A Make-Up Artist Answers Her Most Asked Beauty Questions
A Make-Up Artist Answers Her Most Asked Beauty Questions

A Make-Up Artist Answers Her Most Asked Beauty Questions

In this series, we ask top industry insiders to answer the questions they’re asked most often. From the best way to cover up spots and how to find the perfect lip and foundation shades to the easiest way to revive dull, lacklustre skin, Celia Burton shares her pro make-up artist tips…

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What Is The Best Way To Set Make-Up Without A Powdery Finish?

“If you want a very natural finish, I recommend applying a fine mist of setting spray onto your face before make-up – but after skincare – and then again once all your foundation and concealers have been used, but before applying any powder. Once everything has settled, then you can dust a little powder precisely onto the spots that you want to mattify. Over-applying layers of cream and powder is what gives a cake-y effect, so be conscious of what you apply and where. My favourite setting spray is Hourglass’ Veil Soft Focus – it’s so lightweight.” 

If You Have A Summer Tan, How Should You Adapt Your Make-Up?

“Instead of tweaking your foundation, have a summer bronzer to hand that’s one or two shades darker than your natural skin tone. This will help add depth and contour to areas that need it – like the forehead and cheekbones. Doing this will help soften and define your features while maintaining a smooth, even tan. Use a product like Glossier’s Solar Paint – it’s easy to apply with a small applicator that allows you to be precise and also means you never overdo it. It’s so natural-looking and warm.”  

Any Advice For Reviving Dull, Tired-Looking Skin With Make-Up?

 “Futuredew by Glossier is the product you need for this. Full of nourishing oils and juicy extracts, it wakes up the skin immediately, while added iridescence brightens. Add a little blush to the apple of the cheek and bridge of your nose too – I love Benefit’s Benetint. Combining these two products will instantly revive your skin and help you to look more awake. You don’t need heaps of coverage; instead, it’s about boosting your glow and a healthy flush.” 

When It Comes To Softly Sculpting Skin, What Do You Recommend?

 “Underpainting is the answer to this question. I know it’s trendy right now, but it really is the best technique for soft definition. Use a product like Makeup By Mario’s Soft Shaping Stick to mark your cheekbones, peak off the forehead and jawline, then blend and buff out. After this, use a little concealer – my current go-to is by Oh My Cream – to highlight and brighten the under-eye area and cover any blemishes. Once all of this is softened with a brush and fully melted into the skin, you’re done. The technique works well, as you’re not layering make-up over areas of the face that don’t need it – you’re just applying a little where it is worth doing so.”


Why Can Foundation Suddenly Stop Sitting Nicely On Skin? 

 “It may be that the season and temperature has changed, or that you’re warmer than usual. It could also be that your foundation has passed its expiration date, or the formula has separated a little. There are several reasons, look into the above first, but the most important thing is to keep your skin calm and clean. If a product is causing a reaction, stop using it immediately. If none of this sounds like the cause, it could be you’re not letting your skincare settle before applying base make-up. Take it slow and always give each layer a few minutes before buffing further products on – this will minimise any pilling or rolling of products.” 

When It Comes To Lipstick, How Can You Find The Perfect Shade For Your Skin Tone?

 “Honestly, I don’t believe in the concept that certain shades are better than others. I like the idea that anyone can wear whatever shade of lipstick they feel good in. There are so many ways to apply lipstick that you shouldn’t be put off by vibrancy or tones. Using your finger to smudge one in can mute things down, as can a brush – it doesn’t have to be scary. Plus, you can remove it if you dislike it.” 

…And What About Finding The Right Foundation Shade?

 “Finding the right foundation shade is easy. Apply a tiny little dot to your cheek and blend it out. If you can’t see where the edge of where you applied is, then that’s your shade. I’m not sure about swatching make-up on your forearm. It’s not – in my opinion – the best way to discover your tone. Plus, you end up accidentally smearing it onto clothes.”

If You Have Just Five Minutes To Do Make-Up, What Should You Do For The Most Impact?

“Products like Westman Atelier’s Liquid Super Loaded bronzer can make five-minute make-up a total joy. It’s a hybrid highlighter and bronzer-booster in a lightweight formula that skims skin and makes you look alive in seconds. I think multi-faceted products like this are what you need when time is of the essence. You’d be amazed how one formula can revive your entire face. My top five are Westman Atelier’s Liquid Super Loaded bronzer, Benefit’s Benetint Lip Stain, Glossier’s Futuredew, ProShine’s Body Oil Stick and Jones Road’s Miracle Balm.” 

Any Tips You Can Share On Finding A Good Mascara?

“I recommend looking to like-minded friends for a good mascara recommendation instead of a TikTok viral video or a beauty magazine trend. It takes time and money to try products out, so ask someone with a similar colouring and hair type to you for a suggestion.”


What Is The Best Way To Cover Up Skin Concerns Like Spots With Make-Up?

 “Covering areas like spots requires a really long-wearing concealer, like NARS’ Radiant Creamy formula or Hourglass’ Vanish Airbrush Concealer. You need a good, small and soft brush too. Dot a tiny amount of concealer onto the head of the spot, then press – don’t swipe – it into the skin with the flat cushion of your finger. Once the spot or area is covered with layered concealer, use a fluffy brush to blend out the edges. Be careful not to brush coverage off your blemish. It’s why a patting motion is key. Once you’ve finished, use a powder puff to press a little powder on top. Repeat once more if it still needs help. The key is to apply a bit of pressure into the exact place you need it, then set fast with powder.” 

Can You Share Five Products You Think Every Woman Should Own? 

 “Firstly, a sturdy eyelash curler such as Surratt’s Relevée Lash Curler – it’s the best for providing lift. Everyone needs a good lip balm too. I don’t have a handbag or a pocket that doesn’t have a tube of Glossier’s Balm Dot Com inside. It soothes dry patches instantly and can give your skin a quick pick-me-up. Another product everyone should own is a great LED mask. My favourite is by The Light Salon. It is an amazing tool and any time my skin flares up or feels sensitive, it helps to calm it down without me having to use acids or poke at my skin. I swear by Revolution X Sali Hughes’ Shift-Delete Make-Up Remover Mitts too. They are so gentle and get rid of every last drop of make-up. Finally, everyone needs a nice, nourishing moisturiser that supports your skin and its barrier. I have used the Esse Moisturisers for many years now. I swear by the brand and its probiotic formulas.” 

If You’re Going To Splurge Anywhere In Your Make-Up Routine, Where Should You Do So?

 “You’re best to splurge on a good foundation or a tinted moisturiser with SPF. Chantecaille’s Just Skin Tinted Moisturiser isn’t cheap, but it’s still one of the best out there. The tube lasts for ages because you only need a tiny amount. There’s a reason this product has stood the test of time. I also love Rose Inc’s Skin Enhance Tinted Serum. Any sophisticated formulas that enhance the look and feel of the skin while minimising redness are winners for me and well worth the money. Most other things you can do affordably.” 

Finally, How Do You Apply Sunscreen While Wearing Make-Up?

 “I have recently discovered Kate Somerville’s UncompliKated SPF50 Soft Focus Setting Spray, which makes the answer to this question very simple. You mist it on over make-up and it simultaneously sets everything in place while topping up your protection levels. That said, I would always recommend applying a thin layer of SPF within your skin prep routine first.”

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