The Massage Tools Everyone Should Try

Whether you want to ease muscle tension, improve circulation or brighten the appearance of your skin, an at-home massage tool could be the quick fix you’re looking for. From mechanical rollers to toning devices, here are the ones we rate.
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Skinesis Bodylift, £34 | Sarah Chapman

Best For: Deep Tissue Massage

How To Use It: Using 12 unique rolling heads and 72 massaging nodules, this clever tool eases muscle tension while also stimulating lymphatic drainage. The rollerballs help break up fatty deposits – you’ll find it works especially well on the arms, thighs, buttocks and calves – to re-stimulate your skin for a healthy, toned appearance. Simply hold the wishbone handle and gently push the head of the tool into the skin for best results. Use it on dry limbs or in the shower – either way you’ll still reap the benefits.

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Theragun Mini Ultra Portable £175 | Therabody

Best For: Muscle Relaxation

How To Use It: This intense at-home massager is loved by the pros. Harnessing the power of percussive therapy, it helps to release soreness from weary muscles at speed. It’s an odd sensation at first, but you’ll find it incredibly satisfying once you get the hang of it. Plus, it’s easy to manoeuvre to target every single area. Pricey, but worth it if you’re a hard-core exerciser or sat at a desk all day.

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Cryo Body, £25 | Oxygen Body

Best For: Cooling & De-Puffing 

How To Use It: Developed by those who specialise in body rehabilitation, this ice-cold pressure ball is designed to be used all over the body in gentle, circular motions. Great for easing tension – especially tight muscles – and stimulating sluggish skin, you can use it as is, or pop it in the freezer for a few hours to reap the cooling benefits. You won’t see results overnight, but providing you’re consistent, you soon will. A great option if you suffer with headaches or any tension within your face.

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Body Plane Tool, £40 | Esker Beauty

Best For: Exfoliation & Removing Dead Skin Cells

How To Use It: This one may look intimidating, but it’s incredibly easy to use. Designed to ‘scrape’ away dead skin cells, massage the skin and exfoliate, it takes a three-pronged approach, while its larger size is better-suited for covering a wider surface area. For best results, use it right after you’ve taken a long hot bath or shower, when your skin is warm and damp, as this allows for a more seamless glide. Start with your arms and legs, using a moderate pressure as you move the tool across the skin. Try to use upward motions, too – as if you were shaving your legs – and keep moving in circles. This technique will boost lymph drainage, but also stimulate muscles and smooth the skin.

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Art Of Noir Roller, £38 | Nannette De Gaspe

Best For: Increasing Blood Flow

How To Use It: Designed to microneedle the skin while also giving it a thorough massage, this multi-tasking tool stimulates and repairs the complexion simultaneously. It quickly gets rid of dead skin cells, while also increasing blood flow to bring fresher nutrients to the surface using tiny, pain-free microscopic pricks. Use it on either dry or wet skin, although we recommend applying an oil or serum first for extra slip. The best bit? Skin will look healthier almost immediately  – just remember to start from the ankle upwards.

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Lymphatic Drainage Body Tool, $29 | De La Heart

Best For: Improving Skin Tone

How To Use It: Made from 100% pine wood, this firm tool was designed to smooth skin and release excess fluid sat underneath the surface. It works best on well-moisturised skin, so make sure you have some slip as you go. Move it around the backs of your knees and under your armpits five times for best results, then move onto your ankles working up towards your inner thighs. Keep your strokes soft, but always work in upward motions. It takes time to see results, but your body will soon feel much lighter.

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Body Restorer Massage Tool, £38 | Hayo’u

Best For: Releasing Tension

How To Use It: This tool has won countless awards for its ability to alleviate tight, tired muscles. Made from 100% stainless steel, it also offers antibacterial properties, while the smooth surface makes it ideal for gliding across your skin without any tugging. Try using it after exercise as a deep, intense treatment, taking it over your key pressure points to release any tension and tightness. Using long, circular strokes moving upwards from the ankle – this will stimulate your lymph nodes and improve circulation.

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NuBody Skin Toning Device, £306.40 (was £383) | NuFace

Best For: Smoothing & Toning Skin

How To Use It: The NuFace devices may seem like a bit of a gimmick, but many experts – including A-list make-up artist Lisa Eldridge – swear by them. This one works particularly well on the body to smooth dimples, tone skin and boost dullness, thanks to advanced micro current technology that gently massages the skin. It gets to work deep down, stimulating collagen, elastin production and strengthening the skin to improve the appearance of cellulite. You need to use it for a few weeks, but you’ll see results if you stick with it.

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