The Non-Surgical Lift Everyone’s Talking About

The Non-Surgical Lift Everyone’s Talking About

Surveys show many of us want to make some subtle, non-invasive improvements to our appearance. Enter Ultherapy®; designed to boost elasticity and counteract the signs of ageing, it offers a range of skin-tightening benefits with little downtime – no wonder internet searches for it have sky-rocketed. If you’re curious to try it, both The Cosmetic Skin Clinic and The Private Clinic get our vote. Here’s what you need to know…


Ultherapy® Is Non-Invasive

Ultherapy® counteracts the signs of ageing like skin sagging and wrinkles on the face, neck and chest, as well as drooping around the brow area. That’s all without any needles. How you ask? An ultrasound wand which deposits heat is applied to the parts of the face where collagen is depleted – think the neck, cheeks, brows and the jawline. The heat produced by targeted sonic waves then gets to work deep down, kick-starting the production of collagen to tighten, firm and lift the face, while also boosting elasticity within it. No wonder a panel of experts consider it the gold standard treatment for non-surgical lifting and tightening. Itis also suitable for all skin types and ages – bonus.

It’s Quick

One reason Ultherapy® is so popular is its versatility – so it can slot into your routine or schedule seamlessly. Often called the ‘lunchtime facial’ the procedure itself is over within 30 minutes – notably for smaller treatment areas like the brow and neck. That, combined with the lack of needles, makes it easy to see why waitlists are so long. 

There’s Little To No Downtime

Generally speaking, there’s no downtime after the procedure. While rare, some patients may experience flushed skin, but this should start to fade within a few hours, so you can get straight back to your day. It is worth noting, however, that the procedure can involve some momentary discomfort, but this should fade when the treatment has finished. Expect to feel slight sensitivity to the heat that penetrates your skin, but your practitioner should help you to manage any pain.

Results Show Within Weeks

You won’t see results overnight, which helps you to avoid any questions as to the treatment you've undergone. The results appear gradually over a few months as your collagen and elastin grow. Stimulated collagen production should result in skin that’s visibly tighter in appearance, as well as glowing, and healthier-looking. As for top-ups, you won’t need to book in too regularly – in fact, after just one Ultherapy® session, results continue to improve for months and can last for over a year. From there, the decision is yours as to whether you continue with further treatment.

A-Listers Love It

It’s not just experts that love Ultherapy® – A-listers are big fans, too. Tess Daly is a huge fan of the treatment, repeatedly claiming it’s helped her to lift, rejuvenate and replenish her skin. Meanwhile, experts claim it’s one of the best treatments you can try when it comes to replenishing your collagen: “Collagen is regarded as ‘scaffolding for the skin’ – like the foundations of a house it provides strength and structure to create an optimum support. Patients now recognise the benefits of Ultherapy® for skin maintenance and optimum skin health. The results driven, non-surgical Ultherapy® treatment enables the skin to lift and tighten, so patients can achieve a lifted midface, a more defined jawline and neck, or natural-looking brow lift,” says Dr Tracy Mountford from The Cosmetic Skin Clinic.

Prices Vary From Location To Location 

Prices vary depending on the treatment and practitioner, but tend to start from £500. Anything below this should be questioned or at the very least investigated as to whether the clinic is an authentic Ultherapy® provider. After all, it’s better to pay the correct amount – even if it’s an investment – once, instead of doubling up on several correction treatments to try and tweak any problems or issues. You can also follow individual treatment plans, so it’s worth doing your research and having a thorough consultation first.

To Try It...

…Ultherapy is available nationwide, but two clinics stand out for their renowned therapists & results: try The Cosmetic Skin Clinic & The Private Clinic – the former has been named the UK’s only Ultherapy Centres Of Excellence, so you can guarantee the best results.

Final Things To Note…

Always do thorough research before you visit or undergo treatments like Ultherapy®. 
Make sure you have a thorough consultation first, conducted by a medical professional who specialises in Ultherapy®.
Question any special offers or deals that feel too good to be true. Often, treatments like this are costly, but you’re paying for the expertise, as well as the results.
If you want to confirm you’re seeing the best, seek out registered doctors and dermatologists at

Head to to find a verified clinic near you or find out more by watching the video below.

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