How To Master A Soft & Subtle ‘Kitten’ Flick

How To Master A Soft & Subtle ‘Kitten’ Flick

If the cat eye look’s always felt a bit much for you, then the ‘kitten’ flick – a softer, subtler take on the look – still emphasises the eye without looking too heavy. Here, we asked professional make-up artist Levi-Jade Taylor how to get it right…
By Rebecca Hull

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Kitten Flicks Are Great For Minimalists

“Kitten flicks have been a bit of a trend for some time, but recently we’ve seen more people wearing the look, simply because it’s easier than a full-on feline eye. Typically, kitten flicks are created using a thinner liner that starts at the mid-point of your eye and then extends outwards. It’s more delicate and better for those who prefer the minimalist make-up look. Offering more precision, you can also experiment with different colours, not just black.”

Liquid & Gel Liners Are Best

“I like to use a fine tipped liquid liner to create a kitten flick. If you’re a liner novice or prone to wobbly hands, try using a gel liner with a brush for more control. Ideally, you want a product that’s really opaque, as these can be applied in thin layers. Ciate’s Liquid Liner Pen is my favourite. It has such a sharp tip with a dense, dark colour payoff that instantly enhances the roots of your lashes. As for gels, try the Inglot Gel formula with My Kit Co’s Tiny Liner Brush and take your time – especially if you’re a beginner.”

Kitten flicks are MORE DELICATE and better for those who prefer the MINIMALIST make-up look.

It Requires Practice

“Like any precise eye look, practice makes perfect, but kitten flicks are easier to create than traditional cat eyes. Start by using your liner in the centre of your eye instead of tracing it all the way along from the inner corners and look straight ahead into a mirror when you’re mapping out your flick. It’ll help you create a soft, flattering shape. When you work closer in on the lash line, look down into a mirror to ensure you can create a thin line using minimal pressure. Use short, thin strokes to draw along your lash line and create just a tiny flick at the end to finish it off. A black eyeshadow and flat liner brush is another fool-proof way to get it right if liquids aren’t your thing.”

Now’s The Time To Experiment With Colour

“Given these flicks are daintier and smaller, colour can actually be very flattering. To get it right, try the 3INA Liquid Liner Pens. They come in such a range of colours that are fun and easy to play with. Think of them as a gateway to play with tones you might not usually go for –opt for navy, or dark green, or even aubergine for a subtle twist if you’re nervous.”

Given these flicks are daintier and smaller, COLOUR can be very FLATTERING. Opt for navy, or even aubergine for a subtle twist if you’re nervous.

Everyone Can Wear It

“Kitten eyeliner looks good on everyone – that’s its appeal. Keeping it super thin as you draw it out and gently tapering it out towards the end of the eye as you go means it won’t close up hooded eyes, or accentuate round eyes too much. Give it a tiny upward flick if you can at the end – this will open the eye up and give it the lifted, elongated effect that’s so on-trend right now.” 

The Right Tools Are Key 

“Buy a small angled brush for dragging the edge of your liner out. It will help you create that tapered effect and a sharp, precise line. The My Kit Co pointed cotton buds are ideal for cleaning up liquid liner looks, too. Just use them with a bit of micellar water –it’s so easy to sharpen things up without making a huge mess, so you really can’t go too far wrong.” 

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