How To Customise Your Own Mascara

How To Customise Your Own Mascara

Virtually every day of the week, a new mascara is being launched, but what if you customise your own according to your lashes needs? Eyeko’s bespoke service allows you to do exactly this, in just three steps, creating your own personal mascara. Here’s everything you need to know…

First Of All, Why A Personalise Service? 

Eyeko understands that mascara isn’t usually something you can try on before you buy, so they wanted a system where you could choose what suited your individual needs. Confirming that there is no such thing as one-size-fits-all, the brand understands that we all have different lashes, eye shapes and desired styles.

And How Exactly Does It Work?

Simply visit Eyeko’s website and complete its three-step questionnaire designed to determine your ideal brush and formula combination from over 30 possible options. It’s quick to do and costs £30, which on the surface, sounds a lot, but considering you’re getting a product built with your specific needs in mind, you know that you’re not wasting time or your money on alternatives. There are three steps to customisation: 

Step 1: Describe your lashes
You can select up to three different options – be it straight, curly, long, short fine or medium. It gives you the option to say if they’re damaged too, so you can have a strengthening formula built for you. 

Step 2: Describe the look you’re after
Options include ‘Extra Volume’, ‘Added Curl’, ‘Length & Definition’, ‘Natural’, ‘Longwear’ and ‘Waterproof.’ Addressing both effect and finish, you can again choose up to three options.

Step 3: Choose your favourite brush
This is the fun part. You’re given three choices to pick between here, or you can click ‘Choose For Me’ and it will make the decision on your behalf based on the other date you’ve put into the site. The brushes vary from curved to dense, right through to tapered for added volume.

Is This Service Only Available Online?

If you’re based in the UK, you can also head into Selfridges store on Oxford Street to visit their mascara bar. During a 15-minute appointment (walk-ins are welcome), you’ll sit with a ‘mascara editor’ for a lash analysis and consultation. A brush and formula tailored to your needs will then be picked and custom made for your lashes only. Whether you’re after inky definition or a formula that’s waterproof and non-clumping, Eyeko can deliver with over 100 options available. They also store customer’s data, with their mascara preferences, so reordering your formula couldn’t be easier. From 17th August, you'll also receive a free gift worth £31 when buying a Bespoke Mascara from Selfridges Oxford Street Store.* 

For your perfect match, visit and use the code BESPOKE25 at checkout for 25% off your bespoke masacara. 

*Available while stocks last. 

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