8 Ways To Define Your Lips Naturally At Every Age

8 Ways To Define Your Lips Naturally At Every Age

Invasive surgical procedures aren’t the only way to enhance and define your lips. Thanks to better formulas and simple techniques, you can now create a fuller effect the natural way. Here, make-up pros Joy Adenuga and Kenneth Soh offer their advice…

We All Lose Fullness As We Age

“Thinning around the lip area is really common,” advises Joy Adenuga, pro make-up artist & beauty educator. “So you’re not alone. It happens because as we age, our bodies stop producing collagen and elastane, so these localised areas start to thin out and become a bit more feathered in appearance. It’s completely normal, but there’s plenty you can do to counteract the problem.” 

It Starts With A Good Exfoliator 

“So-called hacks, like using chillies and ice aren’t useful in my opinion,” says make-up artist, Kenneth Soh. “Instead, try exfoliating and then follow up with either a specific lip mask or thick treatment. By exfoliating and scrubbing the dead skin off the lips you leave them soft and plump, giving a naturally fuller and more defined appearance.” 

A Darker Lip Liner Helps

“Always start with lip liner when it comes to enhancing your mouth,” adds Joy. “The key is to be subtle, and try using one that’s a shade or two darker than your usual product. It allows you to manipulate the dimensions of your lips, creating an illusion of fullness, without looking too theatrical. Avoid over lining the entire lip in one go, and concentrate instead on areas that need the most definition, like the cupid’s bow. Use a light-hand as you apply it.” Kenneth agrees: “Try to leave the inner corners unlined, and use your finger to gently blur the product as this will create a much softer illusion. You could also try using a flesh coloured pencil just above the upper lip for further definition.” 

You Can Use Highlighter, Too

“When you’ve subtly lined your lips and applied your lipstick, finish by patting on a soft highlighter,” recommends Joy. “Use your fingers and push a small amount into areas of the lips that naturally catch the light – again, like the cupid’s bow. It sounds simple, but your lips will instantly look fuller due to a trick of the light.” 

Strategic Placement Is Important

“Glosses are ideal for adding natural plumpness, but they can wear off quite quickly,” says Kenneth. “Instead, place it strategically, using a dab in the middle of your lipstick to give your mouth extra shine and dimension – it works every time.” 

You Can Fake A Temporary Boost

“For a temporary boost in volume, try lip plumpers that are full of ingredients like spearmint and peptides, for some instant volume,” recommends Joy. “Buxom’s Pretty Plumping Lip Glosses are used on all my clients – they're glossy, without being sticky and give visibly fuller lips that last for a good couple of hours.” 

Always Use Your Fingers

“When it comes to applying actual lipstick, use your ring finger,” adds Kenneth. “Not only does this give a soft blend, it’s a more flattering and effective way of applying lipstick. It allows you to physically push colour in for a pout-y effect that’s very feminine – try smudging it slightly out of your natural lip line for extra benefits, too. If you decide to apply directly from the bullet, purse the lips together several times to naturally distribute the colour to a maximum surface area. Then, take a finger and wipe downwards on the cupid’s bow to take away any excess. Use this finger to take away any smudging around the corners, too, where the lipstick may have spread.” 

Finally, Avoid Anything Too Bold 

“It’s best to avoid strong or bright lip colours if you’re concerned about thinning,” explains Kenneth. “There’s nothing more flattering than a nude lip that’s slightly more pigmented than your own natural lip shade. Steer clear of super matte or liquid lipsticks as well – they don't help when it comes to plumping.”

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