How To Treat Dark Spots & Discolouration

How To Treat Dark Spots & Discolouration

Statistics show up to 90% of hyperpigmentation cases – think dark spots and discolouration – occur in females alone. It’s no surprise, then, that the market is flooded with topical remedies promising to correct the issue – but do any of them really make a difference? Murad’s new Rapid Dark Spot Correction Serum is designed to work on all skin tones and the clinical reviews are seriously impressive – as are the staggering before and after photos. Here’s why it might be worth a try…


Why It’s So Popular:

Often, serums and creams designed to tackle hyperpigmentation can be harsh and astringent. Murad’s is the polar opposite. Full of ingredients like tranexamic and glycolic acids, it works to exfoliate and get rid of dead skin cells, but without any tingling or burning. The results are quick, too. Up to 84% of testers saw a reduction in hyperpigmentation in as little as 14 days*, which is as impressive – if not more so – than a single laser treatment or professional chemical facial. At £75, it’s an investment, but worth it for the results – plus, it should last you at least two months with twice-daily use. It’s also made without any hydroquinone – a skin lightening agent – and instead is full of skin barrier-loving ingredients for a more hydrated, plumper-looking complexion. Bonus.


What It Does:

This clever serum is designed to tackle several different types of hyperpigmentation, including age spots, sun damage and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH) from conditions like acne. We are all susceptible to developing hyperpigmentation at some point in our lives, but many factors can influence it, including UV exposure, pollution, hormonal shifts, trauma to the skin and medication, too. It’s with this in mind that Murad wanted to create a treatment that tackled the issue, but that didn’t require a trip to see a professional. With 30 years research bottled, this daily serum uses several key ingredients that are known for their efficacy. First up is what Murad calls its ‘Patented Resorcinol Technology.’ Put simply, this reduces the intensity of your hyperpigmentation, while smoothing out uneven skin tone. Up next is tranexamic acid, which is widely recognised by dermatologists as one of the best ingredients for brightening and reviving dull, tired-looking skin. Finally, the serum is brimming with glycolic acid. This works at the surface level to exfoliate and improve skin’s texture, sweeping away dead skin cells for better penetration and a fresher-looking glow.

Who It’s For:

Specially formulated to work safely and effectively on all skin tones, it’s designed to be used by everyone – even those with sensitive skin, thanks to the gentle formula. Brimming with ingredients that nourish and keep your skin barrier in peak health, it rarely causes inflammation or irritation, providing you don’t overdo it. Stick to using it before bed, and work your way up to using it in morning, too.


The results are quick with this treatment. Up to 84% of testers saw a reduction in hyperpigmentation in as little as 14 days* of use.

How To Use It: 

While the serum is gentle, usage should be built up gradually. Always start by cleansing your skin, then massage the formula evenly over your face, neck and chest. Follow up with your go-to moisturiser to lock in all the key benefits, then if you’ve applied it during the day, use a sunscreen  to protect your skin. Applying it at night is preferable, as this is when the ingredients can penetrate the skin with zero disturbance.

Key Benefits Recapped:

  • It tackles all forms of hyperpigmentation, from sun-induced spots to hormonal-induced blemishes

  • The formula works on a wide range of skin types and tones

  • It’s incredibly gentle, with limited irritation

  • The texture is lightweight and fast absorbing

  • It helps fade scars and dark spots, without over drying your skin

  • Contains ingredients that nourish and keep skin barrier intact

  • 84% of testers showed a reduction in the look of hyperpigmentation in 14 days*

  • 91% saw brighter skin

  • 94% noticed smoother skin

  • 89% reported a more radiant glow

  • *Clinically proven results via instrumental measurement of areas with dark spots. With Murad regimen.


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