My Most-Asked Beauty Questions: Lisa Eldridge
My Most-Asked Beauty Questions: Lisa Eldridge

My Most-Asked Beauty Questions: Lisa Eldridge

In this series, we ask industry insiders to answer the beauty questions they’re asked most often. From the affordable make-up everyone should own to the easiest way to enhance hooded eyes, we asked renowned make-up artist Lisa Eldridge to tackle her top ten.
By Rebecca Hull

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Which Make-Up Brushes Everyone Should Own?

“The answer to this depends on the style of make-up you prefer. If, for example, you’re into a more natural base and love focusing on eye make-up, then brushes for the latter are key. If skin is your thing, make sure you own a good range of complexion, contour and highlighting brushes. I own a real mixture from a variation of brands – I love MyKitCo – but one of my most-used brushes is a fine tip one from Cass Art – an art supply store – which I use for pinpoint concealing. I’m planning on launching my own ‘seamless blend’ brushes soon, so keep your eyes peeled. I’ve worked with an artisan Japanese brush maker in Kumano, which is known for its calligraphy brushes.”


Any Tips For Nailing The Glossy Skin Trend?

“At the moment, it’s all about ‘glazed’ skin. If you have a flawless complexion, it’s easy to create, but for most of us being shiny all over is never a good look – particularly if you’re prone to oiliness. I recommend being selective with where you place any shine. Aim for the highest points of the face, like the tops of your cheekbones, brow bone and down the centre of your nose. Create a smooth base first by applying concealer to the areas that need it, blending the edges well for a seamless finish. Follow up with a good highlighter and apply it with a small, fluffy brush to accentuate the areas you place it. Sweep it across your eyelids to tie everything in together.” 


How Can You Ensure Your Foundation Looks Natural & Glow-y?

“The best way to keep your foundation looking natural is by following my ‘patchwork skin technique’. It involves only applying product to the areas that need it, so your natural beauty can shine through. It’s all about working in thin layers that aren’t visible. My Seamless Skin Foundation lends itself perfectly to this as it has a customisable coverage that you can dial up or down. Buffing it in using thin layers means you can touch up throughout the day. Finally, mist on a hydrating spray – any will do – to maintain your glow and to freshen the finish of your foundation.”


How Do You Stop Mascara Smudging?

​​​​​​“Oily skin can be the main culprit when it comes to mascara sliding around beneath your eyes. Use an eye primer on your lids, as well as under the eyes and underneath your concealer. Set all of this with a little translucent powder before applying your mascara. These simple steps should help minimise smudges and prevent that panda look.”


Any Tips For Applying Eyeliner? 

“Anyone can achieve an easy, effortless winged look with a pencil eyeliner. It’s easier than using a liquid – which can be unforgiving – and it will give you a softer effect. The trick is to apply it looking directly into a mirror – that way you can adjust the shape to the size of your eyes. Start by applying a line at the outer edges of your eyes, roughly three-quarters of the way along your lids, flicking outwards at the end. Don’t take it all the way to your inner eye – it’s much quicker and easier to start at this position. To blend out any imperfections, softly blend the line with a brush to soften the look.”


Is There A Flattering Way To Wear Eyeliner?

​​​​​​“The ‘siren eye’ is so popular right now. It can be achieved in two easy steps and is perfect for those wanting to create a more almond-shaped eye. Start by applying your liner at the outer edges of your eye, three-quarters of the way along the lid, looking straight in the mirror and elongating your flick out. Next, take a pencil and line your upper waterline, starting from the inner corner, close to your nose until it reaches the wing at the outer edge. If you have a smaller eye shape and want to add definition to create a wider, doe-eyed effect, apply it in a way that will frame the eye and give it shape, instead of winging it out. Starting with an extremely thin line at the inner corner, draw your pencil across the lash line, pushing into the roots of the lashes for subtle definition. As you get to the outer edge, thicken it out slightly. Finish by applying a black eyeshadow over the outer third of your line to soften everything up.”


How Should You Approach Make-Up If You Have Hooded Eyes?

“Firstly, don’t think of hooded eyes as a ‘problem’. It’s just another shape. Try opting for matte shadows that are deeper than your natural skin tone. Use this to create a socket line. Look straight ahead – so your brow is relaxed – and bring the colour up just enough so that when you’re finished, it frames your eye and you can see that definition. Don’t place the product too high – you want some space to accentuate your brow bone. Like with any eye make-up, always blend it properly for a soft, flattering cloud of colour.” 


Is There A ‘Right’ Way To Apply Blusher & Bronzer?

“I like to use cream textures to create a more natural effect. I tend to apply my blusher or bronzer right after foundation, using my fingers to warm up the formulas first – this just helps them melt into your skin and gives them a dewy quality. I then take the same brush I used to buff out any foundation. It usually has a tiny amount left on the bristles which can help you blend out the line between your blusher or bronzer and the foundation. Another tip is to add a touch of cream or liquid highlighter to your brush. It will allow all your complexion products to melt together for a more diffused appearance.”


Is There A Way Of Plumping Up Lips Just With Make-Up? 

“I always say you should ‘fill’ your lips with lipstick first – not pencil – before blotting with a tissue. Then take a pencil and use it to enhance and define the outer edges of your lips, creating your chosen shape. I like to very lightly over line the lips using small, gentle strokes in soft circles just over the natural edge. While you’re doing this, keep taking a step back and check the overall look to make sure it’s even and not unnatural. Dust a little translucent powder where your liner meets any colour for a smooth blend. Finish by picking a colour that’s slightly lighter than the one you originally used – but one that’s in the same colour family – and apply it only to the centre of your lips. This gives your mouth a fuller look.”


Which Affordable Products Do You Recommend?

“There are so many amazing products out there that don’t cost the earth. I always keep Max Factor’s False Lash Effect Lengthening Mascara in my kit. It’s just as good as any of the pricier options. I’m also never without Ardell’s Individual Lashes – they cost less than £5 and they’re perfect for my red-carpet clients as they offer so much definition, but never look fake. Out of all the options, I prefer the short, flared ones for all eye shapes.”

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