet-set look – think Bondi surfer chic tones to St Tropez bronze hues – the idea behind it is no one would guess you’d spent your winter in the comfort of your living room. Think of it as a ‘fakeaway’ treatment, it lifts subtly, but visibly enough to give your look a makeover.” 


Bold Roots 

“A few years ago, having roots was a taboo, but now, its trendy,” adds Francesca. “It’s set to stay that way well into 2021. Already we’re spotting it on countless Hollywood celebrities across the globe. We call it ‘Lived in Locks,’ which looks great on bright white blondes particularly who sport a dark root. The key is to know exactly what you’re asking for. Tell your stylist you’re looking for an outgrown effect and they can adapt their colouring technique to suit – or, better still, a more cost-effective option is to let your colour grow right out and own it, getting just a few highlights painted on at the ends.” 


Renaissance Red 

“Red is going to be a huge trend for 2021,” says Adam Reed, UK editorial ambassador for L’Oréal Professionnel. “Think beautiful, deep, rich reds that are renaissance-inspired. It can be quite versatile too, with undertones of rich copper and bronze. The beauty of this as a trend is you can decide with your stylist how deep or subtle you want it to look. The key, however, is to ask for it to have rich undertones so it looks very healthy. Lighter complexions will suit reddish-copper tones, medium skin tones can get away with nearly every red, while darker complexions should seek out plum and cherry shades. With all colour services – but especially rich reds – it’s important you keep your colour looking fresh post-appointment. L’Oréal’s Serie Expert Collection locks in colour for longer, while maintaining vibrancy, too.”



4-D Glow 

“We expect this to be hugely popular next year,” continues Francesca. “Put simply, it’s a trend that’s all about shiny, healthy, happy hair, where we add gloss to absolutely everything. The glossier your natural hair looks, the healthier it is going to feel, too. Most salons now do glossing treatments that contain zero peroxide or ammonia, so you’re always in safe hands. You can opt for added colour too, placed sporadically over your hair, to boost the entire look and get rid of any lacklustre tones. The results last for weeks.” 


The New Grey

“Grey never really went away as a trend but we expect it to be big for 2021,” advises Francesca. “During lockdown many have learnt to embrace their silver tones, while others wish they had them. If you are transitioning, the easiest way is to ask for some deliberate grey lights in small streaks at the front. Or, if you already have grey tones, ask your stylist to enhance its brightness – this will give definition and structure. The key for the latter is to ask for sporadic highlights with a silver toner – you’ll be amazed how much enhancement it gives.” 


Nut & Spiced Brown Tones 

“Both these tones are becoming more popular,” says Adam. “Spiced brown is a gorgeous, flattering, warm hue – think cinnamon, right through to deep, rich sandal wood – and it’s ideal for anyone wanting to develop a more natural brown year-round. As for nut brown, this is in a cooler palette. Of course, this is still rich, but it has a cooler base to it for those seeking something a little fresher. I’ve created a special ‘Cool Down Menu’ at Adam Reed London in partnership with L’Oréal Professionnel – this is all about dialling up or down your colour for these types of tones. As with any of these trends, always speak to your colourist first who can guide you on the best option for your individual look.”


90’s Block Colour

“We’re seeing a huge return to the 90s trend for 2021,” adds Giuseppe. “This is basically an all-over glossy, darker tone paired with thick, chunky highlights – it’s very in demand for the nostalgic vibes it offers. The difference is this is more of a polished effect. It works very well on those with shorter hair where you can get great contrast and dimension between a natural, darker tone and a lighter one of your choice. If you’re keen, make sure you do your research and take some references with you to your appointment. This will allow your stylist to translate the look with ease, while tailoring it to your individual skin tone and colouring.” 

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