My Beauty World: Nià Petitt
My Beauty World: Nià Petitt

My Beauty World: Nià Petitt

Nià Petitt is a hairstylist, owner of The Curl Bar London and her Instagram account – @NiaTheLight – has close to 400k followers. So it stands to reason that she knows exactly what works and what doesn’t in the world of beauty. Here, we asked her to share her fondest beauty memories, top rules, favourite products and, of course, her haircare essentials…
By Rebecca Hull

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First Beauty Memory

“My earliest beauty memories are very innocent. I remember the adverts where girls would wash their face and splash the water so effortlessly. I used hand soap and splashed my face just like them. Suffice it to say my skin reacted badly to this and it was so itchy. I quickly learnt to find things that worked a bit better for me! As for beauty products, the first one I ever tried was Dream Matte Mousse by Maybelline. You couldn’t tell me anything when I wore that – I felt beautiful and flawless.”

Daily Routine

“Double cleansing is something I try to do regularly. My skin can become quite oily after a long day, so it’s important for me to remove all the build-up. I wash for 60 seconds to activate the ingredients within my cleanser and to fully emulsify the product on my skin. I always massage my skincare upwards – not only is it relaxing, it feels as if I am physically lifting the muscles and tightening everything up. Hopefully this little ritual has an impact on my appearance in the future!”

Golden Rules

“My biggest rule is taking good care of my hair. I wash mine once a week and always take the time to detangle it from the ends upwards. I’m also a big believer that any styling products should be applied to soaking wet hair so you’re good to go when and if you heat style. It’s the answer to getting things done at speed, and it allows for the product to be distributed evenly – especially if you’re combing it through. Don’t use oils on your natural, curly hair and keep your routine simple, using the ingredients your hair loves and responds to. Don’t pick at spots either – I used to do this and am now forced to have microneedling to heal my skin. Finally, always apply your skincare formulas from thinnest to thickest. My friend @EmmaHoareau  taught me this and it’s now a rule I live by.”

Always apply styling products to SOAKING WET HAIR so you’re good to go when and if you heat style.

Mistakes To Avoid

“I used to spend ages mixing eggs and other random ingredients to make DIY hair masks. Let me tell you – it’s a waste of time. I am mindful about where I get my advice these days, as I recognise my hair has its own needs. It’s taken me a long time to learn this, but now I know how to get the most out of my routine. I used to make notes on what worked for me and what didn’t – like a curl diary – and it’s paid off in the long term.”


“For inspiration, I often look to 90s movies. I am always pausing the movie to take a screenshot of a timeless outfit worn by Nia Long on Love Jones or Whitney in Waiting To Exhale. I love the beauty and fashion style of that era – so timeless and simple. I often look at Solange Knowles for make-up inspiration, too. Her look is always so radiant and dewy.”

Beauty Shopping

“I often buy beauty products from Cult Beauty and Space NK but I also love Home Bargains. If you’re after the simple stuff, I recommend checking out what it has on offer. For niche brands, I love Design Essentials for curly hair and Curél for skincare – the products are incredible for those with sensitivities.”

I wish everybody knew that acne – and body acne – doesn’t mean your skin is dirty. HORMONES, DIET and GUT HEALTH can all affect your skin.

Hair Essentials

“The Kinky Curl Leave-In Cream is a must-try if you want to enhance your hair’s texture. I swear by Living Proof’s Curl Definer too, and Briogeo’s Curl Cream – all three work so well to bring back that definition and bounce. I also love the Design Essentials Mousse for extra volume at the root, and Aveda’s Nutriplenish Conditioner Mask – my go-to pick for afro hair.” 

Skincare Staples

“My all-time favourite skincare products include the Fresh Soy Cleanser, Murad’s Vitamin-C Serum, the Elemis Cleansing Balm and Ole Henriksen’s Dark Spot Toner. I’ve used them all for some time and they are my go-tos when my skin needs a bit of extra glow.” 

Skincare Advice

“I wish everybody knew that acne – and body acne – doesn’t mean your skin is dirty. Hormones, diet and gut health can all affect your skin. It’s important for people to understand this in terms of treatment, but also before criticising others or making assumptions.” 

Make-Up Favourites

“In my beauty bag, you’ll always find an eyebrow pencil and gel by Benefit. I have thick brows, so anything that holds them down without pulling the hairs out is key. It’s a simple tip, but I was once told to apply my brow gel first, using it to set the hairs upwards, then smoothing it back the other way to enhance the shape. Go in with your pencil afterwards to fill in the shape if necessary. A good lip gloss is always in my bag as well. My favourite is NYX’s ‘Madeline’ shade. I don’t often wear a full face of make-up, but if I do, I apply either the NARS Radiant Long-Wear Foundation or the Fenty Skin Tint. Both give me such buildable coverage that’s easy to work with.”

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