The Product You Need For Glossy, Expensive-Looking Hair

The Product You Need For Glossy, Expensive-Looking Hair

A-list stylist Chris Appleton is revered for the glossy, effortless hair looks he creates on clients such as Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian. Now he’s launched a single do-it-all product to help you get the same results at home. A collaboration with Color Wow, the ‘Money Masque’ is a deep conditioning treatment designed to improve shine and texture. After selling out instantly in the States, it’s finally available in the UK – here’s what you need to know and why you should try it.


Why It’s One Of A Kind…

Unlike similar treatments on the market, Money Masque never leaves a waxy or greasy coating on the hair. Why? Because Color Wow’s in-house chemist Joe Cincotta and A-list stylist Chris Appleton have used only the very best ingredients. This isn’t a heavy, solid emulsion full of oils and waxes – it's a formula unlike any other on the market. That is all thanks to ingredients like sulphur-rich blue sea kale strengthen hair while an antioxidant-rich algae blend not only works to preserve colour, but improves the shine of hair. You’ll also find plenty of vegetable-derived proteins that protect against any future damage. All in all, this product not only improves the outward appearance of the hair, it also treats the internal structure for better manageability and flexibility. It's ideal if you're seeking softness and hydration, but also if you're somebody that wants better vibrancy of colour and a visible, healthy-looking sheen that lasts.

Who Can Use It…

Traditionally, not everybody has been able to use the same hair mask formula – until now. Because this one is designed to work inside your hair’s cortex, rather than just outside of it, everyone can benefit and use this – from thick, coarse textures to extremely fine, thin hair. Its universal formula repairs all kinds of hair, leaving behind a glossy, expensive-looking sheen that looks and feels amazing. “Anyone that knows me knows I like to use a lot of product to create the texture and the foundation you need for great-looking hair,” Chris explains. “We put this into a mask – not only so you get all the nourishment and conditioning you need for your hair – but also for great results when you style it.” 

Ingredients like sulphur-rich blue sea kale strengthen hair while an antioxidant-rich algae blend not only works to preserve colour, but improves the shine of hair.

How & When To Use It…

Use it post-shampoo, as it's a deep conditioning treatment, before rinsing it off after five minutes. Because the ingredients are designed to nourish deeply, there’s no need to leave it on for an excessive amount of time. It’s tempting to think of it like a normal hair mask, but it functions far beyond your traditional treatment. For starters, the soft, almost souffle-like texture is a dream to apply, creating unbeatable shine without ever limiting bounce and movement. You don’t need to use it every day, either – apply it when your hair is feeling at its most parched and lacking in life, or up the ante to every three shampoos if your strands are thick and particularly prone to breakage or frizz. 

What Fans Are Saying…

Already, Money Masque has earned rave reviews across the board. Testers say no other hair treatment has made their hair look or feel like this. After just the first use, they said hair felt softer, fuller and fresh, while others love how it brings damaged, colour-treated hair back to life, leaving it soft, shiny and full of body.

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