Masterclass: 7 Genius Ways To Use Your Beauty Blender

Masterclass: 7 Genius Ways To Use Your Beauty Blender

Beautyblenders aren't just for foundation. From highlighting your skin to applying concealer, and even perfecting a smokey eye, that little pink sponge does much more than you think. Here, two experts share seven different ways to put this tool to work…

Depuff Your Skin

“Puffy, inflamed skin calls for a cold-compress,” explains make-up artist, Kenneth Soh. “Put a Beautyblender in ice cold water, then leave it in the freezer so it gets really cold, before rolling it over eyes and skin to take down swelling and inflammation. It works every time.”


Bake Eye Make-Up 

“People think you can only use a Beautyblender with liquid or creams, but it works well with powders, too” explains the brand’s founder, Rea Ann Silva. “Take the pointed end of your Beautyblender, load it with powder, and dab under your eyes or on cheekbones to set your concealer. It’s also great for creating a natural, smokey eye – especially the micro mini blenders. Load up the rounded end with a neutral shadow, use your fingers to squeeze the sponge into an oblong shape, and then pat the colour down onto lids for a subtle result. Likewise, you can use the pointed end to buff in a darker colour along your upper and lower lash line, pushing the product in for a more diffused edge.”


Conceal Roots 

“It’s often recommended to use a near-the-end-of-its-life Beautyblender to dab into hair root concealer,” says Kenneth. “Simply sponge root cover-up onto hair to get rid of any greys, or dark regrowth with ease. Pretty clever and saves you getting your fingers dirty.”


Highlight All Over

“Using the rounded end, dab your Beautyblender into a cream highlighter, then bounce it on your skin to highlight,” says Kenneth. “Apply in a backward Nike tick motion – from your cheek to your temple. You can use it to create a glossy lid, too. Sponge highlight or a glossy eye product all over your lids. It won’t crease or feel uncomfortable because the Beautyblender really pushes it into the skin – it looks amazing over powder eyeshadow, as well.”


Perfect Nail Art 

“Beautyblenders are now being used for quirky nail art, and they’re great for creating an ombre effect,” adds Rea. “Pour two nail polishes onto a surface and let them swirl together. Then, take your sponge and dab it onto the polish a few times, before pressing down directly onto your nail. Try dabbing it on lightly and move it very slightly up and down to achieve a marble effect.”


Apply Your Skincare 

“It's possible to use a Beautyblender to apply skincare, too,” says Kenneth. “It really helps to disperse product and push it down deeper. The key is to press a thick moisturiser or serum into the blender when it’s damp so it doesn’t soak up any other liquid. It helps everything absorb, and when pressed in, encourages a bit of a lymphatic massage, in turn boosting circulation and again, depuffing at the same time. You’re less likely to lose product as well, which you often do when applying skincare products with fingers.”


Tone Down Heavy Make-Up

“The Beautyblender helps create a variety of looks, but it can act like an eraser as well,” explains Rea. “Overdoing eye make-up or blush can be so easy, but a blender can easily knock things back. Use it post-foundation, as the leftover product on the sponge will sheer everything out, and mute heavy pigment while delivering a dewy, brightening sheen to the skin."

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