5 Summer Nail Trends We Love
5 Summer Nail Trends We Love

5 Summer Nail Trends We Love

Whether it’s the return of softly coloured French tips or the latest pastel tones for summer, there are plenty of new nail trends worth having on your radar. Here, we’ve partnered up with leading colour brand Essie to find out how to replicate the looks, as well as the best shades to choose…

Created in partnership with ESSIE


Coloured Tips

Coloured tips first became popular two years ago and they are having a comeback. The concept is the same – colour replacing the white line we’re all familiar with – but the tip is now finer, almost ‘micro’ in size. A great trend for those wanting to dip their toe into colour this summer. 

Application Tips:  In terms of steps, it’s no different to creating a traditional French manicure, only with colour instead. Start with some good nail prep – every nail should be filed and clipped first. The right shape will make it easier to create even, matching tips. Once this is done, apply a clear base coat – we love Essie’s All In One Nail Polish Base & Top Coat. Then, take the bottle brush from your chosen polish and work your way across the tip of the nail, moving from one side to the other, meeting the line in the centre of your nail. Some people may find a bottle brush too thick to worth with – try using just the outer edge – so it’s worth knowing a thin lip or eyeliner brush works just as well. If you make mistakes, just use some polish remover or acetone to smooth things over. We used Essie’s 'Lovie Dovie' pink for this look.


Candy Chrome

Glazed ‘donut’ nails have been trending for a while, but the look is still popular and often requested at salons. The aesthetic mimics glazed, glossy skin with a wet-look finish. Neutral, minimalistic and chic, it’s easy to pull off, too – not to mention do yourself at home.  

Application Tips:  Start by prepping your nails – an acetone-based polish remover like Essie’s Nail Polish Remover Leave No Trace will help smooth ridges and give you an even surface. It also helps to remove any oils that may interfere with how well the polish bonds to your nails. Once you’ve done this, apply the same base coat we’ve mentioned and then go in with Essie’s Nail Lacquer in ‘Mademoiselle. It’s a sheer, pink-y neutral tone that makes the perfect base for this look. Then, to achieve the ‘glaze,’ apply a single layer of Essie’s new Special Effects Polish in ‘Cosmic Chrome. This gives you that shiny effect immediately. We recommend one coat, but you can layer up depending on the intensity you want.


Bright White

While it’s not a new trend, expect to see lots of white nails this summer. Few things look as fresh or chic, and it’s flattering against all skin tones and outfits. 

 Application Tips: To a crisp and bright white look, try Essie’s Nail Polish in ‘Blanc. It’s often referred to by experts as the ‘most vivid white’ you can find. You can also make your white a bit more playful by adding a bit of texture – a 2D pattern combined with paler tones was big on the runway for spring/summer 2024. Try a layer of Essie’s new Special Effects Divine Dimension Topcoat over your polish. It is delicate but adds a hint of detail that catches the eye nicely. There are several iterations of this special effects formula to choose from – from lilac and blue metallics to marine tones.


Statement Pastels

Pastels are everywhere right now. But forget saccharine tones, the latest look leans into a palette that is more vivid and elevated – perfect against a tan or warmer skin tones. Fresh and different, the latest tones allow for a more sophisticated twist on classic colours – they are forgiving and easy to wear.  

Application Tips:  We tapped into this trend with the help of Essie’s Nail Lacquer in ‘Bikini So Teeny’ – a cornflower blue perfect for this time of year. To keep the colour the focus, we recommend taking care of your cuticles ahead of application. Run excess skincare onto your hands and really work cuticle oil into the skin to keep hangnails at bay. We also recommend applying a glossy top coat – like Essie’s Couture Gel-Like Nail Polish – to get a plump finish that really enhances the boldness of the blue. Other pastel tones we rate include ‘Summer Solstice and ‘Fiji


Chilli Coral

In the summer, a bright red or vibrant coral is always popular, but this year, a fresher interpretation that’s trending. Juicy in pigment, the colour is more of a chilli tone that’s warm and rich. It has an intensity to it that’s perfect for the summer months and works for all.  

Application Tips: The best colour for this look is Essie’s Nail Polish in ‘Meet Me At Sunset – a deep, rich orange that is both striking and versatile. If you want to create something with even more depth, we recommend layering this with Essie’s Nail Polish in ‘Fifth Avenue. Combined, you get a fiery red that’s a real statement. If you want to try the coral trend but with a pinkier dry down, use Essie’s Nail Polish in ‘Sunday Funday. Like with the other looks, make sure you prep the nail first and always use a base coat – this helps to prevent richer pigments from staining your nails.


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